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Library News

Be Aware: Elevate Your News Evaluation
Author: Breanna Wright

March 1, 2017

The UC Merced Library is displaying an exhibit called Be Aware: Elevate Your News Evaluation on the 2nd floor.

The exhibit has both physical and digital components. Librarians were inspired to create an exhibit after viewing a graphic on social media that placed news sources on a graph, with both X and Y axes, to show quality and bias. The legitimacy of news continues to be a hot topic in 2017. As news consumers, the onus is ultimately on us to seek out accurate news reporting and to be aware of multiple perspectives.

Through the exhibit, we aim to generate conversation about news sources and news evaluation. We hope our viewers will:

think more deeply about their own evaluation and consumption of news media sources. become increasingly aware of the range of news sources available -- both in quality and perspective. become more knowledgeable about news sources and news type. recognize that...

C&EN Global Enterprise and C&EN Archives Now Available

February 24, 2017

UC campuses now have access to C&EN Global Enterprise and C&EN Archives through the American Chemical Society.
C&EN Global Enterprise features all the content found in the Chemical and Engineering News journal in a new web and mobile format that is combined with the ACS’ journal web site. Through it, researchers and scientists at subscribing institutions can access Chemical and Engineering News alongside peer-reviewed research from the more than 50 journals and 1,500 eBooks that the ACS has to offer.
C&EN Archives is an electronic archive covering C&EN magazine from 1923 to 2015. This makes available the full historic record of C&EN magazine from the first issue to the present.
Find out more about these new resources here.

Announcing SAGE Research Methods

February 24, 2017

With the SAGE Premier 2017 journals renewal, CDL purchased a 6-year license to SAGE Research Methods (SRM) with updates through 2022. SRM comprises the SAGE Research Methods Base Model, Case Studies and Datasets. SAGE Research Videos are not included in the CDL purchase.
The SRM Base Model grants access to more than 1,000 books, reference works and journal articles from across the social sciences. These resources encompass every aspect of research skills training and can help users at all levels through every step of the research process.
SRM Cases provides more than 500 case studies, showing the challenges and successes of doing research. Cases are peer-reviewed and come with instructional tools including learning objectives and discussions questions.
SRM Datasets is a collection of teaching datasets and instructional guides that give users a chance to learn data analysis by practice. Indexed by method and data type, these sets can be used in classroom exercises...

Library & Writing Program Collaborate to Address Students' Literacy Needs

February 23, 2017

UC Merced instruction librarians and several faculty members from the Merritt Writing Program (MWP) met Jan. 5 for a one-day Teaching Research and Information Literacy (TRAIL) workshop.

This is the fourth group of faculty members from the writing program to attend the workshop with the intent of integrating TRAIL activities, readings and tutorials into their Writing 10: College Reading and Composition sections. 

Read the full article in Panorama.

I Love RefWorks

February 13, 2017

Discover why RefWorks is easy to love.  This online tool is designed to make it easier for you to organize and cite your references. Attend a 50 minute workshop for an introduction to this online tool. Please RSVP to let us know you are attending.   Workshop Dates:   Monday, Feb. 13th 11:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. — Instructor: Sara Davidson Squibb Monday, Feb. 13th 12:30 to 1:20 p.m. — Instructor: Sara Davidson Squibb Tuesday, Feb. 14th 1:30 to 2:20 p.m. — Instructor: Lindsay Davis Tuesday, Feb. 14th 2:30 to 3:20 p.m. — Instructor: Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco All workshops are located in KL 371.

If you have questions, email...

Donald Barclay interviewed about information literacy on BYU Radio

February 8, 2017

BYU Radio host Matt Townsend interviewed Deputy Librarian Donald Barclay about the challenges libraries are facing in the era of fake news. He addresses questions such as: how do we choose what information to consume in a world where there is essentially limitless information?, can we avoid an ‘echo chamber’ and find objective truth when different sources offer “alternative facts?". Donald then explains how libraries are trying to help people evaluate information for themselves. 

Listen to the full interview here.


Announcing the JSTOR Ebooks DDA Pilot

February 8, 2017

The UC Libraries have agreed to participate in a new Demand-Driven Acquisition pilot program for Books at JSTOR for two years, begun in January 2017. The pilot includes titles from approximately 90 publishers, primarily university presses, and includes English-only frontlist titles published in 2017 and 2018. Pilot titles span all disciplines, with 3,000 available in 2017 and another 3,000 added in 2018, for a total of 6,000 titles accessible.
Free browsing allows for students and faculty to use these ebooks before a consortial purchase of the title. After a number of chapter views or downloads on a particular title across the system, the next use will activate a purchase with unlimited, simultaneous use and perpetual rights for all nine participating campuses (excluding UCSF).

Toyo Keizai Digital Archives Is Now Available

January 26, 2017

Thanks to the contributions UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Los Angeles, UC Merced, and UC Santa Cruz, the earliest part of the Tōyō Keizai Digital Archives is now available to users of all ten campuses and UCOP through JapanKnowledge.
Tōyō Keizai Shinpō (1895-1960)/Shūkan Tōyō Keizai (1961-present) is a Japanese economic journal, and Toyo Keizai Digital Archives: Unit One offers online access to this journal from 1895 to 1945, including annual publication of Tōyō Keizai Shinpō Keizai Nenkan (1917-1944; with 1936 and 1939-1940 issues missing) as well. The combined contents cover nearly 2,300 volumes in 170,000 pages in original print.
More information can be found at Please note there is a limit of 4 simultaneous users; if denied access, try again later.

The challenge facing libraries in an era of fake news

January 5, 2017

Deputy University Librarian, Donald Barclay, notes that libraries are not new to teaching students how to navigate information but highlights that the information environment is increasingly complex due to factors such as fake journals and “the hyper partisan noise of social media”. Information literacy is nuanced and the information literacy challenge requires the collaboration of librarians, faculty and administrators. Read the full article at The Conversation.

UC Merced Library Welcomes Demitra Borrero

January 5, 2017

UC Merced Library is joined by Demitra Borrero as the new InterLibrary Services Assistant.   In her previous role as Circulation Services & Volunteer Coordinator at Patrick Health Public Library, Demitra oversaw the daily management of InterLibrary Loan services. Demitra attended UC Merced, studying Literature and Cultures of the English Speaking World.