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Wonder Woman and philosophy book cover
Wonder Woman and philosophy : the Amazonian mystique
Jacob M Held
MyiLibrary eBook
"Wonder Woman and Philosophy: The Amazonian Mystique explores a wide range of philosophical questions surrounding the most popular female superhero of all time, from her creation as feminist propaganda during World War II up to the first female lead in the blockbuster DC movie-franchise." -- from Melvyl catalog.
Trump Effect book cover
Trump Effect
K V Korostelina
MyiLibrary eBook
“Aimed at the general public and students in the U.S. and internationally, the book goes beyond many explanations of the ‘Trump Effect’. Using a multidisciplinary theoretical lens, it provides a systemic multifaceted analysis based on multiple theories of social identity, emotions, cognitions, morality, and power to explain the broader social phenomena of the rise of individuals in society.” -- from Publisher's description.
Science fiction and the prediction of the future book cover
Science fiction and the prediction of the future
Gary Westfahl; Wong Kin Yuen; Amy Kit-sze Chan
EBL eBook
“Science fiction has always challenged readers with depictions of the future. Can the genre actually provide glimpses of the world of tomorrow? This collection of fifteen international and interdisciplinary essays examines the genre's predictions and breaks new ground by considering the prophetic functions of science fiction films as well as SF literature.” -- from Melvyl catalog.
The greening of architecture book cover
The greening of architecture
Phillip Tabb; A Senem Deviren
Ebrary eBook
"This accessible and engaging text is the first to offer a comprehensive critical history and analysis of the greening of architecture through accumulative reduction of negative environmental effects caused by buildings, urban designs and settlements. Describing the progressive development of green architecture from 1960 to 2010, it illustrates how it is ever evolving and ameliorated through alterations in form, technology, materials and use and it examines different places worldwide that represent a diversity of cultural and climatic contexts." -- from Melvyl catalog