Tabling in KL155 - The Lantern


KL155 on the first floor is available for limited use by:

  • Office of Student Life (OSL) and sanctioned UC Merced clubs via the OSL front desk*
  • UC Merced departments

Space inside and immediately outside KL155 is set aside for tabling.

  • pdf kl155_tabling
  • Maximum simultaneous tables inside: 6
  • Maximum simultaneous tables outside: 10


Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of space. Reservation requests must include set-up and clean-up time. Tabling coordinators/sponsors are responsible for compliance with Library policies during the event.

Reserve Tabling via the Campus Reservation System

Access and Safety

The glass doors provide primary access to the Library and primary emergency egress. Because of access and safety requirements, tabling is only allowed in designated locations as indicated on the tabling diagram.


Event coordinators/sponsors are responsible for set-up and clean-up. Furniture moving must be contracted with UC Merced Facilities Management department. Furniture must be repositioned immediately following the completion of scheduled tabling.

Access to the Lantern Cafe, the doors that provide access to the west wing, and entrance/exit doors must not be blocked or obstructed.

Internal tabling clean-up must be completed immediately following each activity and no later than one hour prior to the scheduled Library closing hour.


Voice and music amplification is not allowed inside or immediately outside KL155 except on Friday and Saturday evenings after 6:00pm.

No signs may be posted on any exterior or interior walls of the library. Free-standing, temporary signs provided by the event host may be used and must be removed promptly after the event.

Exceptions must be approved in advance by the University Librarian.

Lantern Cafe

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