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Epic of evolution : seven ages of the cosmos book cover
Epic of evolution : seven ages of the cosmos
Eric Chaisson
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"Drawing on recent breakthroughs in astrophysics and biochemistry, Chaisson explores the development of the most microscopic and the most immense aspects of our universe, including the idea that all objects-from quarks and quasars to microbes and minds-are interrelated. Epic of Evolution is a stunning view of how various changes, operating across almost incomprehensible domains of space and nearly inconceivable stretches of time-all by means of the cosmic evolutionary combination of chance and necessity-have given rise to our galaxy, our star, our planet, and ourselves." -- from Melvyl catalog.
The Cash Ceiling book cover
The Cash Ceiling: why only the rich run for office--and what we can do about it
Nicholas Carnes
"Why are Americans governed by the rich? Millionaires make up only three percent of the public but control all three branches of the federal government. How did this happen? What stops lower-income and working-class Americans from becoming politicians? The first book to answer these urgent questions, The Cash Ceiling provides a compelling and comprehensive account of why so few working-class people hold office--and what reformers can do about it."  -- from Publisher’s description.
Impoliteness : Using Language to Cause Offence book cover
Impoliteness : using language to cause offence
Jonathan Culpeper
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"Grounded in naturally-occurring language data and drawing on findings from linguistic pragmatics and social psychology, Jonathan Culpeper provides a fascinating account of how impolite behaviour works. He examines not only its forms and functions but also people's understandings of it in both public and private contexts. He reveals, for example, the emotional consequences of impoliteness, how it shapes and is shaped by contexts, and how it is sometimes institutionalised. This book offers penetrating insights into a hitherto neglected and poorly understood phenomenon." -- from Publisher’s description.
Cents and sensibility book cover
Cents and sensibility : what economics can learn from the humanities
Gary Saul Morson; Morton Owen Schapiro
" eminent literary critic and a leading economist make the case that the humanities, especially the study of literature, offer economists ways to make their models more realistic, their predictions more accurate, and their policies more effective and just...Cents and Sensibility demonstrates the benefits of a freewheeling dialogue between economics and the humanities by addressing a wide range of problems drawn from the economics of higher education, the economics of the family, and the development of poor nations. It offers new insights about everything from the manipulation of college rankings to why some countries grow faster than others. At the same time, the book shows how looking at real-world problems can revitalize the study of literature itself." -- from Publisher’s description.
Living It Up book cover
Living it up : our love affair with luxury
James B Twitchell
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"...anthropologist Twitchell takes a witty and insightful look at luxury -- what it is, who defines it, and why we can't seem to get enough of it...In recent years, says Twitchell, luxury spending has grown much faster than overall spending -- and it continues to grow despite the economic recession...Sharply observed and wickedly funny, Living It Up is a revealing and entertaining examination of why we are all part of the cult of luxury." -- from Melvyl catalog.
Queer city book cover
Queer city: gay London from the Romans to the present day
Peter Ackroyd
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“[Peter Ackroyd] looks at the metropolis in a whole new way - through the history and experiences of its gay population. In Roman Londinium… homosexuality was considered admirable... Then came the Emperor Constantine, …accompanied by the first laws against queer practices. What followed was an endless loop of alternating permissiveness and censure, from the notorious Normans, whose military might depended on masculine loyalty, and the fashionable female transvestism of the 1620s; to the frenzy of executions for sodomy in the early 1800s and the 'gay plague' in the 1980s. Ackroyd takes us right into this hidden city, celebrating its diversity, thrills and energy on the one hand; but reminding us of its very real terrors, dangers and risks on the other.” – from Melvyl catalog.
Girlish book cover
Girlish: growing up in a lesbian home
Lara Lillibridge
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“…Raised to be a free spirit by norm-defying parents, [the author] has to define her own boundaries as she tries to fit into heteronormative suburban life, all while navigating her mother’s expectations, her stepmother’s mental illness, and her father’s serial divorces. Lillibridge bravely tells her own story and offers a unique perspective. At times humorous and pithy while cringe-worthy and heartbreaking at others, Girlish is a human story that challenges readers to reevaluate their own lives and motivations." – from Publisher’s description.
The ethics of opting out book cover
The ethics of opting out: queer theory's defiant subjects
Mari Ruti
"…provides an accessible yet theoretically rigorous account of the ideological divisions that have animated queer theory during the last decade, paying particular attention to the field's rejection of dominant neoliberal narratives of success, cheerfulness, and self-actualization…Ruti highlights the ways in which queer theory's desire to opt out of normative sociality rewrites ethical theory and practice in genuinely innovative ways at the same time as she resists turning antinormativity into a new norm. This wide-ranging and thoughtful book maps the parameters of contemporary queer theory in order to rethink the foundational assumptions of the field." -- from Publisher's description.
Boys' love, cosplay, and androgynous idols book cover
Boys' love, cosplay, and androgynous idols: queer fan cultures in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Jing Jamie Zhao; Ling Yang; Maud Lavin
“Presenting a wide array of concrete case studies of queer fandoms in Chinese-speaking contexts, the essays in this volume challenge long-established Western-centric and Japanese-focused fan scholarship by highlighting the significance and specificities of Sinophone queer fan cultures and practices in a globalized world. The geographic organization of the chapters illuminates cultural differences and the other competing forces shaping geocultural intersections among fandoms based in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.” – from Melvyl catalog.
Movement, knowledge, emotion book cover
Movement, knowledge, emotion : gay activism and HIV/AIDS in Australia
Jennifer Power
Ebook Central ebook, DOAB, OAPEN
“Drawing conclusions about the cultural impact of social movements, the author argues that AIDS activism contributed to improving social attitudes towards gay men and lesbians in Australia, while also challenging some entrenched cultural patterns of the Australian medical system, allowing greater scope for non-medical intervention into the domain of health and illness. The book documents an important chapter in the history of public health in Australia and explores how HIV/AIDS came to be a defining issue in the history of gay and lesbian rights in Australia” – from Publisher’s description.