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New Books and DVDs

Building fortress Europe book cover
Building fortress Europe : the Polish-Ukrainian frontier
Karolina S. Follis
DK4185.U38 F65 2012
"This book explores why the two nations have defined sovereignty so differently and what impact these choices have had on individual and minority rights and participation."-- from Melvyl catalog.
Neoliberalism book cover
Neoliberalism and commodity production in Mexico
Thomas Weaver
HC135 .N414 2012
"Neoliberalism and Commodity Production in Mexico details the impact of neoliberal practice on the production and exchange of basic resources in working-class communities in Mexico."-- from Amazon summary.
Useful fictions book cover
Useful fictions : evolution, anxiety, and the origins of literature
Michael Austin
PN3352.P7 A87 2010
"Drawing on evolutionary biology, anthropology, narrative theory, cognitive psychology, game theory, and evolutionary aesthetics, Austin develops the concept of a 'useful fiction, ' a simple narrative that serves an adaptive function unrelated to its factual one."-- from Melvyl catalog.
Fatal invention book cover
Fatal invention : how science, politics, and big business re-create race in the twenty-first century
Dorothy Roberts
GN269 .R64 2011
"Explores the ways science, politics, and large corporations affect race in the twenty-first century, discussing the efforts and results of the Human Genome Project, and describing how technology-driven science researchers are developing a genetic definition of race."--from Melvyl catalog.
The menial art of cooking book cover
The menial art of cooking : archaeological studies of cooking and food preparation
Sarah R. Graff, Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría
TX645 .M46 2012
"The Menial Art of Cooking is the first archaeological volume focused on cooking and food preparation in prehistoric and historic settings around the world and will interest archaeologists, social anthropologists, sociologists, and other scholars studying cooking and food preparation or subsistence."-- from Amazon summary.
Friendship Book cover
Friendship : development, ecology, and evolution of a relationship
Daniel J. Hruschka
GN486.3 .H78 2010
"In this fascinating multidisciplinary study, Daniel J. Hruschka synthesizes an array of cross-cultural, experimental, and ethnographic data to understand the broad meaning of friendship, how it develops, how it interfaces with kinship and romantic relationships, and how it differs from place to place."--from Melvyl catalog.
Voices of jordan book cover
Voices of Jordan
Rana F. Sweis
DS154.6 .S84 2018
"This book tells the story of Jordan through the lives of ordinary people, including a political cartoonist, a Syrian refugee, a Jihadist and a female parliamentarian. The raw voices and everyday struggles of these people shine a fresh light on the politics, religion, and society of a culture coming to terms with the harsh reality of modernization and urbanization at a time of regional upheaval."-- from Amazon summary.
Drug effects book cover
Drug effects : khat in biocultural and socioeconomic perspective
Lisa L. Gezon
HV5822.Q3 G49 2012
"Khat, marijuana, peyote--are these dangerous drugs or vilified plants with rich cultural and medical values? In this book, Lisa Gezon brings the drug debate into the 21st century, proposing criteria for evaluating psychotropic substances."-- from Melvyl catalog.
State of White Supremacy book cover
State of white supremacy : racism, governance, and the United States
Moon-Kie Jung, João H. Costa Vargas, and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
E184.A1 S76 2011
"Uncovering the false promise of liberalism, State of White Supremacy reveals race to be a fundamental, if flexible, ruling logic that perpetually generates and legitimates racial hierarchy and privilege."-- from Amazon summary.
Hip Hop Desis Book cover
Hip hop Desis : South Asian Americans, Blackness, and a global race consciousness
Nitasha Tamar Sharma
ML3918.R37 S53 2010
" Hip hop desis contest and seek to bridge perceived divisions between Blacks and South Asian Americans. By taking up themes considered irrelevant to many Asian Americans, desi performers, such as D’Lo, Chee Malabar of Himalayan Project, and Rawj of Feenom Circle, create a multiracial form of Black popular culture to fight racism and enact social change." --from Melvyl catalog.
Blaming Islam book cover
Blaming Islam
John R. Bowen
BP67.U6 B69 2012
"In Blaming Islam, John Bowen uncovers the myths about Islam and Muslim integration into Western society, with a focus on the histories, policy, and rhetoric associated with Muslim immigration in Europe, the British experiment with sharia law for Muslim domestic disputes, and the claims of European and American writers that Islam threatens the West."-- from Melvyl catalog.
Fearing the black body book cover
Fearing the black body : the racial origins of fat phobia
Sabrina Strings
HQ1220.U5 S77 2019
"An important and original work, Fearing the Black Body argues convincingly that fat phobia isn't about health at all, but rather a means of using the body to validate race, class, and gender prejudice."-- from Melvyl catalog.  
Why we believe book cover
Why we believe : evolution and the human way of being
Agustin Fuentes
BF698.95 .F84 2019
"Why are so many humans religious? Why do we daydream, imagine, and hope? Philosophers, theologians, social scientists, and historians have offered explanations for centuries, but their accounts often ignore or even avoid human evolution... this book employs evolutionary, neurobiological, and anthropological evidence to argue that belief—the ability to commit passionately and wholeheartedly to an idea—is central to the human way of being in the world."--from Amazon summary.
The prehistory of Morro Bay book cover
The prehistory of Morro Bay : Central California's overlooked estuary
Terry L. Jones, Deborah A. Jones, William R. Hildebrandt, Kacey Hadick, Patricia Mikkelsen
F868.S18 J645 2019
"In this monograph, we consider the prehistory of one of California's least-known, most isolated, and last-studied estuaries: Morro Bay on the central coast of California in San Luis Obispo County."--from Melvyl catalog.
Alta California book cover
Alta California : from San Diego to San Francisco, a journey on foot to rediscover the Golden State
Nick Neely
F866.2 .N44 2019
"In Alta California, Nick Neely chronicles his 650-mile trek on foot from San Diego to San Francisco, following the route of the first overland Spanish expedition into what was soon called Alta California. Led by Gaspar de Portolá in 1769, the expedition sketched a route that would become, in part, the famous El Camino Real." -- from Melvyl catalog.
Antisocial book cover
Antisocial : online extremists, techno-utopians, and the hijacking of the American conversation
Andrew Marantz
HN90.R3 M343 2019
"Antisocial reveals how the boundaries between technology, media, and politics have been erased, resulting in a deeply broken informational landscape -- the landscape in which we all now live."-- from Melvyl catalog.
How charts lie book cover
How charts lie : getting smarter about visual information
Alberto Cairo
T385 .C3388 2019
"A leading data visualization expert explores the negative--and positive--influences that charts have on our perception of truth. By examining contemporary examples ranging from election-result infographics to global GDP maps and box-office record charts, How Charts Lie teaches us how to do just that"-- from Melvyl catalog.
Dr. Space Junk vs. the universe book cover
Dr. Space Junk vs. the universe : archaeology and the future
Alice Gorman
TL788.6 .G67 2019
"Going boldly forth as a pioneer in the fledgling field of space archaeology, Dr. Alice Gorman (aka Dr. Space Junk) turns the common perception of archaeology as an exploration of the ancient on its head."-- from Melvyl catalog.
Likewar book cover
Likewar : the weaponization of social media
P.W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking
HM742 .S5745 2018
"Social media has been weaponized, as state hackers and rogue terrorists have seized upon Twitter and Facebook to create chaos and destruction. This urgent report is required reading, from defense expert P.W. Singer and Council on Foreign Relations fellow Emerson Brooking."--from Melvyl catalog.
The development dictionary book cover
The development dictionary : a guide to knowledge as power
Wolfgang Sachs
HD75 .D48 2019
"The original critical guide to key concepts in development studies from some of the world's most eminent critical development scholars and practitioners."--from Melvyl catalog.
A possible anthropology book cover
A possible anthropology : methods for uneasy times
Anand Pandian
GN33 .P363 2019
"A Possible Anthropology is an ethnography of anthropologists at work: canonical figures like Bronislaw Malinowski and Claude Lévi-Strauss, ethnographic storytellers like Zora Neale Hurston and Ursula K. Le Guin, contemporary scholars like Jane Guyer and Michael Jackson, and artists and indigenous activists inspired by the field."--from Melvyl catalog.
Waters of the World book cover
Waters of the world : the story of the scientists who unraveled the mysteries of our oceans, atmosphere, and ice sheets and made the planet whole
Sarah Dry
GB659.6 .D79 2019
"From the glaciers of the Alps to the towering cumulonimbus clouds of the Caribbean and the unexpectedly chaotic flows of the North Atlantic, Waters of the World is a tour through 150 years of the history of a significant but underappreciated idea: that the Earth has a global climate system made up of interconnected parts, constantly changing on all scales of both time and space."--from Melvyl catalog.
Border wars book cover
Border wars : inside Trump's assault on immigration
Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear
JV6483 .D38 2019
"Two New York Times Washington correspondents provide an inside account with never-before-told stories of the defining issue of Donald Trump's presidency: his steadfast opposition to immigration to the US."--from Melvyl catalog.
Protest book cover
Protest! : a history of social and political protest graphics
Liz McQuiston
N72.P6 M37 2019
"Providing a visual exploration both joyful and brutal, McQuiston discusses how graphics have been used to protest wars, call for the end to racial discrimination, demand freedom from tyranny, and satirize authority figures and regimes."--from Melvyl catalog.
 Filial crisis and erotic politics in Black Cuban literature book cover
Filial crisis and erotic politics in Black Cuban literature : daughters, sons, and lovers
Conrad Michael James
PQ7372 .J36 2019
"This book proposes an affective reading of twentieth-century Afro-Cuban literature through its focus on a set of concerns ranging from the filial to the erotic."--from Amazon summary.
Antony and cleopatra book cover
Antony and Cleopatra : a critical reader
Domenico Lovascio
PR2802 .A825 2020
"This volume offers a stimulating and accessible guide to the play that takes stock of the past and current situation of scholarship while simultaneously opening up fresh, thought-provoking critical perspectives."--from Melvyl catalog.
Extinction events book cover
Extinction events
Liz Breazeale
PS3602.R4325 A6 2019
"In this collection of short stories, Liz Breazeale explores the connections between humans and the natural world by examining the processes and history of our planet."--from Amazon summary.
Heads of the colored people book cover
Heads of the colored people : stories
Nafissa Thompson-Spires
PS3620.H6885 A6 2019
"Nafissa Thompson-Spires grapples with black identity and the contemporary middle class in these compelling, boundary-pushing vignettes."--from Melvyl catalog.
Mobilizing mutations book cover
Mobilizing mutations : human genetics in the age of patient advocacy
Daniel Navon
RB155.5 .N38 2019
"Drawing on a wealth of fieldwork and historical material, Navon presents a sociological account of the ways genetic mutations have been mobilized and transformed in the sixty years since it became possible to see abnormal human genomes, providing a new vista onto the myriad ways contemporary genetic testing can transform people’s lives."--from Amazon summary.
The consequential frontier book cover
The consequential frontier : challenging the privatization of space
Peter Ward
HD9711.75.A2 W37 2019
"This in-depth work of reportage dares to ask what's at stake in privatizing outer space Earth is in trouble--so dramatically that we're now scrambling to explore space for valuable resources and a home for permanent colonization."--from Melvyl catalog.
Celebrity mad book cover
Celebrity mad : why otherwise intelligent people worship fame
Brett Kahr
BJ1470.5 .K34 2020
"This short book by Professor Brett Kahr provides a psychoanalytic understanding of fame and celebrity in the early twenty-first century, building upon the bedrock foundations of the Freudian corpus."--from Amazon summary.
Citizen brown book cover
Citizen Brown : race, democracy, and inequality in the St. Louis suburbs
Colin Gordon
E185.93.M7 G67 2019
"As Colin Gordon shows in this urgent and timely book, the events in Ferguson exposed not only the deep racism of the local police department but also the ways in which decades of public policy effectively segregated people and curtailed citizenship not just in Ferguson but across the St. Louis suburbs." --from Melvyl catalog.
The cult of trump book cover
The cult of Trump
Steven Hassan
E913.3 .H37 2019
"One of America's leading experts in cults and mind-control provides an eye-opening analysis of Trump and the indoctrination tactics he uses to build a fanatical devotion in his supporters."--from Melvyl catalog.
Frontiers of citizenship book cover
Frontiers of citizenship : a black and indigenous history of postcolonial Brazil
Yuko Miki
F2659.N4 M55 2018
"An engaging, innovative history of Brazil's black and indigenous people that redefines our understanding of slavery, citizenship, and national identity."--from Melvyl catalog.
Emotions book cover
Emotions : problems and promise for human flourishing
Barbara J. McClure
BF531 .M23 2019
"In Emotions: Problems and Promise for Human Flourishing, McClure examines how emotions can be properly engaged for health and healing both individually and corporately."--from Melvyl catalog.