Events in KL 155 - The Lantern


KL155 on the first floor of the library serves primarily as a reading room, but it is available for limited use by:

  • Office of Student Life and sanctioned UC Merced clubs
  • UC Merced departments

Use of the space requires the approval of the University Librarian.

In recognition of the limited study space on campus and the importance of library spaces for studying, large events are not scheduled in KL155 during weekday daytime hours (Weekday event setup may not begin before 3:00pm), or during final exams.


Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of the room. Reservation requests must include set-up and clean-up time. Event coordinators/sponsors are required to be present during the entire period of the event and are responsible for compliance with Library policies during the event.

Use the Campus Reservation System to reserve KL 155 for an event; choose "Library Event/Meeting Space" from the dropdown menu.

  • Student groups and organizations must contact the Office of Student Life. The Office of Student Life will coordinate reservations for KL 155 with the Library.

Access and safety

The glass doors provide primary access to the Library and primary emergency egress. Because of access and safety requirements, the area on the east side of KL155 between the sets of glass doors may not be used for event space. Additional furniture must not be moved into this side of the room, even for temporary storage.


Event coordinators/sponsors are responsible for set-up and clean-up. Furniture moving must be contracted with UC Merced Facilities Management department. Furniture must be repositioned immediately following the completion of scheduled tabling. Furniture may not be removed from KL 155.

Access to the Lantern Cafe, the doors that provide access to the west wing, and entrance/exit doors must not be blocked or obstructed.

The Library Help Desk may not be moved or used during events.


The number of people who are allowed in the room for an event is less than the rated fire exit occupancy. Existing seating and tables in the room include:

  • 30 four-person tables with chairs (120 seats)
  • 3 six-person booths with tables (18 seats)
  • 1 four-person booth with table (4 seats)

Room Configuration Diagrams

Please e-mail with any questions regarding possible room configurations for different events.

Moveable Walls

The moveable walls can be opened and closed only by designated Library staff at their discretion. Requests to open those walls must be submitted with the room reservation. The walls cannot be opened on windy days, during inclement weather.


KL 155 is by nature a noisy space. The normal noise of a group of people does not disrupt those who are using other Library reading rooms. However, amplified sound is disruptive to activities in surrounding spaces. Voice and music amplification is only allowed on Friday and Saturday evenings after 6:00pm. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the University Librarian.


No signs may be posted on any exterior or interior surface of the Library. Free-standing, temporary signs provided by the event host may be used and if they are removed promptly after the event.

Event Notification and Signage

On the day of the event, Library staff will post notices at the each of the three entrances (stair down to 255, two connecting bridges to KL380) that the room is reserved for non-library use.

Set-up and Clean-up

All events and associated activities (including set-up and clean-up) must be held within Library operating hours. Clean-up must be completed immediately following each activity and no later than one hour prior to the scheduled Library closing hour. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the University Librarian. Weekday event setup may not begin before 3:00pm.

*Weekday event setup may not begin before 3:00pm.

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