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New Books and DVDs

With masses and arms book cover
With masses and arms : Peru's Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement
Miguel La Serna
HV6433.P42 M68446 2020
"Miguel La Serna's gripping history of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) provides vital insight into both the history of modern Peru and the link between political violence and the culture of communications in Latin America. Smaller than the well-known Shining Path but just as remarkable, the MRTA emerged in the early 1980s at the beginning of a long and bloody civil war. Taking a close look at the daily experiences of women and men who fought on both sides of the conflict, this fast-paced narrative explores the intricacies of armed action from the ground up." -- Provided by publisher.
Visitors at the end of life book cover
Visitors at the end of life : finding meaning and purpose in near-death phenomena
Allan Kellehear
BF1063.D4 K45 2020
"About 30 percent of hospice patients report to their palliative caretakers a "visitation" by someone who is not there: a phenomenon known in end-of-life care as a death-bed vision. These visions can be of dead friends or family members, and typically occur on average three days before death. Most interestingly, individuals from wildly diverse geographic regions and religions all report similar visions. Allan Kellehear, a medical anthropologist and expert on death and dying, has gathered data and conducted studies on these experiences across cultures, and found analogs between places as diverse as New York and Melanesia." -- Provided by publisher.
The uplands book cover
The uplands : book of the Courel and other poems
Uxío Novoneyra, Erín Moure
PQ9469.2.N65 A6 2020
"Poetry. Environmental Studies. THE UPLANDS: BOOK OF THE COUREL AND OTHER POEMS by the great Galician poet Uxío Novoneyra, translated by Erín Moure. Novoneyra is a poet and man of the land, and stands with Lorca as a poetic visionary of 20th century Spain. He was devoted to his region, the mountainous Courel, to its variant of Galician and to its names and ways, as well as to Galician culture as a whole, to the expression of all minority cultures and to freedom from imperialism, war, and economic expansionism. His œuvre--rich in sound, syllable, silence and gesture--reveals him as an eco-poet before the concept existed." -- Provided from Amazon.
The United States, 1865-1920 book cover
The United States, 1865-1920 : reuniting a nation
Adam D. Burns
E661 .B96 2020
"The United States, 1865-1920: Reuniting a Nation explores how the U.S. attempted to heal Civil War-era divisions, as well as maintain and strengthen its unity as new rifts developed in the conflict's aftermath. Taking a broadly thematic approach to the period, Adam Burns examines the development of the United States from political, social, and foreign relations perspectives. Concise and accessible, the volume uses a variety of primary source documents to help stimulate discussion and encourage the use of historical evidence as support for different interpretations of the era." -- Provided by publisher.
Social capital book cover
Social capital
Joonmo Son
HM708 .S666 2020
"Much-needed critical assessment of a ubiquitous concept in the social sciences." -- Provided by publisher.
Protecting Asia's heritage book cover
Protecting Asia's heritage : yesterday and tomorrow.
Piriya Krairœ̄k, Siam Society
DS12 .P76 2020
"Asian activists, organizers, critics, teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs have become passionately involved in protecting Asia's heritage. In this book, twelve principal authors from eleven of the region's countries present their experience of what has been done in the past and their ideas on what should be done in the future. Chapters cover Siam's temples, Korean religious murals, Beijing's neighborhoods, Lao textiles, Javanese ruins, Cambodian dance, old Bangkok and George Town, Philippine creative arts, Calcutta's architecture, China's salt industry, and the Burmese cat. This book records the start of a conversation that promises to transform the protection of Asia's heritage." -- Provided from Amazon.
Power in modernity book cover
Power in modernity : agency relations and the creative destruction of the king's two bodies
Isaac Reed
HN49.P6 R43 2020
"Isaac Reed's Power in Modernity aims to be a major contribution to social theory. Drawing on an eclectic range of ideas from across the humanities and social sciences, Reed rethinks the fundamentals of sociological theorizing of power-upsetting canonical traditions and remaking them with insights from poststructuralism, postcolonial theory, and critical race studies. Power in Modernity is sure to be of interest to political sociologists and social theorists especially, and it will serve sociologists and other social scientists well who are interested in how power operates across many different social situations." -- Provided by publisher.
Poor man's fortune book cover
Poor man's fortune : White working-class conservatism in American metal mining, 1850-1950
Jarod Roll
HD8039.M72 U687 2020
"White working-class conservatives have played a decisive role in American history, particularly in their opposition to social justice movements, radical critiques of capitalism, and government help for the poor and sick. 'Poor Man's Fortune' tells a story, excavating the long history of white working-class conservatism in the century from the Civil War to World War II. With a close study of metal miners in the Tri-State district of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, Jarod Roll reveals why successive generations of white, native-born men willingly and repeatedly opposed labor unions and government-led health and safety reforms, even during the New Deal." -- Provided by publisher.
Muslims and crusaders book cover
Muslims and crusaders : Christianity's wars in the Middle East, 1095-1382, from the Islamic sources
Niall Christie
D157 .C474 2020
"Muslims and Crusaders combines chronological narrative, discussion of important areas of scholarly enquiry and evidence from Islamic primary sources to give a well-rounded survey of Christianity's wars in the Middle East, 1095-1382. Revised, expanded and updated to take account of the most recent scholarship, this second edition enables readers to achieve a broader and more complete perspective on the crusading period by presenting the crusades from the viewpoints of those against whom they were waged, the Muslim peoples of the Levant. Engaging with a wide range of translated primary source documents, including chronicles, dynastic histories, religious and legal texts, and poetry, Muslims and Crusaders is ideal for students and historians of the crusades"-- Provided by publisher.
Measuring culture book cover
Measuring culture
John Mohr, Christopher Bail, Margaret Ann Frye McCauley, Jennifer C. Lena, Omar Lizardo
HM623 .M64 2020
"Measuring Culture is an essential point of entry for both those new to the field and those who are deeply immersed in the measurement of meaning. Written collectively by a team of leading qualitative and quantitative sociologists of culture, the book considers three common subjects of measurement-people, objects, and relationships-and then discusses how to pivot effectively between subjects and methods. Measuring Culture takes the reader on a tour of the state of the art in measuring meaning, from discussions of neuroscience to computational social science." -- Provided by publisher.
Management fundamentals book cover
Management fundamentals
Steven Cohen, William B. Eimicke
HD31.2 .C636 2020
"The Concise Guide to Management will succinctly define the basic practices and concepts that guide modern management and contemporary managers. By focusing on the work that managers perform, it provides the core concepts of organizational management. That work is divided into three areas of practice: operation, opportunities, and organization. The book builds on its authors' decades of experience as organizational managers and management professors. Designed for new managers as a roadmap and for experienced managers as a reference guide, this book could be adopted as easily in business schools as in public administration schools." -- Provided by publisher.
Lower ed book cover
Lower ed : the troubling rise of for-profit colleges in the new economy
Tressie McMillan Cottom
LB2328.52.U6 C68 2018
"Drawing on more than one hundred interviews with students, employees, executives, and activists, Lower ed tells the story of the benefits, pitfalls, and real costs of the expansion of for-profit education. Now with a new foreword by Stephanie Kelton ... this ... book cuts to the very core of our nation's broken social contracts and the challenges we face in our divided, unequal society." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The impoverishment of the American college student book cover
The impoverishment of the American college student
James V. Koch
LB2340.2 .K63 2019
"Tuition and fees at public colleges and universities consistently have risen twice or even three times as fast as comparable increases in the Consumer Price Index in recent years. Higher education funding and tuition and fee inflation are complicated matters that very few people understand well. The Impoverishment of the American College Student clarifies the central issues and provides plentiful data to support its key points. It is a must-read for anyone who believes that maintaining access to and the affordability of public colleges are vitally important to our society's future." -- Provided from Melvyl.
How we show up book cover
How we show up : reclaiming family, friendship, and community
Mia Birdsong
HM761 .B57 2020
"A provocative, essential guide to showing up for each other and cultivating community, from activist, community organizer and thought leader whose viral TED talk has been viewed more than 1.8 million times." -- Provided by publisher.
The handbook of collective violence book cover
The handbook of collective violence : current developments and understanding
Carol A. Ireland, Michael Lewis, Anthony C. Lopez, Jane L. Ireland
HM1116 .H35 2020
"The Handbook of Collective Violence covers a range of contexts in which collective violence occurs, bringing together international perspectives from psychology, criminology and sociology into one complete volume. This handbook presents some of the most interesting topics within the area of collective violence, drawing upon international expertise and including some of the most well-known academics and practitioners of our generation. Structured into four parts: understanding war; terrorism; public order and organized violent crime; and gang and multiple offender groups, this volume provides academics and practitioners with an up-to-date resource that covers core areas of interest and application." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Grunts book cover
Grunts : the American combat soldier in Vietnam
Kyle Longley, Jacqueline E. Whitt
DS558 .L655 2020
"Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam provides a fresh approach to understanding the American combat soldier's experience in Vietnam by focusing on the day-to-day experiences of front-line troops. The book delves into the Vietnam combat soldier's experience, from the decision to join the army, life in training and combat, and readjusting to civilian life with memories of war. By utilizing letters, oral histories, and memoirs of actual veterans, Kyle Longley and Jacqueline Whitt offer a powerful insight into the minds and lives of the 870,000 "grunts" who endured the controversial war." -- Provided by publisher.
Freakonomics book cover
Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything
Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner
HB74.P8 L479 2020
"Freakonomics is a groundbreaking collaboration between Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, an award-winning author and journalist. They set out to explore the inner workings of a crack gang, the truth about real estate agents, the secrets of the Ku Klux Klan, and much more. Through forceful storytelling and wry insight, they show that economics is, at root, the study of incentives—how people get what they want or need, especially when other people want or need the same thing." -- Provided from Amazon.
Direct action in Montevideo book cover
Direct action in Montevideo : Uruguayan anarchism 1927-1937
Fernando O'Neill Cuesta , Luigi Celentano
HX882.Z7 M66613 2020
"Direct Action in Montevideo is the astonishing tale of anarchists willing to use extraordinary methods to achieve their goals. Seen as mere criminals by the legal system, the author met many of them in prison, where he was serving his own sentence. These men were rebels who violated the norms of a social order they considered unjust, often responding to the violence of exploitation and immiseration with a violence of their own, robbing banks to fund revolutionary activities, planting bombs, fighting strikebreakers, aiding fugitives, and attacking, even assassinating, bosses and political figures." -- Provided from Melvyl.
China's economy book cover
China's economy : what everyone needs to know
Arthur R. Kroeber
HC427.95 .K76 2020
"This book is an effort to explain how China's economy got to where it is today, where it might be headed in the coming years, and what China's rise means for the rest of the world. Since the first edition was published in 2016 China's relevance to the world has increased dramatically, thanks to the more assertive foreign policy of president Xi Jinping and the move by the United States under the Trump Administration to treat China as a geopolitical rival. An economy is a complicated organism, which does not easily lend itself to description by narrative, as one might tell the story of a person's life." -- Provided by publisher.
Anthropological controversies book cover
Anthropological controversies : the "crimes" and misdemeanours that shaped a discipline
Gavin Weston, Natalie Djohari
GN33.6 .W42 2020
"This book uses controversies as a gateway through which to explore the origins, ethics, key moments and people in the history of anthropology. It draws on a variety of cases including complicity in 'human zoos', Malinowski's diaries, and the Human Terrain System to explore how anthropological controversies act as a driving force for change, how they offer a window into the history of and research practice in the discipline, and how they might frame wider debates such as those around reflexivity, cultural relativism, and the politics of representation. The volume provokes discussion about research ethics and practice with tangible examples where grey areas are brought into sharp relief." -- Provided by publisher.
The vanishing half book cover
The vanishing half
Brit Bennett
PS3602.E66444 V36 2020
"The Vignes twin sisters will always be identical. One sister lives with her black daughter in the same southern town she once tried to escape. The other secretly passes for white, and her white husband knows nothing of her past. Still, even separated by so many miles and just as many lies, the fates of the twins remain intertwined. What will happen to the next generation, when their own daughters' storylines intersect? Weaving together multiple strands and generations of this family, from the Deep South to California, from the 1950s to the 1990s, Brit Bennett produces a story that is at once a riveting, emotional family story and a brilliant exploration of the American history of passing." -- Provided by publisher.
The Valuation of digital intangibles book cover
The Valuation of digital intangibles : technology, marketing and Internet
Roberto Moro Visconti
HF5681.I55 M67 2020
"This book offers a primer on the valuation of digital intangibles, a trending class of immaterial assets. Startups like successful unicorns, as well as consolidated firms desperately working to re-engineer their business models, are now trying to go digital and to reap higher returns by exploiting new intangibles. This book is innovative in its design and concept since it tackles a frontier topic with an original methodology, combining academic rigor with practical insights. This book comprehensively addresses related valuation issues, and demonstrates how best practices can be applied to specific asset appraisals, making it of interest to researchers, students, and practitioners alike." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Slowdown book cover
Slowdown : the end of the great acceleration-- and why its good for the planet, the economy, and our lives
Daniel Dorling, Kirsten McClure
HM891 .D67 2020
"Drawing from an incredibly rich trove of global data, this groundbreaking book reveals that human progress has been slowing down since the early 1970s. Danny Dorling uses compelling visualizations to illustrate how fertility rates, growth in GDP per person, increases in life expectancy, and even the frequency of new social movements have all steadily declined over the last few generations. Rather than lament this turn of events, Dorling embraces it as a moment of promise and a move toward stability, and he notes that many of the older great strides in progress that have defined recent history also brought with them widespread warfare, divided societies, and massive inequality." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Royal genealogy in the age of Shakespeare book cover
Royal genealogy in the age of Shakespeare
Trevisan Sara
DA356 .T74 2020
"In this game of thrones, royal genealogy was the instrument that could best represent, distort, create, favour or undermine the ancestral right of the current ruler and their potential successors. In the form of scrolls, charts, books, paper rags and even maps, the genealogies of Elizabeth I, James I, and the main pretenders were circulated in Britain and Europe in manuscript and print. Most of these texts are here reproduced in print for the first time, with lavish illustrations; they reveal the political divisions, concerns, treasons and celebrations that lurked behind their splendour." -- Provided from Amazon.
Researching the paranormal book cover
Researching the paranormal : how to find reliable information about parapsychology, ghosts, astrology, cryptozoology, near-death experiences, and more
Courtney M. Block
BF1029 .B56 2020
"In this book, you'll find an assortment of resources that seriously examine various paranormal topics. You'll also learn how you can apply the components of credibility to find additional research as well as information on conducting your own paranormal investigations." -- Provided by publisher.
Putin's people book cover
Putin's people : how the KGB took back Russia and then took on the West
Catherine Belton
DK510.763 .B5 2020
"In Putin's People, former Moscow correspondent and investigative journalist Catherine Belton reveals the untold story of how Vladimir Putin and his entourage of KGB men seized power in Russia and built a new league of oligarchs. In a story that ranges from Moscow to London, Switzerland and Trump's America, Putin's People is a gripping and terrifying account of how hopes for the new Russia went astray, with stark consequences for its inhabitants and, increasingly, the world." -- Provided from Melvyl.
New money book cover
New money : how payment became social media
Lana Swartz
HG173 .S93 2020
"This accessible and insightful analysis comes at a moment of disruption: from “fin‑tech” startups to cryptocurrencies, a variety of technologies are poised to unseat traditional financial infrastructures. Swartz explains these changes, traces their longer histories, and demonstrates their consequences. She shows just how important these invisible systems are. Getting paid and paying determines whether or not you can put food on the table. The data that payment produces is uniquely revelatory—and newly valuable. New forms of money create new forms of identity, new forms of community, and new forms of power." -- Provided from Amazon.
A more perfect reunion book cover
A more perfect reunion : race, integration, and the future of America
Calvin Baker
E185.615 .B268 2020
"Calvin Baker argues in this bracing, necessary book, we are now in that future: racism has torn the country apart and threatens our democracy. The only solution, Baker argues, is integration, which he defines as the full self-determination and participation for all African-Americans, as well as all other oppressed groups, in every facet of national life. Integration is the only remedy to a racist state and to our divisions, and the deepest challenge to the racial order. It is the real goal of civil rights, and the most radical, neglected idea in American politics. As Baker reminds us, we live in a revolutionary democracy; now we must finish that revolution." -- Provided by publisher.
Magnificence and princely splendour in the Middle Ages book cover
Magnificence and princely splendour in the Middle Ages
Richard W. Barber
CB353 .B37 2020
"This book is not only about objects and occasions, but also about the people who created them, from the kings themselves and their court servants to the artists, craftsmen and musicians of all kinds, down to the scribes and clerks, the showmen, dancers and acrobats, and the servants at table. All this is explored in this wide-ranging survey, covering the whole of western Europe, members of whose extended royal family were at different times kings of Poland, Hungary, Naples, Jerusalem, England, and, dukes of Burgundy. Pageantry and displays of splendour always catch our attention, and medieval feasts and tournaments are among the most popular forms of historical re-enactment today." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Lincoln and the American founding book cover
Lincoln and the American founding
Lucas E. Morel
E457.2 .M848 2020
"This book is a scholarly introduction for the general reader on the most important political actors and documents of the American revolutionary era that shaped Abraham Lincoln's politics." -- Provided by publisher.
Let them eat Tweets book cover
Let them eat Tweets : how the right rules in an age of extreme inequality
Jacob S. Hacker, Paul Pierson
JC573.2.U6 H33 2020
"Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson demonstrate, plutocrats and populists are now effectively allies in an intensifying fight to lock in America's skyrocketing inequality. Yet today's Republicans are an anomaly. Not only are they doubling down on a truly radical, elite-benefitting economic agenda, but even once-respectable conservatives have turned to nativist appeals and racist dog whistles-and, increasingly, to assaults on democracy itself. Drawing on decades of research, Hacker and Pierson offer a new framework for understanding this vicious circle of deregulation and fear-mongering-and show how we can fight it." -- Provided by publisher.
The heart of a leader book cover
The heart of a leader : 52 emotional intelligence insights to advance your career
Kristin Harper
BF637.L4 H367 2020
"The Heart of a Leader: 52 Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance Your Career uncovers insider secrets on leadership for go-getters who aren't satisfied with status quo careers. When Harper graduated from business school, she had the technical skills to succeed, but she wasn't equipped to navigate the politics, personalities, and changing priorities that accompany the work environment. Through a combination of hard work, sound guidance from mentors, and a commitment to continuous improvement, she was named vice president of a Fortune 15 company in her 30s. Now, she's sharing these insights with you." -- Provided by publisher.
Hamlet's choice book cover
Hamlet's choice : religion and resistance in Shakespeare's revenge tragedies
Peter Lake
PR2807 .L35 2020
"In this rich, incisive account, Peter Lake reveals how in 'Titus Andronicus' and 'Hamlet' Shakespeare worked through a range of Tudor anxieties, including concerns about the nature of justice, resistance, and salvation. The unfolding action, Lake argues, is best understood in terms of contemporary debates about the legitimacy of resistance and the relation between religion and politics. Relating the plays to their broader political and polemical contexts, Lake sheds light on the nature of revenge, resistance, and religion in post-Reformation England." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Friends and strangers book cover
Friends and strangers
J. Courtney Sullivan
PS3619.U43 F75 2020
"From the best-selling author of Maine, a gorgeous, compulsively-readable novel that tells the story of the complex relationship between two women, Elisabeth, a privileged new mother and writer attempting to find her footing after childbirth, and Sam, the idealistic, working-class college student she hires to nanny her young son." -- Provided by publisher.
Fraternal enemies book cover
Fraternal enemies : Israel and the Gulf monarchies
Clive Jones, Yoel Guzansky
DS119.6 .J66 2019
"Relations between Israel and the Gulf states are not anything new. Jones and Guzansky contend that, at the very least, ties between Israel and many of its Gulf counterparts are now more vibrant than hitherto realized. They constitute a tacit security regime which, while based on hard power interests, does not preclude competition in other areas. Ultimately, these relations are helping shape a new regional order in the Middle East." -- Provided by publisher.
Financial derivatives book cover
Financial derivatives : a blessing or a curse?
Simon Grima, Eleftherios I Thalassinos, Rebecca Dalli Gonzi, Ioannis E. Thalassinos
HG6024.A3 G75 2020
"Should we fear financial derivatives, or embrace them? Finance experts Simon Grima and Eleftherios I. Thalassinos explore what financial derivatives are, and whether the investment world should consider them useful tools, or a complete waste of time and money." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Empire of the Black Sea book cover
Empire of the Black Sea : the rise and fall of the Mithridatic world
Duane W. Roller
DS156.P8 R65 2020
"Existing from the early third century BC to 63 BC, the Mithridatic kingdom of Pontos was one of the most powerful entities in the Mediterranean world. This is the first study in English of this kingdom in its entirety, from its origins under King Mithridates I around 280 BC until its last and greatest king, the erudite and cultured Mithridates VI the Great, fell victim to the expanding ambitions of the Roman Republic in 63 BC. Through a series of astute marriage alliances, political acumen, and military ability, the Pontic rulers dominated the culture and politics of the Black Sea region for over 200 years." -- Provided by publisher.
The deviant's war book cover
The deviant's war : the homosexual vs. the United States of America
Eric Cervini
HQ75.8.K35 C47 2020
"Eric Cervini's The Deviant's War unfolds over the course of the 1960s, as the Mattachine Society of Washington, the group Kameny founded, became the first organization to protest the systematic persecution of gay federal employees. It traces the forgotten ties that bound gay rights to the Black Freedom Movement, the New Left, lesbian activism, and trans resistance. Above all, it is a story of America (and Washington) at a cultural and sexual crossroads; of shocking, byzantine public battles with Congress; of FBI informants; murder; betrayal; sex; love; and ultimately victory." -- Provided by publisher.
The demagogue's playbook book cover
The demagogue's playbook : the battle for American democracy from the founders to Trump
Eric A. Posner
E183 .P785 2020
"In The Demagogue's Playbook, acclaimed legal scholar Eric Posner offers a blueprint for how America can prevent the rise of a demagogue and protect the features of a democracy that help it thrive-and restore national greatness, for one and all." -- Provided by publisher.
Colombia book cover
Colombia : what everyone needs to know
Richard D. Mahoney
F2271 .M28 2020
"Colombia is easily the most confounding country in the Americas. Its democratic tradition is among the most long-standing in the hemisphere, with only eleven years of military rule otherwise marring its 208 years of independence. With Latin America's third-largest population and third-largest economy, Colombia has achieved stellar rates of export growth during the last 75 years, but it has also suffered from one of the worst levels of income distribution in the Americas. The richest 10% of Colombians earn 53 times as much as the poorest 10%." -- Provided by publisher.
Blue ticket book cover
Blue ticket : a novel
Sophie Mackintosh
PR6113.A26493 B58 2020
"A mesmerizing, refracted vision of our society: In a world where women can't have it all, but are selected as either mothers or workers at the beginning of their adult lives, is choice the biggest burden of all?" -- Provided by publisher.
Bank notes and shinplasters book cover
Bank notes and shinplasters : the rage for paper money in the early republic
Joshua R. Greenberg
HG591 .G74 2020
"This book is about the chaotic world of money in the pre-Civil War United States (from the Revolutionary War to the 1860s). There were various kinds of currency, with different values and different discounts and various restrictions on where it could be used. This book investigates how everyday people gained and used financial knowledge in this complex currency environment." -- Provided by publisher.
Zoetropes and the politics of humanhood book cover
Zoetropes and the politics of humanhood
Allison L. Rowland
P301.5.P47 R69 2020
"A rhetorical analysis that builds on necropolitical theory to critique the discursive practices of inclusion into humanhood. Looks at how language such as rhetorical figures and tropes produce and contest the shifting boundaries of the human." -- Provided by publisher.
We have always been here book cover
We have always been here : a queer Muslim memoir
Samra Habib
HQ75.4.H38 A3 2019
"A queer Muslim searches for the language to express her truest self, making peace with her sexuality, her family, and Islam. When Samra discovers that her mother has arranged her marriage, she must again hide a part of herself until she simply can't any longer. So begins a journey of self-discovery that takes her to Tokyo, where she comes to terms with her sexuality, and to a queer-friendly mosque in Toronto, where she returns to her faith in the same neighbourhood where she attended her first drag show. Along the way, she learns that the facets of her identity aren't as incompatible as she was led to believe, and that her people had always been there--the world just wasn't ready for them yet." -- Provided by publisher.
The tribalization of Europe  book cover
The tribalization of Europe : a defence of our liberal values
Marlene Wind
JN40 .W56 2020
"An urgent wakeup call on the dangers of the new tribalism in global politics." -- Provided by publisher.
Telephone book cover
Telephone : a novel
Percival Everett
PS3555.V34 T45 2020
"Zach Wells, a laconic geologist-slash-paleobiologist, has the trappings of a comfortable life, yet is not contented. He's expert in the geological history of a cave in the Grand Canyon, but less so where his wife and daughter are concerned. And when his daughter develops unusual vision problems and has a seizure, the world of this family of three crumbles. Powerless in the face of his daughter's slow deterioration, Wells finds a note asking for help tucked into a jacket he's ordered online, and sets off on a quixotic rescue mission." -- Provided by publisher.
Plantation coffee in Jamaica 1790-1848 book cover
Plantation coffee in Jamaica 1790-1848
Kathleen E. A. Monteith
HD9199.J252 M66 2019
"Comprehensive history of the Jamaican coffee industry, covering a period of rapid expansion and decline." -- Provided from Melvyl.
A Nicaraguan exceptionalism? book cover
A Nicaraguan exceptionalism? : Debating the legacy of the Sandanista revolution
Hilary Francis
F1528 .N53 2020
"In recent years, child migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have made the perilous journey to the United States in unprecedented numbers, but their peers in Nicaragua have remained at home. The present government has promulgated a discourse of Nicaraguan exceptionalism, arguing that Nicaragua is unique thanks to the heritage of the 1979 Sandinista revolution. An interdisciplinary work, the book brings together historians, anthropologists and sociologists to explore the multifarious ways in which the revolutionary past continues to shape public policy – and daily life – in Nicaragua’s tumultuous present." -- Provided by publisher.
Never Speak to Strangers book cover
Never Speak to Strangers : and Other Writing from Russia and the Soviet Union
David Satter
DK266 .S28 2020
"David Satter arrived in the Soviet Union in June, 1976 as the correspondent of the Financial Times of London and entered a country that was a giant theater of the absurd. From 1976 to the present, he saw four different Russias, which differed from each other radically while remaining essentially the same. From 1976 to 1982, the Soviet Union was at the height of its world power and its people were in thrall to an absurd ideology. The articles in this unique collection are a chronicle of Russia from the day David Satter arrived in the Soviet Union until the present. This collection reflects David Satter's 40-year attempt to see them as they are." -- Provided from Amazon.
Lean against this late hour book cover
Lean against this late hour
Garūs ʻAbd al-Malikiyān, Ahmad Nadalizadeh, Idra Novey
PK6562.1.B23 A2 2020
"A vivid, affecting portrait of life in the shadow of violence and loss, for readers of both English and Persian (bilingual edition). The first selection of poems by renowned Iranian poet Garous Abdolmalekian to appear in English, this collection is a mesmerizing, disorienting descent into the trauma of loss and its aftermath. In spare lines, Abdolmalekian conjures surreal, cinematic images that pan wide as deftly as they narrow into intimate focus. Time is a thread come unspooled: pain arrives before the wound, and the dead wait for sunrise." -- Provided by publisher.
Jane Williams (Ysgafell) book cover
Jane Williams (Ysgafell)
Gwyneth Tyson Roberts
D15.R63 R63 2020
"Jane Williams (Ysgafell) was a writer with a long and varied list of publications: poetry, fiction, a riposte to the 1847 Blue Books, the “autobiography” of Betsi Cadwaladr, a history of Wales, a biography of the historian and patriot Carnhuanawc, and a history of women’s writing in English. In her writing and her life she crossed and re-crossed boundaries—national, social, literary, linguistic, and cultural—and carved out her own path. This book is the first full-length study of her life and work, built on detailed original research from which Gwyneth Tyson Roberts has drawn a picture of a remarkable and impressive woman writer." -- Provided from Amazon.
Ghostlove book cover
Dennis Mahoney
PS3613.A3493355 G46 2020
"William Rook is an occultist living in a haunted brownstone in upstate New York. There he has encountered June, the ghost living in his bedroom. June is everything William has hoped to find--by turns playful and serious, petulant and flirtatious. But she is also secretive and sad, trapped in a hopeless limbo, her past a mystery she won't reveal. William becomes determined to help her, engaging daily in a series of experiments, rituals, and spells. But success means letting June move on, and the more William learns of her past and present, the less sure he is that he's ready to let her go." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Debating targeted killing book cover
Debating targeted killing : counter-terrorism or extrajudicial execution?
Tamar Meisels, Jeremy Waldron
HV6431 .M4345 2020
"In this "For & Against" book, Jeremy Waldron and Tamar Meisels defend competing positions on the legitimacy of targeted killing. The debate opens with Meisels' defense of targeted killing as a legitimate and desirable defensive anti-terrorism strategy, in keeping with both just war theory and international law. The debate continues with Waldron's arguments focusing on the dangers and the inherent wrongness of governments' having the right to maintain death lists-lists of named individuals who are to be hunted down and killed." -- Provided by publisher.
Before a mirror book cover
Before a mirror : the city
Nancy Morejón, Juanamaría Cordones-Cook
PQ7390.M68 A2 2020
"Nancy Morejón, an indispensable voice in contemporary Cuban poetry, has produced a book whose core centers on the people, experience, and landscape of the city. She has said “ I was born in Havana and for me the city is inside my poetic art, cities fascinate me.” In Before the Mirror, The City Morejon captures the tastes and colors that give this city and its people their unique character." -- Provided from Amazon.
The art of living well book cover
ART OF LIVING WELL : moral experience and virtue ethics.
Paul Van Tongeren
BJ1185.D8 T6613 2020
"The first English translation of the prize winning Dutch title Leven is Een Kunst, this is a fascinating book, in which prominent ethicist and Nietzsche specialist Paul van Tongeren creates a contemporary version of classical virtue ethics. Virtue ethics goes right back to the moral philosophy of Aristotle and some could argue is nothing new. However, Van Tongeren demonstrates how the original Artistotlean approach been extended and corrected throughout the centuries by the Stoics, Christianity, and Nietzsche and how we now need new kind of ethics - a creative, artful ethics that takes seriously the desire to 'live well.'" -- Provided from Amazon.
Angrynomics book cover
Eric Lonergan, Mark Blyth
HB74.P65 L66 2020
"The disconnect between our experience of the world and the economic model used to explain it has given rise to "angrynomics": an economy of heightened uncertainty and anger, where faith in the workings of markets and politics has been undermined and rapid and seemingly ever-accelerating economic change has become something to be feared. Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth have written a book for anyone anxious, worried - or angry - about the mismatch between how they experience the world with the increasing day to day pressures they face and the model used by economic elites and politicians to explain and justify it." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Ancient Rome book cover
Ancient Rome : an introductory history
Paul A. Zoch
DG210 .Z63 2020
"This revised and updated edition presents, in contemporary language, the history of ancient Rome, from its founding in 753 B.C. to the death of the philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius in A.D. 180." -- Provided by publisher.
& more black book cover
& more black
T'ai Freedom Ford
PS3606.O74723 A6 2019
"T'ai freedom ford's second collection of poems, & more black, is direct, ingenious, vibrant, alive, queer, & BLACK. By turns tough and sexy, wrapped up in the evolving language and sonics of life, these poems take their cue from Wanda Coleman's American Sonnets as they rhapsodize and dialogue with artists such as Carrie Mae Weems, Glenn Ligon, and Wangechi Mutu, along with many other musicians, artists, and writers. The kinetic energy of ford's words leap off the page in rebellious, stunning, and revelatory fashion-poems that mesmerize with sheer velocity and telling pauses." -- Provided by publisher.
William Wordsworth book cover
William Wordsworth : a life
Stephen Gill
PR5853 .G55 2020
"In this second edition of William Wordsworth: A Life, Stephen Gill draws on knowledge of the poet's creative practices and his reputation and influence in his life-time and beyond. Refusing to treat the poet's later years as of little interest, this biography presents a narrative of the whole of Wordsworth's long life--1770 to 1850--tracing the development from the adventurous youth who alone of the great Romantic poets saw life in revolutionary France to the old man who became Queen Victoria's Poet Laureate." -- Provided from Amazon.
Why we drive book cover
Why we drive : toward a philosophy of the open road
Matthew B. Crawford
HE5611 .C73 2020
"Crawford investigates the driver's seat as one of the few remaining domains of skill, exploration, play -- and freedom. Blending philosophy and hands-on storytelling, Crawford grounds the narrative in his own experience in the garage and behind the wheel, recounting his decade-long restoration of a vintage Volkswagen as well as his journeys to thriving automotive subcultures across the country. Crawford leads us on an irreverent but deeply considered inquiry into the power of faceless bureaucracies, the importance of questioning mindless rules, and the battle for democratic self-determination against the surveillance capitalists." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Which country has the best health care? book cover
Which country has the best health care?
Ezekiel J. Emanuel
RA399.A1 E49 2020
"A prominent doctor and bioethicist sets out to find the world's best country for healthcare, including Taiwan, Germany, Australia and Switzerland, and how the most effective health providers handle the challenges of providing good care." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Vicksburg besieged book cover
Vicksburg besieged
Steven E. Woodworth, Charles D. Grear
E475.27 .V6145 2020
"Ranging in scope from military to social history, this book examines formal siege operations, sharpshooting, night raids in no-man's-land, the experience of Vicksburg civilians, and other military operations connected with the final phase of the long struggle for control of the great Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River." -- Provided by publisher.
Varieties of American Sufism book cover
Varieties of American Sufism : Islam, Sufi orders, and authority in a time of transition
Elliott Bazzano, Marcia K. Hermansen
BP188.8.U6 V37 2020
"Varieties of American Sufism immerses the reader in diverse expressions of contemporary Sufi religiosity in the United States. It spans more than a century of political, cultural, and embodied relationships with Islam and Muslims. American encounters with mystical Islam were initiated by a romantic quest for Oriental wisdom, flourished in the embrace of Eastern teachings during the countercultural era of New Age religion, were concretized due to late twentieth-century possibilities of travel and immigration to and from Muslim societies, and are now diffused through an explosion of cyber religion in an age of globalization." -- Provided from Amazon.
The Transportation Research Board book cover
The Transportation Research Board : everyone interested is invited, 1920-2020
Sarah Jo Peterson, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (U.S.)
HE192.55.U6 P48 2020
"In The Transportation Research Board (TRB), 1920–2020: Everyone Interested Is Invited, Sarah Jo Peterson tells the story of how people and institutions created and have continued to shape TRB. In a compelling narrative accompanied by more than 150 images exploring the history of transportation and research, she argues that TRB can be best understood as an infrastructure—one that people purposely designed and devotedly maintained. Despite TRB's institutional complexity, its unique mission, the vast collection of acronyms in its orbit, and the significant changes to the organization in its first 100 years, Dr. Peterson provides a view from 30,000 feet, deftly describing the social, political, and economic context in which transportation (and TRB) functioned." -- Provided from Amazon.
Transforming airlines book cover
Transforming airlines : a flight plan for navigating structural changes
Nawal K. Taneja
HE9776 .T3664 2020
"This book provides a flight plan for riding the impending connectivity transformation curve. It takes the perspective of actionability, highlighting initiatives that executives in airline and related businesses can use from the insights of multi-industry executives. The emphasis is on execution, not on the concepts themselves. Drawing on the author's own experience in the airline industry and related businesses, this book discusses the "how", relating to reimagining the business, re-entrepreneuring the organization, innovating through partnerships, reengaging with customers and employees, and rebranding the business in response to these trends." -- Provided by publisher.
Summoned to glory book cover
Summoned to glory : the audacious life of Abraham Lincoln
Richard Striner
E457.2 .S892 2020
"A radical reinterpretation of America's greatest president. By emphasizing the workings of Lincoln's mind-stressing his cunning, his overall honesty, strategic thinking--even his ability to change his mind--Striner looks anew at many topics and themes important to Lincoln's story that either revise or add new meaning to the work of previous biographers. His insights into Lincoln's life, but also into antebellum America, and the military and political history of the Civil War, make this book indispensable for well-read armchair historians, seasoned students of Lincoln, the Civil War, or the American presidency and newcomers alike." -- Provided by publisher.
The sirens of Mars book cover
The sirens of Mars : searching for life on another world
Sarah Stewart Johnson
QB641.J64 2020
"Mars was once similar to Earth, but today there are no rivers, no lakes, no oceans. Yet multiple spacecraft are circling Mars, sweeping over Terra Sabaea, Syrtis Major, the dunes of Elysium, and Mare Sirenum-- on the brink, perhaps, of a staggering find. Johnson tells the story of how she and other researchers have scoured Mars for signs of life. She interlaces her journey as a female scientist with tales of other seekers, to offer an unlikely natural history of a place where no human has ever set foot, while providing a vivid portrait of our quest to defy our isolation in the cosmos." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Seeing clearly book cover
Seeing clearly : a Buddhist guide to life
Nicolas Bommarito
B162 .B66 2020
"This book explores the central elements of centuries of Buddhist philosophy and practice, explaining how they can improve life and teach how to live without fear. Mining important texts and lessons for practical guidance, it provides a guide to the very practical goals that underpin Buddhist philosophy. After laying out the basic ideas, the text walks readers through a wide range of techniques and practices we can adopt to mend ingrained habits." -- Provided by publisher.
Qatar and the Gulf crisis book cover
Qatar and the Gulf crisis
Kristian Ulrichsen
DS247.Q38 U47 2020
"In 2017, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, launching an economic blockade by land, air and sea. The self-proclaimed 'Anti-Terror Quartet' offered maximalist demands: thirteen 'conditions' recalling Austria-Hungary's 1914 ultimatum to Serbia. They may even have intended military action. Well into its second year, the standoff in the Gulf has no realistic end in sight. Lost in this thicket of commentary is consideration of how the Qatari leadership and population have responded to the blockade. Ulrichsen offers an authoritative study of this international standoff, from both sides." -- Provided from Amazon.
Propelled book cover
Propelled : how boredom, frustration, and anticipation lead us to the good life
Andreas Elpidorou
BF575.B67 E45 2020
"Weaving together stories from sources as wide-ranging as classical literature, social and cognitive psychology, philosophy, art, and video games, Propelled: How Boredom, Frustration, and Anticipation Lead Us to the Good Life makes a lively case for the value of discontent in our lives. It offers novel, detailed, and scientifically informed characterizations of the nature and outcomes of boredom, frustration, and anticipation. The book demonstrates why these three states should not be viewed as obstacles to our goals but as elements of the good life and explicates how they can illuminate our desires and expectations, inform us when we find ourselves stuck in unpleasant and unfulfilling situations, and motivate us to furnish our lives with meaning, interest, and value." -- Provided by publisher.
The perfect fascist book cover
The perfect fascist : a story of love, power, and morality in Mussolini's Italy
Victoria De Grazia
DG575.T38 D4 2020
"When Attilio Teruzzi, Mussolini's handsome political enforcer, married a striking young American opera star, his good fortune seemed settled. Yet only three years later, after being promoted to commander of the Blackshirts, Teruzzi renounced his wife. The proceedings took an ominous turn when Mussolini joined Hitler: Lilliana Teruzzi was Jewish, and fascist Italy would soon introduce its first race laws. In Victoria de Grazia's engrossing account, we see him vacillating between the will of his Duce and the dictates of his heart." -- Provided by publisher.
Perchance to dream book cover
Perchance to dream : a legal and political history of the DREAM act and DACA
Michael A Olivas, Bill Richardson
KF4800 .O45 2020
""Perchance to DREAM" is a legal and political historical exploration of the DREAM Act and DACA." -- Provided by publisher.
Oilcraft book cover
Oilcraft : the myths of scarcity and security that haunt U.S. energy policy
Robert Vitalis
HD9576.P52 V58 2020
"With this book, Bob Vitalis tackles the geopolitical "truths" about oil: that US presence in the Gulf and our relationship with Saudi Arabia is necessary to stabilize an otherwise volatile market; that US oil independence is necessary to prevent foreign powers from controlling and limiting global supply; that only displays of force and threat of military action keep price inflation in check. Vitalis explicates what work these false beliefs about oil and geopolitics do today in US policy and scholarship. We can either continue to remain fixed on the state's wholly unnecessary defense of access, or we can extricate ourselves from it and concentrate instead on oilcraft's all too real effects." -- Provided by publisher.
The myth of the nuclear revolution book cover
The myth of the nuclear revolution : power politics in the atomic age
Keir A Lieber, Daryl Grayson Press
JZ5665 .L54 2020
"Explains the intensity of international competition in the nuclear age and the main deterrence challenges of the twenty-first century." -- Provided by publisher.
Millennial Cervantes book cover
Millennial Cervantes : new currents in Cervantes studies
Bruce R. Burningham
PQ6348.A3 M55 2020
"Millennial Cervantes explores some of the most important new trends in Cervantes scholarship in the twenty-first century." -- Provided by publisher.
Michelangelo, God's Architect book cover
Michelangelo, God's Architect : the story of his final years and greatest masterpiece
William E. Wallace
NA1123.B9 W355 2019
"As he entered his seventies, the great Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo despaired that his productive years were past. Anguished by the death of friends and discouraged by the loss of commissions to younger artists, this supreme painter and sculptor began carving his own tomb. It was at this unlikely moment that fate intervened to task Michelangelo with the most ambitious and daunting project of his long creative life. 'Michelangelo, God's Architect' is the first book to tell the full story of Michelangelo's final two decades, when the peerless artist refashioned himself into the master architect of St. Peter's Basilica and other major buildings." -- Provided by publisher.
A legal analysis of the Belt and Road Initiative book cover
A legal analysis of the Belt and Road Initiative : towards a new Silk Road?
Giuseppe Martinico, Xueyan Wu
JZ1318 .L45 2020
"What does the Belt and Road Initiative mean for the existing multilateral organisations? What can it represent for the future of the European Union in the long run? What is the role of hard and soft law in the functioning of the Initiative? What does it represent from a legal theory perspective? This book aspires to contribute to the international debate by gathering scholars with different backgrounds (legal theorists, public international lawyers, comparative lawyers) in a way that they can offer their inputs and observations concerning the Belt and Road Initiative." -- Provided from Amazon.
Jonathan Schell book cover
Jonathan Schell : the fate of the Earth ; the abolition ; the unconquerable world
Jonathan Schell, Martin J Sherwin
UF767 .S2365 2020
"From the Vietnam era to the war on terror, Jonathan Schell (1943-2014) produced a body of work as brave, humane, and consequential as any in the history of American journalism. His legacy rests especially on three books about the threat of nuclear weapons--'the gravest danger of our age'--and the changing nature of modern warfare. On the 75th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Library of America brings together these essential works in one volume for the first time." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Jimmy Carter and the birth of the marathon media campaign book cover
Jimmy Carter and the birth of the marathon media campaign
Amber Roessner
E868 .R64 2020
"Amber Roessner's "Jimmy Carter and the Birth of the Marathon Media Campaign" chronicles a change in the negotiation of political image craft and the role it played in Carter's meteoric rise to the presidency. She contends that Carter's underdog victory signaled a transition from an older form of party politics focused on issues and platforms to a newer brand of personality politics driven by the manufacture of a political image. Roessner offers a new perspective on the production and consumption of media images of the peanut farmer from Plains who became the thirty-ninth president of the United States." -- Provided by publisher.
Jefferson's Muslim fugitives book cover
Jefferson's Muslim fugitives : the lost story of enslaved Africans, their Arabic letters, and an American president
Jeffrey Einboden
E445.K5 E56 2020
"Jefferson's Muslim Fugitives reveals the untold story of two escaped West Africans in the American heartland whose Arabic writings reached a sitting U.S. President, prompting him to intervene on their behalf. Recounting a quest for emancipation that crosses borders of race, region and religion, Jeffrey Einboden unearths Arabic manuscripts that circulated among Jefferson and his prominent peers, including a document from 1780s Georgia identified as the earliest surviving example of Muslim slave authorship in the newly-formed United States. Revealing Jefferson's lifelong entanglements with Islam and captivity, Jefferson's Muslim Fugitives tracks the ascent of Arabic slave writings to the highest halls of U.S. power, while questioning why such vital legacies from the American past have been entirely forgotten." -- Provided by publisher.
Humankind book cover
Humankind : a hopeful history
Rutger Bregman, Elizabeth Manton, Erica Moore
BJ1533.K5 B7413 2020
"It's a belief that unites the left and right, psychologists and philosophers, writers and historians. It drives the headlines that surround us and the laws that touch our lives. Human beings, we're taught, are by nature selfish and governed by self-interest. Humankind makes a new argument: that it is realistic, as well as revolutionary, to assume that people are good. The instinct to cooperate rather than compete, trust rather than distrust, has an evolutionary basis going right back to the beginning of Homo sapiens. By thinking the worst of others, we bring out the worst in our politics and economics too. It is time for a new view of human nature." -- Provided from Melvyl.
A history of solitude book cover
A history of solitude
David Vincent
BJ1499.S65 V56 2020
"A wide-ranging social history of why and how people have chosen to be alone." -- Provided by publisher.
Forbidden memory book cover
Forbidden memory : Tibet during the Cultural Revolution
Weise, Zerenduoji, Robert Barnett, Susan Wilf, Lixiong Wang
DS786 .W421613 2020
"Forbidden Memory: Tibet during the Cultural Revolution provides a glimpse of the history of the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the Tibetan Region through the power of never-before-seen photographs, detailed interviews, and cultural analysis." -- Provided by publisher.
Compromising positions book cover
Compromising positions : sex scandals, politics, and American Christianity
Leslie Dorrough Smith
HQ18.U5 S585 2020
"Americans have long believed that the private lives of their politicians are important indicators of their fitness to lead and of their ability to defend and uphold American values. For many, a sex scandal renders a person ineligible, or at the very least questionably qualified, for public service. In Compromising Positions, Leslie Dorrough Smith questions the assumption that sex scandals are really about sex-- that is, that they are primarily concerned with the discovery of sexual misconduct. She argues that they are, instead, a form of cultural storytelling that uses racial and gendered symbols to create a collective sense of national worth and strength." -- Provided from Amazon.
Climate change and the nation state book cover
Climate change and the nation state : the realist case
Anatol Lieven
QC903 .L54 2020
"This book has its origins in a growing sense of alarm, of frustration, and of futility. As international efforts to reduce emissions have failed repeatedly to meet their targets, even as warnings by experts about the existential dangers of climate change and the need for haste have grown, I developed a stronger and stronger sense of the comparative irrelevance of most of the issues on which I have been working in the areas of international relations and security studies. A revelatory moment came when I was researching the growing tension between the USA and China over the Chinese military occupation of reefs and sandbanks in the South China Sea." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The Chinese revolution on the Tibetan frontier book cover
The Chinese revolution on the Tibetan frontier
Benno Weiner
DS793.T7 W378 2020
"A detailed history of an ethnic minority region during the early years of the People's Republic of China, this book examines the unsuccessful efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to 'gradually' and 'voluntarily' incorporate the region known to Tibetans as Amdo into the new People's Republic of China." -- Provided by publisher.
China book cover
China : the bubble that never pops
Tom Orlik
HC427 .O75 2020
“The Chinese economy appears destined for failure, the financial bubble forever in peril of popping, the real estate sector doomed to collapse, the factories fated for bankruptcy. And yet, against the odds and against expectations, growth continues, wealth rises, international influence expands. The coming collapse of China is always coming, never arriving. Thomas Orlik, a veteran of more than a decade in Beijing, turns the spotlight on China's fragile fundamentals, and resources for resilience. Drawing on discussions with Communist cadres, shadow bankers, and migrant workers, Orlik pieces together a unique perspective on China's past, present, and possible futures.” -- Provided from Melvyl.
Burning down the house book cover
Burning down the house : Newt Gingrich, the fall of a speaker, and the rise of the new Republican Party
Julian E. Zelizer
E840.8.G5 Z45 2020
"The story of how Newt Gingrich and his allies tainted American politics, launching an enduring era of brutal partisan warfare when Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. In Burning Down the House, historian Julian Zelizer pinpoints the moment when our country was set on a path towards an era of bitterly partisan and ruthless politics, an era that was ignited by Newt Gingrich and his allies. Burning Down the House presents the alarming narrative of how Gingrich and his allies created a new normal in Washington, introducing ruthless and destructive practices that have endured today." -- Provided by publisher.
Champions day book cover
Champions day : the end of Old Shanghai
James Carter
DS796.S257 C37 2020
"November 12, 1941: war and revolution are in the air. At the Shanghai Race Club, the city's elite prepare to face off their best horses and most nimble jockeys in the annual Champions Day races. The biggest crowd of all gathered at the track; no one knew it, but Champions Day heralded the end of a European Shanghai. Through this colorful snapshot of the day's events, the rich and complex history that led to them, and a cast of characters as diverse as the city itself, James Carter provides a kaleidoscopic portrait of a time and a place that still speaks to relations between China and the West today." -- Provided by publisher.
The brothers York book cover
The brothers York : a royal tragedy
Thomas Penn
DA250 .P46 2020
"The house of York came to dominate England. At its heart were three charismatic brothers: King Edward IV, and his two younger siblings George and Richard. The three became the figureheads of a spectacular ruling dynasty. Together, they looked invincible. Penn shows that with Edward’s ascendancy the brothers began to turn on one another, unleashing a catastrophic chain of rebellion, vendetta, fratricide, usurpation, and regicide, finally coming to a brutal end at Bosworth Field in 1485. It is a rich and bloody tale as gripping as any historical fiction." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The biggest bluff book cover
The biggest bluff : how I learned to pay attention, master myself, and win
Maria Konnikova
GV1250.2.K66 A3 2020
"Maria Konnikova had never actually played poker before and didn't even know the rules when she approached Erik Seidel, Poker Hall of Fame inductee and winner of tens of millions of dollars in earnings, and convinced him to be her mentor. But she knew her man: a famously thoughtful and broad-minded player, he was intrigued by her pitch that she wasn't interested in making money so much as learning about life. The biggest bluff of all, she learned, is that skill is enough. Bad cards will come our way, but keeping our focus on how we play them and not on the outcome will keep us moving through many a dark patch, until the luck once again breaks our way." -- Provided by publisher.
The common wind book cover
The common wind : Afro-American currents in the age of the Haitian Revolution
Julius Sherrard Scott, Marcus Rediker
F1923 .S37 2018
"The Common Wind is a gripping and colorful account of the intercontinental networks that tied together the free and enslaved masses of the New World. Scott follows the spread of "rumors of emancipation" and the people behind them, bringing to life the protagonists in the slave revolution. By tracking the colliding worlds of buccaneers, military deserters, and maroon communards from Venezuela to Virginia, Scott records the transmission of contagious mutinies and insurrections in unparalleled detail, providing readers with an intellectual history of the enslaved." -- Provided by publisher.
Denial dvd cover
Rachel Weisz, Andrew Scott
PN1995.9.B55 D46 2017
"When Deborah Lipstadt speaks out against Holocaust denier David Irving over his falsification of history, she discovers that the stakes are higher than ever in the battle for historical truth. Now faced with a libel lawsuit in British court, Lipstadt and her attorney have the heavy burden of proving that the Holocaust actually happened, in a riveting legal fight with stunning consequences." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The Captain dvd cover
Der Hauptmann = The captain
Max Hubacher, Milan Peschel
PN1997.2 .C29 2018
"A German army deserter finds an abandoned Nazi captain's uniform in the final weeks of World War II. Emboldened by the authority the uniform grants him, he amasses a band of stragglers who cede to his command despite the suspicions of some. Citing direct orders from the Fuhrer himself, he soon takes command of a camp holding German soldiers accused of desertion and begins to dispense harsh justice." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Naked among wolves dvd cover
Nackt unter Wölfen = Naked among wolves
Frank Beyer, Erwin Geschonneck
PN1997 .N34 1998
"The first German film devoted to life and death in a concentration camp tells the story of organized resistance by political prisoners in the Buchenwald concentration camp. When one of the prisoners smuggles a child into a camp, the men are faced with the question of how many lives may be endangered in order to save the life of the child. Based on a true story." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Decolonization book cover
Decolonization : a very short introduction
Dane Keith Kennedy
JV151 .K46 2016
"Decolonization is the term commonly used to refer to this transition from a world of colonial empires to a world of nation-states in the years after World War II. Both ex-imperial states and post-colonial regimes have promoted a selective and sanitized version of decolonization that casts their own conduct in a positive light, characterizing the process as negotiated and the outcome as inevitable. This book draws on recent scholarship to challenge that view, demonstrating that considerable violence and instability accompanied the end of empire and that the outcome was often up for grabs." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Where to invade next dvd cover
Where to invade next
Michael Moore
PN1995.9.D6 W44 2016
"Presents the theory that the American dream, all but abandoned in the United States, has been adopted successfully in other countries, including Italy, France, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Tunisia, and Iceland, looking at such areas as worker benefits, public expenditure for the common good, and state-funded higher education." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Swing kids dvd cover
Swing kids
Robert Sean Leonard, Christian Bale
PN1997 .S9665 2002
"Two swing-music loving friends in Nazi Germany must choose between their individual freedom or loyalty to the murderous Third Reich." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Defiance dvd cover
Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell
PN1995.9.W3 D44 2017
"The deep forests of Poland and Belorussia are the domain of the occupying Germans during World War II. The three Bielski brothers go into the forests and find the impossible task of foraging for food, weapons and survival, not just for themselves but for a large mass of fleeing Polish Jews from the German war machine. The brothers, living with the fear of discovery must contend with neighboring Soviet partisans and decide whom to trust. They take on the responsibility of guardians and motivate hundreds of women, men, children and the elderly to join their fight against the Nazi regime while hiding in makeshift homes in the dark, cold and unforgiving forest." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Stephen King dvd cover
Stephen King : 6-film collection
Stephen King
PN1997.2 .S7474 2018
"This 6-film horror collection by Stephen King includes Apt Pupil, Bag of Bones, Christine, Secret Window, Sleepwalkers, and Stand By Me. Apt Pupil: A dark drama about a sixteen-year-old honor student who recognizes an old man living in his hometown as a hunted Nazi. Sleepwalkers: A sexually curious virgin falls for the new boy in school, only to learn too late he's a life-sucking Sleepwalker. Stand By Me: This film about friendship and the indelible experiences of growing up takes place in a small Oregon town as four boys set out on a two-day search for a missing teenager's body, a search that turns into an odyssey of self-discovery." -- Provided from Melvyl.
M-26; biography of a revolution book cover
M-26; biography of a revolution.
Robert Taber
F1788 .T3
"A reporter's first-hand account of the overthrow of the Batista regime and Fidel Castro's successful rise to power. Author Robert Taber, a correspondent for CBS, details the political and economic situation which helped foster the revolution, plus chronicles events of the revolution and his own experiences while living with the guerrilla fighters in Cuba's mountainous interior." -- Provided from Goodreads.
Babies dvd cover
Thomas Balmès, Universal Studios Home Video
RJ134 .B33 2010
"Follows four babies from different parts of the globe as they navigate their first year of life. Features Ponijao from Namibia, Bayarjargal from Mongolia, Hattie from San Francisco, and Mari from Tokyo." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas dvd cover
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Asa Butterfield, Vera Farmiga
PN1997.85 .B69 2009
"Set in Poland during World War II. Innocent and naive 8-year-old Bruno is bored and restless in his new home. Ignoring his mother, he sets off on an adventure in the woods. He comes across a high fence which separates him from the people he can see through it. Soon he meets a young boy in striped pajamas, and a surprising friendship develops." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Conspiracy dvd cover
Nicholas Gillott, Loring Mandel
PN1997.C75 G48 2002
"On January 20, 1942, 15 German officials attended a conference at Wannsee, on the outskirts of Berlin. The meeting comprised of mid-ranking SS commanders and a variety of government ministers. The meeting was organized by SS Major Adolf Eichmann under the direction of Chief of Security Reinhard Heydrich. It was a polite conference, but under this thin veneer of manners lay an evil intent. By the end of the meeting, the fate of six million lives would be decided and the shape of the world would be altered forever. Based on the meeting minutes found in the files of the German Foreign Office in 1947." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Alone in Berlin dvd cover
Alone in Berlin
Emma Thompson
PN1997.2 .A46 2017
"How did an ordinary, middle-aged couple become a symbol of defiance against Nazi brutality? This tale of courage unfolds against the tumultuous backdrop of Berlin in 1940. Otto and Anna Quangel are a working class husband and wife doing their best to ride out the war. Their son is killed fighting on the frontlines. They begin pouring their rage and grief into postcards emblazoned with anti-Nazi slogans, risking everything to disseminate their messages of protest across the city." -- Provided from Melvyl.
La rafle dvd cover
La rafle
Jean Reno, Mélanie Laurent
PN1997.2 .R34 2013
"Dramatizes the true experiences of individuals caught up in the Vel' d'Hiv roundup. In the summer of 1942 the French government, on the orders of the Nazi occupiers, conducted mass arrests of Jews in Paris and herded them into the Velodrome d'Hiver and a nearby internment camp from which they were ultimately shipped to Auschwitz and executed. Over 13,000 victims, including over 4000 children, were subjects of this atrocity." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Inglourious basterds dvd cover
Inglourious basterds
Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt
PN1997.2 .I54 2009
"During World War II, a group of Jewish-American guerilla soldiers, led by Lt. Aldo Raine, become known as "The Basterds." They are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. The Basterds soon cross paths with a French-Jewish woman who runs a movie theater in Paris which is targeted by the soldiers. A plot is set in motion to kill the Nazis at the theater's movie premier, including Adolph Hitler." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Shoah dvd cover
Claude Lanzmann
PN1995.9.D6 S56 2013
"Over a decade in the making, this monumental investigation of the unthinkable: the murder of more than six million Jews by the Nazis. Using no archival footage, Claude Lanzmann instead focuses on first-person testimonies (of survivors and former Nazis, and other witnesses), employing a circular, free-associative method in assembling them. The intellectual yet emotionally overwhelming Shoah is not a film about excavating the past but an intensive portrait in which the past is always present." -- Provided from Melvyl.
He named me Malala dvd cover
He named me Malala
Malala Yousafzai
LC2330 .H4 2015
"An intimate portrait of Malala Yousafzai, who was wounded when Taliban gunmen opened fire on her in Pakistan's Swat Valley. The shooting of the then fifteen-year-old teenager sparked international media outrage. An educational activist in Pakistan, Yousafzai has since emerged as a leading campaigner for the rights of children worldwide and in December 2014, became the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize Laureate." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Whiteness of a different color book cover
Whiteness of a different color : European immigrants and the alchemy of race
Matthew Frye Jacobson
E184.E95 J33 1999
"Matthew Frye Jacobson argues that race resides not in nature but in the contingencies of politics and culture. In ever-changing racial categories we glimpse the competing theories of history and collective destiny by which power has been organized and contested in the United States. Capturing the excitement of the new field of "whiteness studies" and linking it to traditional historical inquiry. Jacobson tracks race as a conception and perception, emphasizing the importance of knowing not only how we label one another but also how we see one another, and how that racialized vision has largely been transformed in this century." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Confronting environmental racism book cover
Confronting environmental racism : voices from the grassroots
Robert D. Bullard
HC110.E5 C665 1993
"The connection between racism and environmental quality is increasingly visible. People of color in urban and rural areas are the most likely victims of industrial dumping, toxic landfills, uranium mining, and dangerous waste incinerators. This groundbreaking anthology grows out of the National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit and brings together leading scholars, environmental leaders, and social justice activists of the emerging environmental justice movement." -- Provided from Amazon.
The road to Yucca Mountain book cover
The road to Yucca Mountain : the development of radioactive waste policy in the United States
J. Samuel Walker, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
TD898.118 .W35 2009
"Examines the United States government's efforts to deal with the technical and political problems associated with radioactive waste, describing various approaches used by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission to deal with radioactive waste sites throughout the country." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Toward a global idea of race book cover
Toward a global idea of race
Denise Ferreira da Silva
HT1521 .S47 2007
"Denise Ferreira da Silva asks why, after more than five hundred years of violence perpetrated by Europeans against people of color, is there no ethical outrage? Rejecting the prevailing view that social categories of difference such as race and culture operate solely as principles of exclusion, Silva presents a critique of modern thought that shows how racial knowledge and power produce global space. Looking at the United States and Brazil, she argues that modern subjects are formed in philosophical accounts that presume two ontological moments--historicity and globality--which are refigured in the concepts of the nation and the racial respectively." -- Provided by publisher.
Ghost in your genes dvd cover
Ghost in your genes
Holt Productions
QH450 .G46 2008
"New clues reveal that a second "epigenetic" chemical code sits on top of our regular DNA and controls how our genes are expressed, turning them on and off with consequences for our health. While we inherit the epigenome much as we do DNA, it appears to respond far more to our environment and lifestyles. So our stress levels and what we eat, drink, and breathe may leave an enduring imprint, not just on our bodies, but on the generations to come." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Elite squad = Tropa de elite dvd cover
Elite squad = Tropa de elite
Wagner Moura, André Ramiro
PN1997.2 .E45 2008
"This is the story of the BOPE, a SWAT-like team at war with the drug lords of Rio de Janeiro. Racing against time, its hard-driving captain puts a pair of rookies through hell in an effort to shape a worthy successor and clear out a drug-infested slum before his imminent retirement." -- Provided from Melvyl.
In the Time of the Butterflies dvd cover
In the Time of the Butterflies
Salma Hayek, Edward James Olmos
PN1997.2 .I527 2002
"An idealistic young woman falls for a rebel leader and takes on a murderous dictator. Today, November 25 is observed in many Latin American countries as the International Day Against Violence Towards Women. This is based on the story of the Mirabal sisters, whose deaths became the final blow to the regime of Leonidas Trujillo, who was assassinated six months later." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Amores perros dvd cover
Amores perros
Emilio Echevarría, Gael García Bernal
PN1997.2 .A66 2017
"Award-winning multi-layered drama about a group of Mexico City residents whose lives come together after a tragic car accident." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Tune in tomorrow dvd cover
Tune in tomorrow
Barbara Hershey, Keanu Reeves
PN1997 .T82 1990
"Pedro, an eccentric writer hired by a television station to liven up its ratings, stirs up all sorts of trouble. He develops a number of schemes to help a young writer in the young man's pursuit of his Aunt Julia. Too late the young writer and Aunt Julia find that Pedro is using their affair to liven up the plot of his soap opera!" -- Provided from Melvyl.
The Inquisition in New Spain, 1536-1819 book cover
The Inquisition in New Spain, 1536-1819 : a documentary history
John F. Chuchiak
BX1740.N49 I57 2012
"The Holy Office of the Inquisition in New Spain provides a clear understanding of how the Inquisition originated, evolved, and functioned in the colonial Spanish territories of Mexico and northern Central America. The three sections of documents lay out the laws and regulations of the Inquisition, follow examples of its day-to-day operations and procedures, and detail select trial proceedings. Chuchiak’s opening chapter and brief section introductions provide the social, historical, political, and religious background necessary to comprehend the complex and generally misunderstood institutions of the Inquisition and the effect it has had on societal development in modern-day Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras." -- Provided from Amazon.
Narrative inquiry book cover
Narrative inquiry : experience and story in qualitative research
D. Jean Clandinin, F. Michael Connelly
LB1028 .C55 2000
"In this definitive guide and comprehensive resource, the authors draw from more than 20 years of field experience to show how narrative inquiry can be used in educational and social science research." -- Provided from Melvyl.
War for eternity book cover
War for eternity : inside Bannon's far-right circle of global power brokers
Benjamin R. Teitelbaum
HN90.R3 T45 2020
"In 2015, Bloomberg News named Steve Bannon "the most dangerous political operative in America." Since then, he has grown exponentially more powerful-and not only in the United States. In this groundbreaking and urgent account, award-winning scholar of the radical right Benjamin Teitelbaum takes readers behind-the-scenes of Bannon's global campaign against modernity. Their strenuous efforts are already producing results, from the fortification of borders throughout the world and the targeting of immigrants, to the undermining of the European Union and United States governments, and the expansion of Russian influence." -- Provided by publisher.
The turnaway study book cover
The turnaway study : ten years, a thousand women, and the consequences of having--or being denied--an abortion
Diana Greene Foster
HQ767.5.U5 F67 2020
"A groundbreaking and illuminating look at the state of abortion access in America and the first long-term study of the consequences--emotional, physical, financial, professional, personal, and psychological--of receiving versus being denied an abortion on women's lives." -- Provided by publisher.
The third Walpurgis Night book cover
The third Walpurgis Night : the complete text
Karl Kraus, Frederick George Thomas Bridgham, Edward Timms, Marjorie Perloff
PT2621.R27 D75 2020
"Austrian satirist and polemicist Karl Kraus's Third Walpurgis Night was written in immediate response to the Nazi seizure of power in 1933 but withheld from publication for fear of reprisals against Jews trapped in Germany. Acclaimed when finally published by Kösel Verlag in 1952, it is a devastatingly prescient exposure, giving special attention to the regime's corruption of language as masterminded by Joseph Goebbels. Bertolt Brecht wrote to Kraus that, in his indictment of Nazism, "You have disclosed the atrocities of intonation and created an ethics of language."" -- Provided by publisher.
Sway book cover
Sway : unravelling unconscious bias
Pragya Agarwal
BF575.P9 A33 2020
"In Sway, author Pragya Agarwal uncovers the science behind our ̀unintentional' biases. This book unravels the way our unconscious biases are affecting the way we communicate, make decisions and perceive the world. A wide range of implicit biases are covered, including age-ism, sexism and aversive racism, and by using research and theories from a wide range of disciplines, including social science, psychology, biology and neuroscience, readers learn how these biases manifest and whether there is anything we can do about them. This book encourages readers to think, understand and evaluate their own biases in a scientific and non-judgmental way." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Superpower interrupted book cover
Superpower interrupted : the Chinese history of the world
Michael Schuman
DS735 .S4255 2020
"In this colorful, informative story filled with fascinating characters, epic battles, influential thinkers, and decisive moments, we come to understand how the Chinese view their own history and how its narrative is distinctly different from that of Western civilization. As the Chinese see it, for as far back as anyone can remember, China had the richest economy, the strongest military, and the most advanced philosophy, culture, and technology. The collision with the West knocked China's historical narrative off course for the first time, as its 5,000-year reign as an unrivaled superpower came to an ignominious end. For the Chinese, the question was never if they could reclaim their former dominant position in the world, but when." -- Provided by publisher.
The crash of Flight 3804 book cover
The crash of Flight 3804 : a lost spy, a daughter's quest, and the deadly politics of the great game for oil
Charlotte Dennett
DS63.2.U5 D39 2020
"Charlotte Dennett, decided to find out what was behind her father's death and why the records about it remained classified after so many years. Through stories and maps, she explores her father's last journey and reveals the hidden dynamics of pipeline politics in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Turkey, Israel/Palestine, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. There is little awareness or discussion of how US military deployments to the Middle East are designed to protect pipeline routes from sabotage-or bring down governments that oppose them." -- Provided by publisher.
Philosophical theology in Islam book cover
Philosophical theology in Islam : later Ashʻarism east and west
Ayman Shihadeh, Jan Thiele
BP166.14.A84 P45 2020
"Philosophical Theology in Islam' studies the later history of the Ash'ari school of theology through in-depth probings of its thought, sources, scholarly networks and contexts. Starting with a review of al-Ghazali's role in the emergence of post-Avicennan philosophical theology, the book offers a series of case studies on hitherto unstudied texts by the towering thinker Fakhr al-Din al-Razi as well as specific philosophical and theological topics treated in his works. This book is the first exploration of the later Ash'ari tradition across the medieval and early-modern period through a trans-regional perspective." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Peppermint kings book cover
Peppermint kings : a rural american history
Dan Allosso
HD9999.E783 U6 2020
"This unconventional history relates the engaging and unusual stories of three families in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries whose involvement in the peppermint oil industry provides insights into the perspectives and concerns of rural people of their time. Challenging the standard paradigms, historian Dan Allosso focuses on the rural characters who lived by their own rules and did not acquiesce to contemporary religious doctrines, business mores, and political expediencies. The families' atypical attitudes and activities offer unexpected perspectives on rural business and life." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Out of my skull book cover
Out of my skull : the psychology of boredom
James Danckert, John D. Eastwood
BF575.B67 D343 2020
"Usually when we're bored, we try to distract ourselves. But soon enough, boredom returns. James Danckert and John Eastwood argue that we can learn to handle boredom more effectively by recognizing what research shows: boredom indicates unmet psychological needs. Boredom, therefore, can motivate us to change what isn't working in our lives." -- Provided by publisher.
Moroccan female religious agents
Moroccan female religious agents : old practices and new perspectives
Aziza Ouguir
BP173.4 .O93 2020
"In Moroccan Female Religious Agents : Old Practices and New Perspectives, Ouguir studies Moroccan female religious agents in particular historical women saints and Sufis, the way they constructed powerful saintly personalities that challenged the dominant conventional norms, and the way they are received byvenerators and feminist Islamist activists of modern Morocco. She also examined the venerators', murshidat and Islamist feminists' reception of women saints in their discourses. Ouguir states convincingly that Moroccan religious women agents in both Morocco's past and present are to be highlighted for broader discourses on Muslim women and feminism." -- Provided by publisher.
The matter of facts book cover
The matter of facts : skepticism, persuasion, and evidence in science
G. Leng, Rhodri Ivor Leng
Q175.32.T78 L46 2020
"This book is about Science, its strengths and weaknesses. The papers that scientists write form a vast resource of evidence and theory that is doubling about every ten years, along with the number of scientists. This book looks at the scientific method, as currently applied and as understood philosophically by scientists, the social structure of science, and the structure of scientific communication through journals. It includes case studies of controversies, and looks at how fields develop over time." -- Provided by publisher.
Lie machines book cover
Lie machines : how to save democracy from troll armies, deceitful robots, junk news operations, and political operatives
Philip N. Howard
JF1525.P8 H69 2020
"With massive amounts of social media and public polling data, and in depth interviews with political consultants, bot writers, and journalists, political consultants, Philip N. Howard offers ways to take these "lie machines" apart. Lie Machines is full of riveting behind the scenes stories from the world's biggest and most damagingly successful misinformation initiatives-including those used in Brexit and U.S. elections. Howard not only shows how these campaigns evolved from older propaganda operations but also exposes their new powers, gives us insight into their effectiveness, and shows us how to shut them down." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Islam and democracy in South Asia book cover
Islam and democracy in South Asia : the case of Bangladesh
Nazrul Islam, Md Saidul Islam
BP190.5.D45 I75 2020
"Islam and Democracy in South Asia: The Case of Bangladesh presents a critical analysis of the complex relationship between Islam and democracy in South Asia and Bangladesh. The book posits that Islam and democracy are not necessarily incompatible, but that the former has a contributory role in the development of the latter. The book shows that the suppression of democracy and human rights creates avenues for the consolidation of militant Islamism, orthodox Islam, and “Islamic” terrorism, while the “fair play” of democracy results in the decline of anti-democratic form of political Islam." -- Provided from Amazon.
Ghost road book cover
Ghost road : beyond the driverless car
Anthony M. Townsend
HE5611 .T67 2020
"Anthony M. Townsend's Ghost Road argues convincingly that the driverless car is a red herring. Meanwhile, autonomous vehicles will turbocharge our appetite for the instant delivery of goods, making the future as much about moving stuff as it is about moving people. For-profit companies will link the automated machines that move us to the cloud, raising concerns about mobility monopolies and privatization of "the curb." Ghost Road explains where we might be headed together in driverless vehicles, and the choices we must make as societies and individuals to shape that future." -- Provided by publisher.
Freedom and responsibility in Neoplatonist thought book cover
Freedom and responsibility in Neoplatonist thought
Ursula Coope
B517 .C66 2020
"The Neoplatonists have a perfectionist view of freedom: an entity is free to the extent that it succeeds in making itself good. Free entities are wholly in control of themselves-they are self-determining, self-constituting, and self-knowing. The human soul is free insofar as it rises above bodily things and engages in intellection, but when it turns its desires to bodily things, it is drawn under the sway of fate and becomes enslaved. Ursula Coope discusses this notion of freedom and its relation to questions about responsibility. She explains the important role of notions of self-reflexivity in Neoplatonist accounts of both freedom and responsibility." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Ethnonationality's evolution in Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia book cover
Ethnonationality's evolution in Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia : politics, institutions and intergenerational dis-continuities
Arianna Piacentini
GN495.6 .P53 2020
"This book is centred upon the concept of ‘ethnonationality,’ investigating how its meanings and functions have changed across political regimes, time, and generations. Piacentini explores two similar yet different realities, Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia – both former Yugoslav republics, multiethnic, and currently characterised by consociational arrangements and ethnic politics. The book explores which ideas, rules, and patterns of behaviour related to ethnonationality have been transmitted between the generations." -- Provided from Amazon.
The dissent channel book cover
The dissent channel : American diplomacy in a dishonest age
Elizabeth Shackelford
E901.1.S533 A3 2020
"A promising young diplomat's account of her assignment in South Sudan, the world's youngest nation on the brink of civil war, and an explanation of the ways US foreign policy has utterly failed in its diplomacy and accountability around the world." -- Provided by publisher.
Death in her hands
Ottessa Moshfegh
PS3613.O77936 D43 2020
"While on her normal daily walk with her dog in the nearby forest woods, our protagonist comes across a note, handwritten and carefully pinned to the ground with a frame of stones. 'Her name was Magda. Nobody will ever know who killed her. It wasn't me. Here is her dead body.' Our narrator is deeply shaken; she has no idea what to make of this. She is new to this area, having moved here from her longtime home after the death of her husband, and she knows very few people. She begins to devote herself to exploring the possibilities of her conjectures about who this woman was and how she met her fate. A triumphant blend of horror, suspense, and pitch-black comedy, Death in Her Hands asks us to consider how the stories we tell ourselves both guide us closer to the truth and keep us at bay from it." -- Provided by publisher.
Capitalism at risk book cover
Capitalism at risk : how business can lead
Joseph L. Bower, Herman B. Leonard, Lynn Sharp Paine
HB501 .B73768 2020
"In Capitalism at Risk, Harvard Business School professors Joseph Bower, Herman Leonard, and Lynn Paine argue that while governments must play a role, businesses should take the lead. Capitalism at Risk draws on discussions with business leaders around the world to identify twelve potential disruptors of the global market system. Presenting examples of companies already making a difference, the authors explain how business must serve both as innovator and activist--developing corporate strategies that effect change at the community, national, and international levels." -- Provided by publisher.
Borges and Black Mirror book cover
Borges and Black Mirror
David Phillip Laraway
PQ7797.B635 L37 2020
"The book’s introduction provides a detailed examination of the terms of engagement of Borges and Brooker and each of the chapters explores in a sustained way the resonances and affinities between one particular story by Borges and one particular episode of Black Mirror. The result is a series of essays that locate Brooker’s work with respect to a rich literary and philosophical tradition on the one hand and, on the other, demonstrate the relevance of Borges’s work for anyone who wishes to understand one of our most emblematic cultural artifacts in the age of Netflix." -- Provided from Amazon.
Between everything and nothing book cover
Between everything and nothing : the journey of Seidu Mohammed and Razak Iyal and the quest for asylum
Joe Meno
E183.8.G5 M46 2020
"Before ever meeting, both men fled the inhumane social policies of modern-day Ghana, making the perilous odyssey through the jungles of South and Central America on their own, only to arrive at the United States border and face detainment in a U.S immigration detention facility for nearly a year. By chance or fate, these two men met in a Minneapolis bus station on December 23rd, 2016, and agreed to cross the Canadian border together, a trip that risked both their lives and led to tragic consequences. Seidu and Razak's experiences speak directly to the immigration crisis within the United States and Europe, which is one of the greatest humanitarian concerns the world now faces." -- Provided by publisher.
America's first interstate
America's first interstate : the National Road, 1806-1853
Roger Pickenpaugh
HE356.C8 P48 2020
"Roger Pickenpaugh's comprehensive account is based on detailed archival research into documents that few scholars have examined, including sources from the National Archives, and details the promotion, construction, and use of this crucially important thoroughfare. Pickenpaugh also describes how states assumed control of the road once the US government chose to abandon it, including the charging of tolls. His data-mining approach-revealing technical details, contracting procedures, lawsuits, charges and countercharges, local accounts of travel, and services along the road-provides a wealth of information for scholars to more critically consider the cultural and historical context of the Road's construction and use."-- Provided by publisher.
Adverse events book cover
Adverse events : race, inequality, and the testing of new pharmaceuticals
Jill A. Fisher
RM301.27 .F56 2020
"Adverse Events provides an unprecedented view of the intersection of racial inequalities with pharmaceutical testing, signaling the dangers of this research enterprise to both social justice and public health." -- Provided from Amazon.
Sand talk book cover
Sand talk : how Indigenous thinking can save the world
Tyson Yunkaporta
B5702 .Y86 2019
"This remarkable book is about everything from echidnas to evolution, cosmology to cooking, sex and science and spirits to Schrodinger's cat. Tyson Yunkaporta looks at global systems from an Indigenous perspective. He asks how contemporary life diverges from the pattern of creation. Sand Talk provides a template for living. It's about how lines and symbols and shapes can help us make sense of the world. It's about how we learn and how we remember. It's about talking to everybody and listening carefully. It's about finding different ways to look at things. Most of all it's about Indigenous thinking, and how it can save the world." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Radical utu book cover
Radical utu : critical ideas and ideals of Wangari Muta Maathai
Besi Brillian Muhonja
DT433.582.M24 M84 2020
"Wangari Muta Maathai was a scholar-activist known for founding the Green Belt Movement, an environmental campaign that earned her the Nobel Peace Prize. In Radical Utu: Critical Ideas and Ideals of Wangari Muta Maathai, Besi Brillian Muhonja presents the words and works of Maathai as theoretical concepts attesting to her contributions to gender equality, democratic spaces, economic equity and global governance, and indigenous African languages and knowledges. Muhonja's well-rounded portrait of Maathai's ideas offers a corrective to the one-dimensional characterization of Maathai typical of other works." -- Provided by publisher.
The inner coast book cover
The inner coast : essays
Donovan Hohn
GF49 .H65 2020
"The Inner Coast collects ten of Hohn's best, many of them originally published in such magazines as the New York Times Magazine and Harper's, which feature his physical, historical, and emotional journeys through the American landscape. By turns meditative and comic, adventurous and metaphysical, Hohn writes about the appeal of old tools, the dance between ecology and engineering, the lost art of ice canoeing, and Americans' complicated love/hate relationship with Thoreau. The Inner Coast marks the return of one of our finest young writers and a stylish exploration of what Guy Davenport called "the geography of the imagination."" -- Provided by publisher.
Frequencies book cover
Frequencies : international spectrum policy
Gregory Taylor, Catherine Middleton
HE7645 .F74 2020
"In Frequencies, Gregory Taylor and Catherine Middleton bring together diverse national perspectives to explore the current and future state of spectrum governance worldwide. Frequencies offers illuminating case studies from around the world, including Finland, Mexico, New Zealand, India, and Canada, as well as forward-thinking approaches to our use of radio frequencies that encourage greater public benefit and technological advancement. Frequencies seeks to broaden the discussion about our management of this primary resource necessary for how the world shares information." -- Provided by publisher.
Easy living book cover
Easy living : the rise of the home office
Elizabeth Patton
HD62.38 .P38 2020
"Easy Living examines how the idea of working within the home was constructed and disseminated in popular culture and mass media during the twentieth century. Through the analysis of national magazines and newspapers, television and film, and marketing and advertising materials from the housing, telecommunications, and office technology industries, Easy Living traces changing concepts about what it meant to work in the home. Elizabeth A. Patton reveals that the notion of the home as a space that exists solely in the private sphere is a myth, as the social meaning of the home and its market value in relation to the public sphere are intricately linked." -- Provided by publisher.
Cynicism book cover
Ansgar Allen
B809.5 .A45 2020
"Ansgar Allen charts the long history of cynicism, from the "fearless speech" of Greek Cynics in the fourth century BCE to the contemporary cynic's lack of social and political convictions. Allen describes ancient Cynicism as an improvised philosophy and a way of life disposed to scandalize contemporaries, subjecting their cultural commitments to derision. Finally, he considers the possibility of a radical cynicism that admits and affirms the danger it poses to contemporary society." -- Provided from Melvyl.
A concise history of Byzantium book cover
A concise history of Byzantium
Warren Treadgold
DF552 .T64 2020
"This introductory text provides a concise overview of the history of Byzantium, from AD 285, when it first separated from the Western Roman Empire, to 1461, when the last Byzantine splinter state disappeared. Spanning twelve centuries and three continents, the Byzantine empire linked the ancient and modern worlds, shaping and transmitting Greek, Roman and Christian traditions that remain vigorous today. The author shows how Byzantine political leadership, military strategy, cultural attitudes and social, institutional and demographic changes combined with the strengths and weaknesses of the empire's enemies to explain the paradoxes of Byzantium's long history." -- Provided from Amazon.
A companion to João Paulo Borges Coelho book cover
A companion to João Paulo Borges Coelho : rewriting the (post)colonial remains
Elena Brugioni, Orlando Grossegesse, Paulo de Medeiros
PQ9939.C64 Z65 2020
"This Companion offers a critical overview of great part of the literary oeuvre of the acclaimed Mozambican writer and historian João Paulo Borges Coelho. It focuses on a multiplicity of elements central to his literary project, underscoring the originality and the complexity of one of the most prominent authors from the Portuguese-speaking World. The book advances new critical paths within Portuguese-speaking literary studies from a comparative perspective." -- Provided by publisher.
A city in fragments book cover
A city in fragments : urban text in modern Jerusalem
Yair Wallach
DS109.15 .W35 2020
"For years, Yair Wallach walked the streets of Jerusalem, searching for writing on its walls. He looked for graffiti, logos, inscriptions, official signs, and ephemera, focusing on how modern Jerusalem took shape in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Text in Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages became a key means to organize space, society, and subjectivity. Wallach reassembles these written fragments to reveal how the logics of state and capital shaped the modern city." -- Provided by publisher.
Bearing witness while black book cover
Bearing witness while black : African Americans, smartphones, and the new protest #Journalism
Allissa V. Richardson
E185.615 .R5215 2020
"Bearing Witness While Black: African Americans, Smartphones and the New Protest #Journalism tells the story of this century's most powerful Black social movement--through the eyes of 15 activists who documented it. This groundbreaking book reveals how the perfect storm of smartphones, social media and social justice empowered Black activists to create their own news outlets, which continued a centuries-long, African American tradition of using the news to challenge racism. Bearing Witness While Black is the first book of its kind to identify three overlapping eras of domestic terror against African American people--slavery, lynching and police brutality--and explain how storytellers during each period documented its atrocities through journalism." -- Provided by publisher.
Anthropologies of revolution book cover
Anthropologies of revolution : forging time, people, and worlds
Igor Cherstich, Martin Holbraad, Nico Tassi
GN497 .C44 2020
"What can anthropological thinking contribute to the study of revolutions? The first book-length attempt to develop an anthropological approach to revolutions, Anthropologies of Revolution proposes that revolutions should be seen as concerted attempts to radically reconstitute the worlds people inhabit. Viewing revolutions as all-embracing, world-creating projects, the authors ask readers to move beyond the idea of revolutions as acts of violent political rupture, and instead view them as processes of societal transformation that penetrate deeply into the fabric of people's lives, unfolding and refolding the coordinates of human existence." -- Provided by publisher.
Queer terror book cover
Queer terror : life, death, and desire in the settler colony
C. Heike Schotten
JA80 .S365 2018
"In Queer Terror, C. Heike Schotten offers a critique of U.S. settler-colonial empire that draws on political, queer, and critical indigenous theory to situate Bush’s either/or moralism and reframe the concept of terrorism. The categories of the War on Terror exemplify the moralizing politics that insulate U.S. empire from critique, render its victims deserving of its abuses, and delegitimize resistance to it as unthinkable and perverse. Schotten provides an anatomy of this moralism, arguing for a new interpretation of biopolitics that is focused on sovereignty and desire rather than racism and biology." -- Provided from Amazon.
Octavia's brood book cover
Octavia's brood : science fiction stories from social justice movements
Walidah Imarisha, Adrienne M. Brown, Sheree R. Thomas, Institute for Anarchist Studies
PN6120.95.S33 O37 2015
"Whenever we envision a world without war, without prisons, without capitalism, we are producing visionary fiction. Organizers and activists envision, and try to create, such worlds all the time. This book brings twenty of them together in the first anthology of short stories to explore the connections between radical speculative fiction and movements for social change. The visionary tales of Octavia's Brood span genres--sci-fi, fantasy, horror, magical realism--but all are united by an attempt to experiment with new ways of understanding ourselves, the world around us, and all the selves and worlds that could be." -- Provided from Melvyl.
No more invisible man book cover
No more invisible man : race and gender in men's work
Adia Harvey Wingfield
HD8038.U5 W564 2013
"The "invisible men" of sociologist Adia Harvey Wingfield's urgent and timely No More Invisible Man are African American professionals who fall between extremely high status, high-profile black men and the urban underclass. Her compelling interview study considers middle-class, professional black men and the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities they encounter in white male-dominated occupations. No More Invisible Man chronicles these men's experiences as a tokenized minority in the workplace to show how issues of power and inequality exist—especially as they relate to promotion, mobility, and developing occupational networks." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Migrant futures book cover
Migrant futures : decolonizing speculation in financial times
Aimee Bahng
PN98.F56 B346 2018
"In Migrant Futures Aimee Bahng traces the cultural production of futurity by juxtaposing the practices of speculative finance against those of speculative fiction. At the same time these displaced, undocumented, unbanked, and disavowed characters imagine alternative visions of the future that offer ways to bring forth new political economies, social structures, and subjectivities that exceed the framework of capitalism." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The Martian chronicles book cover
The Martian chronicles
Ray Bradbury
PS3503.R167 M37 2011
"The tranquility of Mars is disrupted by the earthmen who have come to conquer space, colonize the planet, and escape a doomed Earth." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Feminist methodologies for critical researchers book cover
Feminist methodologies for critical researchers : bridging differences
Joey Sprague
HQ1180 .S65 2016
"Joey Sprague's treatment of qualitative and quantitative methods shows that all can be used effectively by progressive researchers. Unique to this volume, Sprague avoids the stereotype that tarnishes all quantitative research as inherently anti-feminist, showing― through an analysis of model studies― how surveys and experimental designs are being used by critical scholars. She traces how the social organization of the academy has produced a bias against feminist methodology and proposes a program to overcome these limitations. Sprague's book will be of value to scholars of many disciplines, and a essential text or supplement for methods classes." -- Provided from Amazon.
Feminist ethnography book cover
Feminist ethnography : thinking through methodologies, challenges, and possibilities
Dána-Ain Davis, Christa Craven
HQ1190 .D385 2016
"This cross-cultural and interdisciplinary new text employs a problem-based approach to guide readers through the methods, challenges, and possibilities of feminist ethnography. Dána-Ain Davis and Christa Craven tease out the influences of feminist ethnography across a variety of disciplines including women's and gender studies, critical race studies, ethnic studies, education, communications, psychology, sociology, urban studies, and American studies. The text concludes with a "conversation" among contemporary feminist ethnographers about what feminist ethnography looks like today and into the future." -- Provided by publisher.
Black, brown, & beige book cover
Black, brown, & beige : surrealist writings from Africa and the diaspora
Franklin Rosemont, Robin D. G. Kelley
PN6071.S915 B63 2009
"Surrealism as a movement has always resisted the efforts of critics to confine it to any static definition--surrealists themselves have always preferred to speak of it in terms of dynamics, dialectics, goals, and struggles. This collection is the first to document the extensive participation of people of African descent in the international surrealist movement over the past seventy-five years. Editors Franklin Rosemont and Robin D.G. Kelley aim to introduce readers to the black, brown, and beige surrealists of the world--to provide sketches of their overlooked lives and deeds as well as their important place in history, especially the history of surrealism." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Bioinsecurities book cover
Bioinsecurities : disease interventions, empire, and the government of species
Neel Ahuja
R133 .A385 2016
"In Bioinsecurities Neel Ahuja argues that U.S. imperial expansion has been shaped by the attempts of health and military officials to control the interactions of humans, animals, viruses, and bacteria at the borders of U.S. influence, a phenomenon called the government of species. In the process, the security state made the biological structures of human and animal populations into sites of struggle in the politics of empire, unleashing new patient activisms and forms of resistance to medical and military authority across the increasingly global sphere of U.S. influence." -- Provided by publisher.
Aurality book cover
Aurality : listening and knowledge in nineteenth-century Colombia
Ana María Ochoa Gautier
P95.43.C7 O24 2014
"In this audacious book, Ana María Ochoa Gautier explores how listening has been central to the production of notions of language, music, voice, and sound that determine the politics of life. Drawing primarily from nineteenth-century Colombian sources, Ochoa Gautier locates sounds produced by different living entities at the juncture of the human and nonhuman. In Ochoa Gautier's groundbreaking work, Latin America and the Caribbean emerge as a historical site where the politics of life and the politics of expression inextricably entangle the musical and the linguistic, knowledge and the sensorial." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle book cover
The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
Stuart Turton
PR6120.U79 A615 2018
"Every day Evelyn Hardcastle will die. Every day until Aiden Bishop can identify her killer and break the cycle. But every time the day begins again, Aiden wakes up in the body of a different guest. And some of his hosts are more helpful than others." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Twentieth-century Latin American revolutions book cover
Twentieth-century Latin American revolutions
Marc Becker
F1414 .B43 2017
"Marc Becker opens with a theoretical introduction to revolutionary movements, including a definition of what "revolution" means and an examination of factors necessary for a revolution to succeed. He analyzes revolutions through the lens of those who participated and explores the sociopolitical conditions that led to a revolutionary situation, the differing responses to those conditions, and the outcomes of those political changes. The book concludes with an analysis of how elected leftist governments in the twenty-first century continue to struggle with issues that revolutionaries confronted throughout the twentieth century." -- Provided by publisher.
The threat of race book cover
The threat of race : reflections on racial neoliberalism
David Theo Goldberg
HT1521 .G554 2009
"Written by a renowned scholar of critical race theory, The Threat of Race explores how the concept of race has been historically produced and how it continues to be articulated, if often denied, in today's world. Charting race in all its exclusionary, humiliating, and violent expressions, this volume offers a new analytic for understanding this most insidious subject position." "From Western and Northern Europe, South Africa and Latin America, and from Israel and Palestine to the United States, The Threat of Race provides a new taxonomy for understanding the power and pervasiveness of race in the 21st century." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Tender violence book cover
Tender violence : domestic visions in an age of U.S. imperialism
Laura Wexler
TR139 .W39 2000
"In a groundbreaking approach to the study of photography, Wexler raises up these images as "texts" to be analyzed alongside other texts of the period for what they say about the discourses of power. As images viewed in public venues, these photographs contributed to the way late-nineteenth-century Americans imagined and understood the world and their place in it. Despite wide variations in subject matter, Wexler argues, they helped advance a notion of a domestic sphere that differentiated "civilized" Americans from a variety of people considered not adequately cultured." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Strength in numbers? book cover
Strength in numbers? : the political mobilization of racial and ethnic minorities
Jan E. Leighley
E184.A1 L43 2001
"By integrating class-based factors with racial and ethnic factors, Jan Leighley shows what motivates African-Americans, Latinos, and Anglos to mobilize and participate in politics. Drawing on national survey data and on interviews with party and elected officials in Texas, she develops a nuanced understanding of how class, race, and ethnicity act as individual and contextual influences on elite mobilization and mass participation. Leighley examines whether the diverse theoretical approaches generally used to explain individual participation in politics are supported for the groups under consideration." -- Provided from Amazon.
Still failing at fairness book cover
Still failing at fairness : how gender bias cheats girls and boys in school and what we can do about it
David Miller Sadker, Myra Pollack Sadker, Karen R. Zittleman, Myra Sadker
LC212.82 .S265 2009
"An updated report on the role of sexual discrimination in education challenges beliefs about how behaviors are determined by brain differences and contends that cultural attitudes are compromising students of both genders." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Spectrum of terror book cover
Spectrum of terror
R. Hrair Dekmejian
HV6431 .D436 2007
"In his new text, Dekmejian places terrorism within a spectrum of political violence, creating a typology of terror based on scale and intent as well as by type of actor--from isolated attacks by individual bombers, to large scale attacks against state targets by organized networks, to state-sponsored genocide and politicide--thus facilitating comparisons across multiple cases. As well, the book's model of conflict is informed by game theory, enriched with understandings of psychological, cultural, and historical contexts, helping students focus on the strategies and desired outcomes of different parties to conflict." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Safavid Iran book cover
Safavid Iran : rebirth of a Persian empire
Andrew J. Newman
DS292 .N495 2009
"In this revisionary history, Andrew Newman offers a complete re-evaluation of the dynasty's place in history. He shows the extraordinary development and achievement of the period and gives a valuable new interpretation of the eventual demise of the Safavids by the 18th century." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Queer feminist science studies book cover
Queer feminist science studies : a reader
Cyd Cipolla, Kristina Gupta, David A. Rubin, Angela Willey
HQ76.25 .Q369 2017
"Queer Feminist Science Studies takes a transnational, trans-species, and intersectional approach to this cutting-edge area of inquiry between women's, gender, and sexuality studies and science and technology studies. The essays here "queer"-or denaturalize and make strange-ideas that are taken for granted in both areas of study. The foundational essays collected here offer a generative resource for students and scholars alike, demonstrating the ingenuity and dynamism of queer feminist scholarship." -- Provided from Melvyl.
PT symmetry in quantum and classical physics book cover
PT symmetry in quantum and classical physics
Carl M. Bender, P. Dorey, Tania Clare Dunning, A. Fring, Daniel Hook, H. F. Jones, Sergeii Kuzhel, Géza Lévai, Roberto Tateo
QC174.17.S9 B46 2019
"Originated by the author in 1998, the field of PT (parity-time) symmetry has become an extremely active and exciting area of research. PT-symmetric quantum and classical systems have theoretical, experimental, and commercial applications, and have been the subject of many journal articles, PhD theses, conferences, and symposia. Carl Bender's work has influenced major advances in physics and generations of students. This book is an accessible entry point to PT symmetry, ideal for students and scientists looking to begin their own research projects in this field." -- Provided by publisher.
The power of now book cover
The power of now : a guide to spiritual enlightenment
Eckhart Tolle
BL624 .T64 2004
"To make the journey into The Power of Now we will need to leave our analytical mind and its false created self, the ego, behind. From the beginning of the first chapter we move rapidly into a significantly higher altitude where one breathes a lighter air, the air of the spiritual. The words themselves are the signposts. The book is a guide to spiritual awakening from a man who has emerged as one of this generation's clearest, most inspiring teachers. Eckhart Tolle is not aligned with any particular religion but does what all the great masters have done: shows that the way, the truth, and the light already exist within each of us." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Potential history book cover
Potential history : unlearning imperialism
Ariella Azoulay
JC359 .A96 2019
"In Potential History, Azoulay travels alongside historical companions—an old Palestinian man who refused to leave his village in 1948, an anonymous woman in war-ravaged Berlin, looted objects and documents torn from their worlds and now housed in archives and museums—to chart the ways imperialism has sought to order time, space, and politics. Rather than looking for a new future, Azoulay calls upon us to rewind history and unlearn our imperial rights, to continue to refuse imperial violence by making present what was invented as “past” and making the repair of torn worlds the substance of politics." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Poetry book cover
Poetry : an introduction
John Strachan, Richard Terry
PN1031 .S84 2001
"A guide to the study of poetry aimed to equip both students and general reader with a body of technical information that will sharpen and deepen their engagement with individual poems." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Paradoxes of group life book cover
Paradoxes of group life : understanding conflict, paralysis, and movement in group dynamics
Kenwyn K. Smith, David N. Berg
HM131 .S569 1997
"Kenwyn Smith and David Berg offer a revolutionary approach to understanding groups and overcoming the problems that often paralyze group members, the group as a whole, and relations among groups. They explore the hidden dynamics that can prevent a group from functioning effectively. Smith and Berg offer a different way of thinking about groups that will open now avenues of inquiry for professors and students of group behavior, and they propose many innovative ideas that will prove valuable to consultants, trainers, therapists, and others who work with groups on a regular basis." -- Provided from Melvyl.
No other way out book cover
No other way out : states and revolutionary movements, 1945-1991
Jeff Goodwin
JC491 .G64 2001
"No Other Way Out: States and Revolutionary Movements, 1945-1991 provides an explanation for the emergence of popular revolutionary movements, and the occurrence of actual revolutions, during the Cold War era. This sweeping study ranges from Southeast Asia in the 1940s and 1950s to Central America in the 1970s and 1980s and Eastern Europe in 1989. Goodwin demonstrates how the actions of specific types of authoritarian regimes unwittingly channeled popular resistance into radical and often violent directions. Goodwin also shows how revolutionaries were sometimes able to create, and not simply exploit, opportunities for seizing state power." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The legacy of Luna book cover
The legacy of Luna : the story of a tree, a woman, and the struggle to save the redwoods
Julia Butterfly Hill
SD129.H53 A3 2000
"The woman who spent more than two years living in Luna, a thousand-year-old redwood in Humboldt County, California, tells the story of protecting old growth forests, siege by opponents, threatening weather, and unexpected support from around the world." -- Provided from Melvyl.
A history of corporate finance book cover
A history of corporate finance
Jonathan Barron Baskin, Paul J. Miranti
HG4017 .B37 1999
"This study focuses on the role of institutions and organizations in the development of corporate finance from the Italian merchant banks of the Renaissance through the formation of conglomerates and leveraged-buy-out partnerships in contemporary Wall Street. It also puts forth a compelling argument for the closer integration of historical and quantitative research methodologies in financial theory. The epilogue contains an original algorithm that explains the relationship between the short-term, firm-specific factors and longer-term environmental elements that have shaped the historical development of finance." -- Provided from Amazon.
The higher education system book cover
The higher education system : academic organization in cross-national perspective
Burton R. Clark
LB2322 .C57 1986
"How can we compare national systems of higher education, since their organization varies from country to country? Clark identifies the basic elements common to all such systems, and proceeds to thematic comparisons among a number of countries." -- Provided from Amazon.
The great woman singer book cover
The great woman singer : gender and voice in Puerto Rican music
Licia Fiol-Matta
ML3917.P9 F56 2017
"Licia Fiol-Matta traces the careers of four iconic Puerto Rican singers--Myrta Silva, Ruth Fernández, Ernestina Reyes, and Lucecita Benítez--to explore how their voices and performance style transform the possibilities for comprehending the figure of the woman singer. Fiol-Matta shows how these musicians, despite seemingly intractable demands to represent gender norms, exercised their artistic and political agency by challenging expectations of how they should look, sound, and act." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Female subjects in black and white book cover
Female subjects in black and white : race, psychoanalysis, feminism
Elizabeth Abel, Barbara Christian, Helene Moglen
PS153.N5 F45 1997
"This landmark collaboration between African American and white feminists goes to the heart of problems that have troubled feminist thinking for decades. Putting the racial dynamics of feminist interpretation center stage, these essays question such issues as the primacy of sexual difference, the universal nature of psychoanalytic categories, and the role of race in the formation of identity. Calling for the racialization of whiteness and claiming that psychoanalytic theory should make room for competing discourses of spirituality and diasporic consciousness, these essays give shape to the many stubborn incompatibilities―as well as the transformative possibilities―between white feminist and African American cultural formations." -- Provided from Amazon.
Fascist pigs book cover
Fascist pigs : technoscientific organisms and the history of fascism
Tiago Saraiva
HD1531.5 .S27 2018
"In the fascist regimes of Mussolini's Italy, Salazar's Portugal, and Hitler's Germany, the first mass mobilizations involved wheat engineered to take advantage of chemical fertilizers, potatoes resistant to late blight, and pigs that thrived on national produce. Food independence was an early goal of fascism; indeed, as Tiago Saraiva writes in Fascist Pigs, fascists were obsessed with projects to feed the national body from the national soil. Saraiva shows how such technoscientific organisms as specially bred wheat and pigs became important elements in the institutionalization and expansion of fascist regimes." -- Provided from Amazon.
Colonial lives across the British Empire book cover
Colonial lives across the British Empire : imperial careering in the long nineteenth century
David Lambert, Alan Lester
DA16.8 .C64 2006
"This volume uses a series of portraits of 'imperial lives' in order to rethink the history of the British Empire in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries ... These men and women consist of four colonial governors, two governors' wives, two missionaries, a nurse/entrepreneur, a poet/civil servant and a mercenary." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The choices justices make book cover
The choices justices make
Lee Epstein, Jack Knight
KF8742 .E667 1998
"Presents the argument that the decisions of justices can be explained as strategic behavior and not based merely on their own political preferences." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The book book cover
The book : on the taboo against knowing who you are
Alan Watts
BD450 .W3 1989
"In The Book, Alan Watts provides us with a much-needed answer to the problem of personal identity, distilling and adapting the Hindu philosophy of Vedanta. At the root of human conflict is our fundamental misunderstanding of who we are. To help us understand that the self is in fact the root and ground of the universe, Watts has crafted a revelatory primer on what it means to be human--and a mind-opening manual of initiation into the central mystery of existence." -- Provided by publisher.
The Black woman book cover
The Black woman : an anthology
Toni Cade Bambara, Eleanor W. Traylor
E185.86 .B54145 2005
"When it was first published in 1970, The Black Woman introduced readers to an astonishing new wave of voices that demanded to be heard. In this groundbreaking volume of original essays, poems, and stories, a chorus of outspoken women-many who would become leaders in their fields: bestselling novelist Alice Walker, poets Audre Lorde and Nikki Giovanni, writer Paule Marshall, activist Grace Lee Boggs, and musician Abbey Lincoln among them-tackled issues surrounding race and sex, body image. The economy, politics, labor, and much more. Their words still resonate with truth, relevance, and insight today." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The American occupational structure book cover
The American occupational structure
Peter Michael Blau, Otis Dudley Duncan, Andrea Tyree
HN90 .S65 B53 1978
"This book is the classic source of empirical information on the patterns of occupational achievement in American society. Based on an unusually comprehensive set of data, it is renowned for its pioneering methods of statistical analysis as well as for its far-reaching conclusions about social stratification and occupational mobility in the United States. The American Occupational Structure received the Sorokin Award of the American Sociological Association in recognition of its significant contribution to the social sciences." -- Provided from Amazon.
Art and mourning book cover
Art and mourning : the role of creativity in healing trauma and loss
Esther Dreifuss-Kattan
BF575.G7 D735 2016
"Art and Mourning explores the relationship between creativity and the work of self-mourning in the lives of 20th century artists and thinkers. In this book, Esther Dreifuss-Kattan, a psychoanalyst, art therapist and artist - analyses the work of major modernist and contemporary artists and thinkers through a psychoanalytic lens. Art and Mourning will inspire psychoanalysts and psychotherapists to understand the power of artistic expression in transforming loss and traumas into perseverance, survival and gain." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Supervision modules to support educators in collaborative teaching book cover
Supervision modules to support educators in collaborative teaching : helping to support & maintain consistent practice in the field
Kathryn L. Lubniewski, Debbie F. Cosgrove, Theresa Y. Robinson
LB1029.T4 S87 2019
"Supervision Modules to Support Educators in Collaborative Teaching is a research-based supervisory handbook designed to promote on-going teacher reflection and development in collaborative teaching contexts. It is a tool for school leaders and teacher preparation supervisors to use for in-service and pre-service teacher development at all grade levels PK-12. The handbook’s many resources provide practical guidance for meaningful teacher development that is field-based, relevant to daily teacher work, and artfully presented to build collaboration among teachers as they reflect and learn together." -- Provided from Amazon.
The civilizing process book cover
The civilizing process : sociogenetic and psychogenetic investigations
Norbert Elias, Eric Dunning, Johan Goudsblom, Stephen Mennell
CB83 .E413 2000
"This work traces the 'civilizing' of manners in Western Europe since the Middle Ages, and shows how this was related to the formation of states and the monopolization of power within them. Originally published as two volumes: "The History of Manners" and "State Formation and Civilization." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Undoing the demos book cover
Undoing the demos : neoliberalism's stealth revolution
Wendy Brown
JC574 .B766 2015
"This is a book for the age of resistance, for the occupiers of the squares, for the generation of Occupy Wall Street. The premier radical political philosopher of our time offers a devastating critique of the way neoliberalism has hollowed out democracy." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight book cover
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
John Ridland, Maryann Corbett, Stephen Luke
PR2065.G3 A375 2016
"A poetic translation of the classic Arthurian story is an edition in alliterative language and rhyme of the epic confrontation between a young Round Table hero and a green-clad stranger who compels him to meet his destiny at the Green Chapel." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The calling book cover
The calling : 3 fundamental shifts to stay true, get paid and do good
Rha Goddess
HF5381 .R465 2020
"A game-changing book offering a six-step approach on how to find and follow your true calling and redefine success from entrepreneur and soul coach Rha Goddess. The Calling will provide readers with a road map, in six steps, on how to do good, stay true and get paid. The Calling will teach readers how to find their calling and redefine success not as a scarce commodity, but as a hidden quality waiting to be unlocked as soon as we learn to live in alignment with our true selves. The Calling will be the resource that people have been asking Rha to write for years, and there has never been a better time for her to share her proven six step method." -- Provided by publisher.
Brown skin, white minds book cover
Brown skin, white minds : Filipino-/American postcolonial psychology (with commentaries) = Kayumanggi balat, puti isip
E. J. R. David
E184.F4 D38 2013
"Filipino Americans have a long and rich history with and within the United States, and they are currently the second largest Asian group in the country. The historical and contemporary reasons for why Filipino -/ Americans display these attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors - often referred to as colonial mentality - are explored in Brown Skin, White Minds. This book is intended for the entire community - teachers, researchers, students, and service providers interested in or who are working with Filipinos and Filipino Americans, or those who are interested in the psychological consequences of colonialism and oppression." -- Provided from Melvyl.
What doesn't kill you makes you blacker book cover
What doesn't kill you makes you blacker : a memoir in essays
Damon Young
E185.97.Y632 A3 2019
"For Damon Young, existing while Black is an extreme sport. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker chronicles Young's efforts to survive while battling and making sense of the various neuroses his country has given him. And, at its most devastating, it provides him reason to believe that his mother would be alive today if she were white. From one of our most respected cultural observers, What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker is a hilarious and honest debut that is both a celebration of the idiosyncrasies and distinctions of Blackness and a critique of white supremacy and how we define masculinity." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Sister outsider book cover
Sister outsider
Audre Lorde, Mahogany L. Browne
PS3562.O75 S5 2020
"Sister Outsider depicts the idea of "difference"--Whether through race, gender, or sexuality--as a powerful tool for empowerment that can be used as a catalyst for change. Throughout the fifteen essays and speeches that comprise the volume, Lorde asserts that because she is a black, queer woman, she is considered an outsider, but that it is precisely her outsider perspective that allows her to see the various layers of identity-based oppression. A pioneer of intersectional feminism, Sister Outsider encourages the reader to embrace their difference and weaponize it for change, a once-radical 20th-century idea that has become a full-blown movement today." -- Provided by publisher.
The poet X book cover
The poet X : a novel
Elizabeth Acevedo
PS3601.C475 P63 2018
"Xiomara Batista feels unheard and unable to hide in her Harlem neighborhood. Ever since her body grew into curves, she has learned to let her fists and her fierceness do the talking. But Xiomara has plenty she wants to say, and she pours her frustration onto the pages of a leather notebook, reciting the words to herself like prayers - especially after she catches feelings for a boy in her bio class. When she is invited to join her school's slam poetry club, she knows that she could never get around Mami's rules to attend, much less speak her words out loud. But still, she can't stop thinking about performing her poems. Because in spite of a world that may not want to hear her, Xiomara refuses to be silent." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Kehinde Wiley book cover
Kehinde Wiley : a new republic
Eugenie Tsai, Connie H. Choi, Kehinde Wiley, Brooklyn Museum
ND1329.W55 A4 2015
"The works presented in Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic raise questions about race, gender, and the politics of representation by portraying contemporary African American men and women using the conventions of traditional European portraiture. The exhibition includes an overview of the artist's prolific fourteen-year career and features sixty paintings and sculptures. Through the process of "street casting," Wiley invites individuals, often strangers he encounters on the street, to sit for portraits. In this collaborative process, the model chooses a reproduction of a painting from a book and reenacts the pose of the painting's figure." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Get out of your head book cover
Get out of your head : stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts
Jennie Allen
BV4527 .A448 2020
"Speaker and Bible teacher Jennie Allen hears all the time from women who feel stuck in patterns of frustration and defeat. In her search for a solution, she's learned that the greatest spiritual battle of our generation is taking place between our ears. How we think shapes how we live. So it's crucial that we learn how to stop our spinning thoughts and refuse to be victims of toxic thinking patterns like victimhood, anxiety, and distraction. In this book Jennie draws on biblical truth and recent discoveries in neuroscience to show exactly how we can fight the enemies of the mind with the truth of who God is and who He calls us to be." -- Provided by publisher.
Challenging misrepresentations of black womanhood book cover
Challenging misrepresentations of black womanhood : media, literature and theory
Marquita Marie Gammage, Antwanisha Alameen-Shavers
E185.86 .C43 2019
"'Challenging Misrepresentations of Black Womanhood' investigates the stereotyping of Black womanhood and the larger sociological impact on Black women. The text details the historical and contemporary use of stereotypes against Black women and how Black women work to challenge and dispel false perceptions." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Who's the bigot? book cover
Who's the bigot? : learning from conflicts over marriage and civil rights law
Linda C. McClain
KF4755 .S76 2020
"Charges, denials, and countercharges of bigotry are increasingly frequent in the U.S. Bigotry is a fraught and contested term, evident from the rejoinder that calling out bigotry is political correctness. This book argues that bigotry has both a backward- and forward-looking dimension. This book addresses those puzzles by examining prior controversies over interfaith and interracial marriage and the recent controversy over same-sex marriage, as well as controversies over landmark civil rights law and more recent conflicts between religious liberty and state antidiscrimination laws protecting LGBTQ persons." -- Provided by publisher.
Why we act book cover
Why we act : turning bystanders into moral rebels
Catherine Ashley Sanderson
BF637.H4 S26 2020
"Now and then, we hear about everyday heroes riding to the rescue when they see someone suffering or being harassed. But most bystanders don't intervene. Catherine Sanderson turns to cutting-edge research in social psychology and neuroscience to explain why we so often fail to act and offers practical strategies to nudge us into being brave." -- Provided by publisher.
Why nationalism book cover
Why nationalism
Yael Tamir, Dani Rodrik
JC311 .T2955 2019
"Why nationalism is a permanent political force--and how it can be harnessed once again for liberal ends. Populist politicians exploit nationalism for authoritarian, chauvinistic, racist, and xenophobic purposes, reinforcing the view that it is fundamentally reactionary and antidemocratic. The author makes a passionate argument for a very different kind of nationalism--one that revives its participatory, creative, and egalitarian virtues, answers many of the problems caused by neoliberalism and hyperglobalism, and is essential to democracy at its best." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Why journalism still matters book cover
Why journalism still matters
Michael Schudson
PN4867.2 .S38 2018
"Can we talk about the news media without proclaiming journalism either our savior or the source of all evil? It can be done by putting the problems and prospects of journalism in historical and comparative perspective and recognizing that political institutions shape news as much as new shapes political attitudes and institutions. Adopting this approach, Michael Schudson examines journalism in relation to democratic theory and practice, its own economic crisis, and recent discussions of "fake news." This timely defense of journalism, both scholarly and spirited, will be of great value to anyone concerned about the future of news and of democracy." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Whistleblower book cover
Whistleblower : my journey to Silicon Valley and fight for justice at Uber
Susan J. Fowler
HD6060.5.U52 S36 2020
"In 2017, Fowler published a blog post detailing the sexual harassment and retaliation she'd experienced as an entry-level engineer at Uber. The post went viral and led to the ouster of Uber's CEO and twenty other employees. When she was told, after discovering the pervasive culture of sexism, harassment, racism, and abuse at Uber, that she was the problem, she banded together with other women to try to make change. She could never have anticipated the lengths to which Uber would go in its efforts to intimidate and discredit her-- or the impact her words would have on Silicon Valley-- and the world." -- Provided from Melvyl.
We're still here book cover
We're still here : pain and politics in the heart of America
Jennifer M. Silva
HD8072.5 .S576 2019
"The economy has been brutal to American workers for decades. In We're Still Here, Jennifer M. Silva tells a deep multi-generational story of pain and politics that will endure long after the Trump administration. Most of the people she met are critical of politicians who have failed to protect them from poverty, exploitation, and shame. We're Still Here provides powerful, on-the-ground evidence of the remaking of working class identity and politics that will not only spark new tensions, but also open up new possibilities for hope." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Unsettled thoughts book cover
Unsettled thoughts : a theory of degrees of rationality
Julia Staffel
B833 .S734 2019
"How should thinkers cope with uncertainty? What makes their degrees of belief rational, and how should they reason about uncertain matters? Unsettled Thoughts breaks new ground in the study of rationality in providing these answers: we can explain why it's better to be less irrational, because less irrational degrees of belief are generally more accurate and better at guiding our actions. Moreover, the way in which approximating ideal rationality is beneficial can be made formally precise by using a variety of distance measures that track the benefits of being more rational." -- Provided by publisher.
Unmaking the presidency book cover
Unmaking the presidency : Donald Trump's war on the world's most powerful office
Susan Hennessey, Benjamin Wittes
E912 .H46 2020
"The extraordinary authority of the American presidency has no parallel in the democratic world. Today, that power rests in the hands of Donald J. Trump -- and rarely, if ever, has the nature of a president clashed more profoundly with that of the office. Unmaking the Presidency is the definitive account of the unprecedented confrontation between a man and the institution he has come to embody." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Thin places book cover
Thin places : essays from in between
Jordan Kisner
PS3611.I865 A6 2020
"In this perceptive and provocative essay collection, an award-winning writer shares her personal and reportorial investigation into America's search for meaning." -- Provided by publisher.
These ghosts are family book cover
These ghosts are family : a novel
Maisy Card
PS3603.A7325 T47 2020
"Centers on Abel and Vera Paisley, a working-class Jamaican couple striving to build a better life for their children. Abel travels to London in the early 1960s in search of fortune. Instead, he sees an opportunity to escape the drudgery of his life by faking his death and assuming a new identity. Vera, now a widow, is racked with guilt over her husband's "death" and takes out her grief on her children, Irene and Vincent. In luminous prose that announces the arrival of a new American talent, These Ghosts are Family inspects the weight of long-held secrets, the limits of forgiveness, and the complexities of family ties." -- Provided by publisher.
The ten thousand doors of January book cover
The ten thousand doors of January
Alix E. Harrow
PS3608.A783854 T46 2019
"As the ward of the wealthy Mr. Locke, she feels little different from the artifacts that decorate the halls: carefully maintained, largely ignored, and utterly out of place. Then she finds a strange book. A book that carries the scent of other worlds, and tells a tale of secret doors, of love, adventure and danger. Each page turn reveals impossible truths about the world and January discovers a story increasingly entwined with her own. Lush and richly imagined, a tale of impossible journeys, unforgettable love, and the enduring power of stories awaits in Alix E. Harrow's spellbinding debut--step inside and discover its magic." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The storm before the calm book cover
The storm before the calm : America's discord, the coming crisis of the 2020s, and the triumph beyond
George Friedman
E893 .F75 2020
"Friedman identifies an 80-year "institutional cycle" and a 50-year "socio-economic cycle" that has seen the formation of the industrial classes, baby boomers, and the middle classes. These two major cycles are converging on the late 2020s-- and the world will have to endure upheaval and possible conflict. He outlines upcoming challenges, shifts in corporate structures, and new trends resulting from longer life expectancy. As the role of the United States changes, will it lead to increased strength and stability, or critical crises?" -- Provided from Melvyl.
Stateway's garden book cover
Stateway's garden : stories
Jasmon Drain
PS3604.R3428 A6 2020
"Before they were torn down in 2007, the Stateway Gardens public housing projects on Chicago's South Side were known as a hot-bed of poverty, drugs, gangs, and crime. To Tracy, a shy, intelligent young boy, they are simply home. Set in the mid-1980s, this collection of linked short stories gives an intimate look at the hopes, dreams, failures and fortunes of a group of people growing up with the deck always stacked against them." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The splendid and the vile book cover
The splendid and the vile : a saga of Churchill, family, and defiance during the Blitz
Erik Larson
DA566.9.C5 L326 2020
"On Winston Churchill's first day as prime minister, Hitler invaded Holland and Belgium. In The Splendid and the Vile, Erik Larson shows, in cinematic detail, how Churchill taught the British people "the art of being fearless." The Splendid and the Vile takes readers out of today's political dysfunction and back to a time of true leadership, when-in the face of unrelenting horror-Churchill's eloquence, courage, and perseverance bound a country, and a family, together." -- Provided by publisher.
Shuggie Bain book cover
Shuggie Bain : a novel
Douglas Stuart
PS3619.T828 S58 2020
"Hugh "Shuggie" Bain spends his 1980s childhood in public housing in Glasgow, Scotland. Thatcher's war on heavy industry has put husbands and sons out of work, and the city's notorious drugs epidemic is waiting in the wings. His mother Agnes is Shuggie's guiding light but a burden for his siblings. Dreaming of a house with its own front door and ordering happiness on credit as her husband philanders, Agnes keeps her pride by looking good but finds solace in drink. As she swings between alcoholic binges and sobriety, Agnes's addiction has the power to eclipse everyone close to her-- especially her beloved Shuggie." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Shakespeare in a divided America book cover
Shakespeare in a divided America : what his plays tell us about our past and future
James Shapiro
PR2971.U6 S55 2020
"From leading Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro, a timely and insightful examination of what the world's greatest dramatist can teach us about life in an America riven by conflict. With style and unmatched expertise, Shapiro contends brilliantly that few writers or artists can shed as much light on the hot-button issues of American life--such as immigration, same-sex love, political violence, and class warfare--and that by better understanding the role of Shakespeare's plays in American history we might take steps towards mending our bitterly divided land." -- Provided by publisher.
Self-portrait in black and white book cover
Self-portrait in black and white : unlearning race
Thomas Chatterton Williams
E185.97.W7345 A3 2019
"A meditation on race and identity from one of our most provocative cultural critics. A reckoning with the way we choose to see and define ourselves, Self-Portrait in Black and White is the searching story of one American family's multigenerational transformation from what is called black to what is assumed to be white. Beautifully written and bound to upset received opinions on race, Self-Portrait in Black and White is an urgent work for our time." -- Provided by publisher.
Sea monsters book cover
Sea monsters : a novel
Chloe Aridjis
PS3601.R53 S43 2019
"One autumn afternoon in Mexico City, seventeen-year-old Luisa does not return home from school. Instead, she boards a bus to the Pacific coast with Tomás, a boy she barely knows. Surrounded by hippies, nudists, beachcombers, and eccentric storytellers, Luisa searches for someone, anyone, who will "promise, no matter what, to remain a mystery." As she wanders the shoreline and visits the local bar, Luisa begins to disappear dangerously into the lives of strangers on Zipolite, the "Beach of the Dead." Sea Monsters is a brilliantly playful and supple novel about the moments and mysteries that shape us." -- Provided by publisher.
Screwball! book cover
Screwball! : the cartoonists who made the funnies funny
Paul Tumey, Dean Mullaney, Bruce Canwell
NC1426.4 .S34 2019
"The story of screwball comics, with new research and rare art from some of the most hilarious cartoonists of all time. Before "screwball" became a movie genre, it was a staple of other forms of American culture, including newspaper comic strips. Emerging from the pressures of a rapidly accelerating technological and information-drenched society, screwball comics offered a healthy dose of laughter and perspective. Both humorous and educational, this book is aimed at a general audience of all ages and at university comics studies programs." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Scratched book cover
Scratched : a memoir of perfectionism
Elizabeth Tallent
PS3570.A39 Z46 2020
"In a bold and brilliant memoir that reinvents the form, the acclaimed author of the novel Museum Pieces and the collection Mendocino Fire explores the ferocious desire for perfection which has shaped her writing life as well as her rich, dramatic, and constantly surprising personal life." -- Provided by publisher.
The rule of five book cover
The rule of five : making climate history at the Supreme Court
Richard J. Lazarus
KF8748 .L34 2020
"When in 2007 the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Massachusetts v. EPA it was immediately hailed a landmark. The Rule of Five recounts the inspiring story behind this triumph of Supreme Court advocacy. It takes us behind the scenes to reveal how Jim Milkey led a warring collection of lawyers to a historic ruling. Richard Lazarus, the renowned Supreme Court advocate who has given oral argument before the Court fourteen times, provides a gripping account of what was happening behind closed doors and in the corridors of power, from the filing of the petition to the Supreme Court's final decision." -- Provided by publisher.
Remaking the Republic book cover
Remaking the Republic : black politics and the creation of American citizenship
Christopher James Bonner
E185.18 .B65 2020
"This is a book in African American history. It is about African Americans' efforts to define citizenship in the nineteenth-century United States. The definition of citizenship in the Constitution is vague, and African Americans used that ambiguity to claim specific rights, thereby crafting the definition of citizenship for all Americans." -- Provided by publisher.
Recollections of my nonexistence book cover
Recollections of my nonexistence
Rebecca Solnit
PS3569.O585 Z46 2020
"In Recollections of My Nonexistence, Rebecca Solnit describes her formation as a writer and as a feminist in 1980s San Francisco, in an atmosphere of gender violence on the street and throughout society and the exclusion of women from cultural arenas. She tells of being poor, hopeful, and adrift in the city that became her great teacher, and of the small apartment that, when she was nineteen, became the home in which she transformed herself. She explores the forces that liberated her as a person and as a writer--books themselves; the gay community that presented a new model of what else gender, family, and joy could mean; and her eventual arrival in the spacious landscapes and overlooked conflicts of the American West." -- Provided from Amazon.
Reading minds book cover
Reading minds : how childhood teaches us to understand people
Henry M. Wellman, Karen Lind
HM1111 .W45 2020
"The need to understand human social life is basic to our human nature and fuels a life-long quest that we begin in early childhood. Key to this quest is trying to fathom our inner mental states--our hopes, plans, wants, thoughts, and emotions. Each of us creates a wide-ranging theory of mind step-by-step and uses it to understand how all people work. Reading Minds illuminates how we develop this theory of mind as children, how that defines us as individuals, and ultimately how it defines us as human." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Rage baking book cover
Rage baking : the transformative power of flour, fury, and women's voices
Kathy Gunst, Katherine Alford
TX772 .G87 2020
"Rage Baking offers over 50 cookie, cake, tart, and pie recipes as well as inspirational short stories/reflections/interviews with well-known bakers, and impassioned women and activists who have found a voice in and out of the kitchen, such as celebrity, cookbook author and activist Chrissy Teigen, actress and activist Maya Rudolph, Rebecca Traister (author of the bestselling book, Good and Mad), and comedian and political commentator Samantha Bee." -- Provided by publisher.
The psychopolitics of fashion book cover
The psychopolitics of fashion : conflict and courage under the current state of fashion
Otto von Busch
GT523.9 .B87 2020
"What if fashion was a state? What kind of state would it be? Probably not a democracy. Otto von Busch sees fashion as a totalitarian state, with a population all too eager to enact the decrees of its aesthetic superiority. Peers police each other and deploy acts of judgment, peer-regulation, and micro-violence to uphold the aesthetic order of fashion supremacy." -- Provided from Amazon.
Progressivism book cover
Progressivism : the strange history of a radical idea
Bradley C. S. Watson, Charles R. Kesler
E743 .W38 2020
"Bradley C. S. Watson has devoted a significant part of his career to studying the nature of American progressivism as it formed in the twentieth century, and this book represents his synthesis of the history of this idea. In Progressivism: The Strange History of a Radical Idea, Watson presents an intellectual history of American progressivism as a philosophical-political phenomenon, focusing on how and with what consequences the academic discipline of history came to accept and propagate it. This book offers a meticulously detailed historiography and critique of the insularity and biases of academic culture." -- Provided by publisher.
The princess and the prophet book cover
The princess and the prophet : the secret history of magic, race, and Moorish Muslims in America
Jacob S. Dorman
BP221 .D67 2020
"How the circuses, dance halls, and midways of the Gilded Age provided the cultural ferment and freedom that led to the creation of the Black Muslim movement in America." -- Provided by publisher.
Pretty bitches book cover
Pretty bitches : on being called crazy, angry, bossy, frumpy, feisty, and all the other words that are used to undermine women
Lizzie Skurnick, Rebecca Traister
HN49.R33 P73 2020
"Words matter. They wound, they inflate, they define, they demean. They have nuance and power. What subtle digs and sneaky implications are conveyed when women are described with words like these? Words are made into weapons, warnings, praise, and blame, bearing an outsized influence on women's lives--to say nothing of our moods. And in Pretty Bitches, Skurnick has rounded up a group of powerhouse women writers to take on the hidden meanings of these words, and how they can limit our worlds -- or liberate them. Spanning the street, the bedroom, the voting booth, and the workplace, these simple words have huge stories behind them -- stories it's time to examine, re-imagine, and change." -- Provided by publisher.
The poetry contest in six hundred rounds book cover
The poetry contest in six hundred rounds : a translation and commentary
T. E. McAuley
PL758.5.R66 A3 2020
"For the monumental Poetry Competition in Six Hundred Rounds (Roppyakuban uta'awase), twelve poets each provided one hundred waka poems, fifty on seasonal topics and fifty on love, which were matched, critiqued by the participants and judged by Fujiwara no Shunzei, the premiere poet of his age. It is one of the key texts for understanding poetic and critical practice in late twelfth century Japan, and of the conflict between conservative and innovative poets. The Competition and Appeal are presented here for the first time in complete English translation with accompanying commentary and explanatory notes by Thomas McAuley." -- Provided by publisher.
Peacekeeping in the midst of war book cover
Peacekeeping in the midst of war
Lisa Hultman, Jacob D. Kathman, Megan Shannon
JZ6374 .H85 2019
"Civil wars have caused tremendous human suffering in the last century, and the United Nations is often asked to send peacekeepers to stop ongoing violence. With unique data on different types of violence in civil wars around the world, Peacekeeping in the Midst of War offers a rigorous understanding of UN intervention by analysing both wars with and without UN peacekeeping efforts. It also directly measures the strength of UN missions in personnel capacity and constitution." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Obstacle course book cover
Obstacle course : the everyday struggle to get an abortion in America
David S. Cohen, Carole E. Joffe
HQ767.U6 C65 2020
"This book tells the real story of abortion in America, one that captures a disturbing reality of sometimes insurmountable barriers put in front of women trying to exercise their legal rights to medical services. Without the efforts of an unheralded army of doctors, nurses, social workers, activists, and volunteers, what is a legal right would be meaningless for the almost one million people per year who get abortions. There is a better way-treating abortion like any other form of health care-but the United States is a long way from that ideal." -- Provided by publisher.
The night swimmers book cover
The night swimmers
Peter Rock
PS3568.O327 N54 2019
"Peter Rock's stunning auto-biographical novel begins in the 90s on the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin, where the narrator, a man recently graduated from college, and a young widow, Mrs. Abel, swim together at night, making their way across miles of open water, navigating the currents and swells, the rise and fall of the lake. The nature of these night swims, and of his relationship to Mrs. Abel, becomes increasingly mysterious to the narrator as the summer passes, until the night that Mrs. Abel disappears. Twenty years later, the narrator--now married with two daughters--tries to understand that time, it's obsessions and dreams." -- Provided by publisher.
The new class war book cover
The new class war : saving democracy from the managerial elite
Michael Lind
HM1263 .L56 2020
"In The New Class War, Michael Lind exposes globalization for what it really is: a strategy used by the powerful managerial elite--including the people who run our governments, businesses, and the media--to undermine the working class. This book confronts us with hard truths: Trade and immigration really have damaged many members of the working class. Globalization is not an inexorable force that everyone should embrace and adapt to. Instead, since the end of the Cold War globalization has been a strategy that serves the selfish interests of those who have the education and other advantages to make the most of it." -- Provided by publisher.
A memory called empire book cover
A memory called empire
Arkady Martine
PS3613.A786325 M46 2019
"During a time of political instability in the highest echelons of the imperial court, Ambassador Mahit Dzmare arrives in the center of the multi-system Teixcalaanli Empire only to discover that her predecessor, the previous ambassador from their small but fiercely independent mining Station, has died. Now Mahit must discover who is behind the murder, rescue herself, and save her Station from Teixcalaan's unceasing expansion--all while navigating an alien culture that is all too seductive, engaging in intrigues of her own, and hiding a deadly technological secret--one that might spell the end of her Station and her way of life--or rescue it from annihilation." -- Provided by Publisher.
Margaret Thatcher book cover
Margaret Thatcher : the authorized biography : herself alone
Charles Moore
DA591.T47 M6674 2019
"The first is Mrs. Thatcher's dominance of her government in almost every domestic field, but also her growing intolerance of dissent, the increasing alienation of her most senior ministers over Europe and the fatal corrosion that followed. The second is her commanding presence on the world stage, ... her role in the ending of the Cold War, her central position in the response to the invasion of Kuwait, and her increasing isolation as America's priorities in Europe changed. The third is how she, a woman, coped and led in political worlds almost entirely occupied by men." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Lurking book cover
Lurking : how a person became a user
Joanne McNeil
HM851 .M3965 2020
"In Lurking, Joanne McNeil digs deep and identifies the primary (if sometimes contradictory) concerns of people online: searching, safety, privacy, identity, community, anonymity, and visibility. She charts what it is that brought people online and what keeps us here even as the social equations of digital life--what we're made to trade, knowingly or otherwise, for the benefits of the internet--have shifted radically beneath us. Long one of the most incisive, ferociously intelligent, and widely respected cultural critics online, McNeil here establishes a singular vision of who we are now, tells the stories of how we became us, and helps us start to figure out what we do now." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The loud minority book cover
The loud minority : why protests matter in American democracy
Daniel Q. Gillion
HN57 .G55 2020
"Drawing on historical evidence, statistical data, and detailed interviews about protest activity since the 1960s, Daniel Gillion shows that electoral districts with protest activity are more likely to see increased voter turnout at the polls. Surprisingly, protest activities are also moneymaking endeavors for electoral politics, as voters donate more to political candidates who share the ideological leanings of activists. Finally, protests are a signal of political problems, encouraging experienced political challengers to run for office and hurting incumbents’ chances of winning reelection. The silent majority may not speak by protesting themselves, but they clearly gesture for social change with their votes." -- Provided from Amazon.
Living weapon book cover
Living weapon
Rowan Ricardo Phillips
PS3616.H467 L58 2020
"A bracing renewal of civic poetry, from the award-winning essayist and poet." -- Provided by publisher.
The living presidency book cover
The living presidency : an originalist argument against its ever-expanding powers
Saikrishna Bangalore Prakash
KF5050 .P73 2020
"Beloved by liberals, the living Constitution evolves with the times. But one downside has been the erosion of constitutional constraints on executive action. Saikrishna Prakash argues that if we want to rein in this imperial, living presidency, we must embrace constitutional originalism and revive the framers' vision of the separation of powers." -- Provided by publisher.
Let the people rule book cover
Let the people rule : how direct democracy can meet the populist challenge
John G. Matsusaka
JC423 .M3766 2020
"Propelled by the belief that government has slipped out of the hands of ordinary citizens, a surging wave of populism is destabilizing democracies around the world. Over the past century, while democratic governments have become more efficient, they have also become more disconnected from the people they purport to represent. The solution Matsusaka advances is familiar but surprisingly underused: direct democracy, in the form of referendums. With a crisis of representation hobbling democracies across the globe, Let the People Rule offers important new ideas about the crucial role the referendum can play in the future of government." -- Provided by publisher.
Ledger book cover
Ledger : poems
Jane Hirshfield
PS3558.I694 A6 2020
"Ledger's pages hold the most important and masterly work yet by Jane Hirshfield, one of our most celebrated contemporary poets. From the already much-quoted opening lines of despair and defiance, Hirshfield's poems inscribe a registry, both personal and communal, of our present-day predicaments. Hirshfield's signature alloy of fact and imagination, clarity and mystery, inquiry, observation, and embodied emotion has created a book of indispensable poems, tuned toward issues of consequence to all who share this world's current and future fate." -- Provided from Amazon.
The jetsetters book cover
The jetsetters : a novel
Amanda Eyre Ward
PS3623.A725 J48 2020
"When seventy-year-old Charlotte Perkins submits a sexy essay to the "Become a Jetsetter" contest, she dreams of reuniting her estranged children: Lee, an almost-famous actress; Cord, a handsome Manhattan venture capitalist who can't seem to find a bride; and Regan, a harried mother who took it all wrong when Charlotte bought her a Weight Watchers gift certificate for her birthday. When she wins the cruise, the family packs all their baggage - literal and figurative - and spends ten days traveling from sun-drenched Athens through glorious Rome to tapas-laden Barcelona on an over-the-top cruise ship, the Splendido Marveloso." --Provided by publisher.
How Trump happened book cover
How Trump happened : a system shock decades in the making
Steven E. Schier, Todd E. Eberly
E911 .S35 2020
"Racism. Sexism. Russian interference. A few thousand votes in key swing states. There are no shortage of explanations for the stunning 2016 election of Donald Trump. In How Trump Happened, political experts Steven Schier and Todd Eberly step back to trace the factors driving his election, arguing that Trump's victory was decades in the making. As Americans prepare once again to cast their presidential ballots, How Trump Happened will be indispensable reading for anyone seeking to understand the current political landscape unprecedented 2016 election and Trump presidency." -- Provided by publisher.
Hood feminism book cover
Hood feminism : notes from the women that a movement forgot
Mikki Kendall
E185.86 .K46 2020
"In this collection of essays, Kendall takes aim at the legitimacy of the modern feminist movement. She argues that it has chronically failed to address the needs of all but a few women. Prominent white feminists broadly suffer from their own myopia with regard to how things like race, class, sexual orientation, and ability intersect with gender. How can we stand in solidarity as a movement, Kendall asks, when there is the distinct likelihood that some women are oppressing others?" -- Provided from Melvyl.
A good neighborhood book cover
A good neighborhood
Therese Fowler
PS3606.O857 G66 2020
"A gripping contemporary novel that examines the American dream through the lens of two families living side by side in an idyllic neighborhood, and the one summer that changes their lives irrevocably." -- Provided by publisher.
Getting smart about race book cover
Getting smart about race : an American conversation
Margaret L. Andersen
E185.615 .A6793 2020
"The purpose of this book is to provide an accessible introduction to understanding racial inequality-and to do so with the hope that a more informed understanding will help readers know what to do about it." -- Provided by publisher.
Friendship book cover
Friendship : the evolution, biology, and extraordinary power of life's fundamental bond
Lydia Denworth
BF575.F66 D46 2020
"An engaging and deeply reported investigation of friendship: its evolution, purpose, and centrality in human and nonhuman lives alike. In Friendship, journalist Lydia Denworth visits the front lines of the science of friendship in search of its biological, psychological, and evolutionary foundations. Finding it to be as old as life on the African savannas, she also discovers that friendship is reflected in our brain waves, detectable in our genomes, and capable of strengthening our cardiovascular and immune systems."-- Provided by publisher.
The false cause : fraud, fabrication, and white supremacy in Confederate memory
Adam H. Domby
E645 .D66 2020
"This book examines the foundational role of deliberate misrepresentation in various elements of white supremist Lost Cause mythology, from Confederate soldiers' military prowess, loyalty, motivation, and unity, to mythical black Confederates, to the evolution of Lost Cause myths to support present-day white supremacy. It adds to the understanding of the memory and reality of the American Civil War as American society debates historical monuments and sees the mainstream rise of emboldened white supremacist political groups." -- Provided by publisher.
The fairest of the them all book cover
The fairest of the them all : Snow White and 21 tales of mothers and daughters
Maria Tatar
GR75.S6 T37 2020
"The story of the rivalry between a beautiful, innocent girl and her equally beautiful and cruel mother has been endlessly repeated and refashioned all over the world, as shown here in this collection of "Snow White" tales. But, as every fan of the story knows, there is more to Snow White than that. The magic mirror, the poisoned apple, the catatonic sleep, and the strange scene of revivification are important elements in the phantasmagoria of the Snow White universe, as Maria Tatar's Introduction makes clear." -- Provided by publisher.
Facebook book cover
Facebook : the inside story
Steven Levy
HM743.F33 L48 2020
"And in light of recent controversies surrounding election-influencing 'fake news' accounts, the handling of its users' personal data, and growing discontent with the actions of its founder and CEO, never has the company been more central to the national conversation. Based on years of exclusive reporting and interviews with Facebook's key executives and employees, including Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, Steven Levy's sweeping narrative digs deep into the whole story of the company that has changed the world and reaped the consequences."-- Provided by publisher.
The exhibition of Persephone Q book cover
The exhibition of Persephone Q
Jessi Jezewska Stevens
PS3619.T4835 E94 2020
"Percy is pregnant. Probably she should tell her husband - certainly she means to - but one night she wakes up to find she no longer recognizes him. Amid this alienation - from her husband, home, and rapidly changing body - a package arrives. In it: an exhibition catalog for a photography show. The photographs consist of a series of digitally manipulated images of a woman lying on a bed in a red room. It takes a moment for even Percy to notice that the woman is herself . . . but no one else sees the resemblance. Percy must now come to grips with the fundamental question of identity in the digital age: To what extent do we own our own image, and to what extent is that image shaped by the eyes of others?" --Provided by publisher.
Everywhere you don't belong book cover
Everywhere you don't belong : a novel
Gabriel Bump
PS3602.U474 E95 2020
"Claude McKay Love is an average kid coping with abandonment, violence, riots, failed love, and societal pressures. As a young black man born on the South Side of Chicago, he is raised by his civil rights-era grandmother, who tries to shape him into a principled actor for change. When riots consume his neighborhood he hesitates to take sides, unwilling to let race define his life. He decides to escape Chicago to go to college, find a new identity, and leave the pressure cooker of his hometown behind. Is there is any safe haven for a young black man in this time and place called America?" -- Provided from Melvyl.
The case for climate capitalism book cover
The case for climate capitalism : economic solutions for a planet in crisis
Tom Rand
HC79.E5 R36 2020
"The left and right -- the business community and environmentalists, bankers and activists -- must together reclaim capitalism and force profits to align with the planet. Rejecting the old left/right ideologies, Rand develops a more pragmatic view capable of delivering practical solutions to this critical problem. A renewed capitalism harnessed to the task is the only way we might replace fossil fuels fast enough to mitigate severe climate risk. If we leave our dogma at the door, Rand argues, we might just build an economy that survives the century." -- Provided by publisher.
Deacon King Kong book cover
Deacon King Kong
James McBride
PS3613.C28 D43 2020
"In September 1969, a fumbling, cranky old church deacon known as Sportcoat shuffles into the courtyard of the Cause Houses housing project in south Brooklyn, pulls a .45 from his pocket, and in front of everybody shoots the project's drug dealer at point-blank range. In Deacon King Kong, McBride brings to vivid life the people affected by the shooting: the victim, the African-American and Latinx residents who witnessed it, the white neighbors, the local cops assigned to investigate, the members of the Five Ends Baptist Church where Sportcoat was deacon, the neighborhood's Italian mobsters, and Sportcoat himself."-- Provided by publisher.
Driving while Black book cover
Driving while Black : African American travel and the road to civil rights
Gretchen Sullivan Sorin
E185.61 .S667 2020
"In Driving While Black, acclaimed historian Gretchen Sorin reveals how the car - the ultimate symbol of independence and possibility - has always held particular importance for African Americans, allowing black families to evade the many dangers presented by an entrenched racist society and to enjoy, in some measure, the freedom of the open road. As Driving While Black reminds us, the civil rights movement was just that - a movement of black people and their allies in defiance of local law and custom. At the same time, Sorin shows that the car, despite the freedoms it offered, brought black people up against new challenges, from segregated ambulance services to unwarranted traffic stops and the racist violence that too often followed." -- Provided from Melvyl.
The dance of life book cover
The dance of life : the new science of how a single cell becomes a human being
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, Roger Highfield
QL954.2.Z47 A3 2020
"By studying embryonic mouse cells, she witnessed the embryo's ability to rid itself of abnormal cells as it prepared for implantation in the womb. Her subsequent experiments with early human embryos and artificial "three parent" embryos were not only groundbreaking; they also proved that embryotic cells could be artificially nurtured through the trials and tribulations of their early development. And with profound implications for stem cell research, infertility treatment, prenatal diagnostic testing, immunotherapy, and genetic engineering, not to mention women's reproductive health, the stakes have never been higher."-- Provided by publisher.
The compatriots book cover
The compatriots : the brutal and chaotic history of Russia's exiles, emigrés, and agents abroad
Andreĭ Soldatov, I Borogan
DK35.5 .S65 2019
"Moscow-based journalists Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan look at the complex, ever-shifting role of Russian emigrés since the 1917 October Revolution to the present day. From secret agents to doomed dissidents, the story of Russian emigrés is an invaluable angle through which to understand Russia in the modern world." -- Provided by publisher.
Choosing for changing selves book cover
Choosing for changing selves
Richard Pettigrew
BJ1419 .P48 2019
"What we value, like, endorse, want, and prefer changes over the course of our lives, sometimes as a result of decisions we make-such as when we choose to become a parent or move to a new country-and sometimes as a result of forces beyond our control-such as when our political views change as we grow older. In Choosing for Changing Selves, Richard Pettigrew presents a theory of rational decision making for agents who recognise that their values will change over time and whose decisions will affect those future times." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Black imagination book cover
Black imagination
Natasha Marin
N6537.M3716 A4 2020
"This dynamic collection of Black voices works like an incantation of origin, healing, and imagination. Born from a series of conceptual art exhibitions, the perspectives gathered here are no where near monochromatic. 'Craving nuance over stereotype, we sought out black children, black youth, LGBTQ+ black folks, unsheltered black folks, incarcerated black folks, neurodivergent black folks, as well as differently-abled black folks." Each insists on their own variance and challenges every reader to witness for themselves that Black Lives (and Imaginations) Matter.'" -- Provided by publisher.
Beyond the politics of the closet book cover
Beyond the politics of the closet : gay rights and the American state since the 1970s
Jonathan Bell
HQ76.8.U5 B47 2020
"This collection of essays seeks to explore the impact that gay rights politics and activism have had on the wider American political landscape since the rights revolutions of the 1960s." -- Provided by publisher.
Believe me book cover
Believe me : how trusting women can change the world
Jessica Valenti, Jaclyn Friedman
HQ1237 .V345 2020
"In Believe Me, contributors ask and answer the crucial question: What would happen if we didn't just believe women, but acted as though they matter? If we take women's experiences of online harassment seriously, it will transform the internet. If we listen to and center survivors, we could revolutionize our systems of justice. If we believe Black women when they talk about pain, we will save countless lives. With contributions from many of the most important voices in feminism today, Believe Me is an essential roadmap for the #MeToo era and beyond." -- Provided from Amazon.
Being Heumann book cover
Being Heumann : an unrepentant memoir of a disability rights activist
Judith E. Heumann, Kristen Joiner, Beacon Press
JC571 .H49 2020
"One of the most influential disability rights activists in US history tells her personal story of fighting for the right to receive an education, have a job, and just be human. A story of fighting to belong in a world that wasn't built for all of us and of one woman's activism--from the streets of Brooklyn and San Francisco to inside the halls of Washington--Being Heumann recounts Judy Heumann's lifelong battle to achieve respect, acceptance, and inclusion in society." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Author in chief book cover
Author in chief : the untold story of our presidents and the books they wrote
Craig Fehrman
E176.1 .F38 2020
"Based on a decade of research and reporting, Author in Chief tells the story of America's presidents as authors--and offers a delightful new window into the public and private lives of our highest leaders. Beginning with Thomas Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia, the first presidential book to influence a campaign, these books have cast fresh light on the private drives and self-doubts that fueled our nation's leaders. Fehrman shows that the story of America's presidents and their books opens a rich new window into presidential biography." -- Provided from Melvyl.
Actress book cover
Actress : a novel
Anne Enright
PR6055.N73 A63 2020
"From the Man Booker Prize-winner, a brilliant and moving novel about celebrity, sexual power, and a daughter's search to understand her mother's hidden truths. With age, alcohol, and dimming stardom, her grip on reality grows fitful and, fueled by a proud and long-simmering rage, she commits a bizarre crime. Actress is finally a book about the freedom we find in our work and in the love we make and keep."-- Provided by publisher.
The cabinet book cover
The cabinet : George Washington and the creation of an American institution
Lindsay M. Chervinsky
E311 .C46 2020
"On November 26, 1791, George Washington convened his department secretaries-- Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Knox, and Edmund Randolph-- for the first cabinet meeting. He had waited two and a half years into his presidency to call his cabinet, because the US Constitution did not create or provide for such a body. Deciding he needed a group of advisors he could turn to, Washington modeled his new cabinet on the councils of war he had led as commander of the Continental Army. The cabinet served at the president's pleasure, and Washington tinkered with its structure throughout his administration. Chervinsky reveals the far-reaching consequences of Washington's choice." -- Provided from Melvyl. 
Apartment book cover
Apartment : a novel
Teddy Wayne
PS3623.A98 A63 2020
"In 1996, the unnamed narrator in Teddy Wayne's Apartment is attending the MFA program at Columbia on his father's dime and living in an illegal sublet of a rent-stabilized apartment. But the close quarters and power imbalance of their living arrangement breed tensions that neither man could predict. In elegant prose that interrogates the Clinton-era origins of today's most sensitive and resonant issues - the spectrums of gender and sexuality, the clash between coastal liberalism and heartland conservatism, socioeconomic identity and privilege - Apartment is a gutting portrait of one of New York's many lost, disconnected souls." -- Provided by publisher.