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Witches, Goddesses, and Angry Spirits book cover
Witches, Goddesses, and Angry Spirits : The Politics of Spiritual Liberation in African Diaspora Women's Fiction
Maha Marouan
Project Muse eBook
"Witches, Goddesses and Angry Spirits: The Politics of Spiritual Liberation in African Diaspora Women’s Fiction explores African diaspora religious practices as vehicles for Africana women’s spiritual transformation, using representative fictions by three contemporary writers of the African Americas who compose fresh models of female spirituality: Breath, Eyes, Memory (1994) by Haitian American novelist Edwidge Danticat; Paradise (1998) by African American Nobel laureate Toni Morrison; and I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem (1992) by Guadeloupean author Maryse Condé." -- from publisher's description.
Complexities : women in mathematics book cover
Complexities : women in mathematics
Bettye Anne Case; Anne M Leggett
ProQuest Ebook Central ebook
"This captivating book gives voice to women mathematicians from the late eighteenth century through to the present day. It documents the complex nature of the conditions women around the world have faced--and continue to face--while pursuing their careers in mathematics...Clear, engaging, and meticulously researched, Complexities will inspire young women who are contemplating careers in mathematics and will speak to women in many fields of endeavor and walks of life."  -- from publisher's description.
Madame Chair : A Political Autobiography of an Unintentional Pioneer book cover
Madame Chair : A Political Autobiography of an Unintentional Pioneer
Jean Westwood
Project Muse eBook
"...A Utah national committeewoman and member of the reform committee that reorganized the party, Westwood answered George McGovern’s call to lead his presidential campaign…Westwood provides an inside account of a period that reshaped national politics. Second-wave feminism—“women’s liberation”—and the civil rights and antiwar movements opened the way. As a major player in political reform, Jean Westwood both helped build that road and traveled it."  -- from publisher's description.
Uncommon Women book cover
Uncommon Women : Gender and Representation in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Women's Writing
Laura Laffrado
Project Muse eBook
"This feminist study considers the generic forms, language, and illustrations of a group of complex and often daring texts, including Sarah Kemble Knight’s unconventional travel Journal (1825); Fanny Fern’s controversial newspaper essays (1851–72); Civil War nurse Louisa May Alcott’s Hospital Sketches (1863); and cross-dressed soldier S. Emma E. Edmonds’s Nurse and Spy in the Union Army (1865), along with later women’s war reminiscences... it makes visible the ways in which these texts disputed restrictive female constructions, tested boundaries of race and class, and anticipated reaction to their disruptive discourses...This study’s findings make plain the impact of white/male discourses of gender on women’s self-narrative and illustrate how unconventional women were pressured to embrace domesticity, heterosexuality, marriage, motherhood, and political passivity." -- from publisher's description.
Woman suffrage and citizenship in the Midwest book cover
Woman suffrage and citizenship in the Midwest, 1870-1920
Sara Egge
"Historian Sara Egge offers critical insights into the woman suffrage movement by exploring how it emerged in small Midwestern communities... Examining this grassroots activism offers a new approach that uncovers the sophisticated ways Midwestern suffragists understood citizenship as obligation...the efforts of the National American Women's Suffrage Association did not always succeed in promoting the movement's goals. Instead, it gained support among Midwesterners only when local rural women claimed the right to vote on the basis of their well-established civic roles and public service. By investigating civic responsibility, Egge reorients scholarship on woman suffrage and brings attention to the Midwest, a region overlooked by most historians of the movement. In doing so, she sheds new light onto the ways suffragists rejuvenated the cause in the twentieth century." -- from publisher's description.
Pixar's America book cover
Pixar's America : the re-animation of American myths and symbols
Dietmar Meinel
ProQuest Ebook Central ebook
"This book examines the popular and critically acclaimed films of Pixar Animation Studios in their cultural and historical context. Whether interventionist sheriff dolls liberating oppressed toys (Toy Story) or exceptionally talented rodents hoping to fulfill their dreams (Ratatouille), these cinematic texts draw on popular myths and symbols of American culture... Through close readings, this volume considers the aesthetics of digital animation, including voice-acting and the simulation of camera work, as further mediations of the traditional themes and motifs of American culture in novel form. Dietmar Meinel explores the ways in which Pixar films come to reanimate and remediate prominent myths and symbols of American culture in all their cinematic, ideological and narrative complexity." -- from publisher's description.
Black Music, Black Poetry book cover
Black Music, Black Poetry : Blues and Jazz's impact on African American versification
Gordon E. Thompson
ProQuest Ebook Central ebook
"Black Music, Black Poetry offers readers a fuller appreciation of the diversity of approaches to reading black American linking a diverse body of poetry to musical genres that range from the spirituals to contemporary jazz. The poetry of familiar figures such as Paul Laurence Dunbar and Langston scrutinized in relation to a musical tradition contemporaneous with the lifetime of each poet. Black music is considered the strongest representation of black American communal consciousness; and black poetry, by drawing upon such a musical legacy, lays claim to a powerful and enduring black aesthetic...Taken together, these essays offer a rich examination of the breath of black poetry and the ties it has to the rhythms and forms of black music and the influence of black music on black poetic practice." -- from publisher's description.
Artemis book cover
Artemis : the indomitable spirit in Everywoman
Jean Shinoda Bolen
ProQuest Ebook Central ebook
"Bolen invites women and girls to discover the tenacity and courage of the Artemis archetype and how it can be tapped to live authentically...This is grit, the passion and persistence to go the distance, to survive, and to succeed. She includes many real-life stories as well as mythological and fictional examples ...including among others Princess Merida from the animated film Brave and Katniss from The Hunger Games...Bolen dedicates this book to women and girls who embody the archetype of Artemis, who discover her uncrushable spirit in themselves or others." -- from publisher's description.
Scandalous fictions book cover
Scandalous fictions : the twentieth-century novel in the public sphere
Jago Morrison; Susan Watkins.
ProQuest Ebook Central ebook
"This fascinating new collection of original essays re-examines the twentieth-century novel as a form shaped by its problematic, often scandalous relation to the public sphere. Such iconic texts were crucial in negotiating a public space and voice for fiction in the twentieth century, repositioning their readers and challenging popular notions of privacy and probity. Leading contributors consider ten novels that changed readers' lives as well as public perceptions of the purpose of fiction: The Satanic Verses, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Beloved, On The Road, Disgrace, Ulysses, The Well of Loneliness, A Man of the People, Native Son, and The Hand that Signed the Paper. Three were the subject of famous trials for obscenity; others were accused of being blasphemous, libellous, seditious, even racist...the collection is an attempt to think afresh about the twentieth-century novel as a tradition of transgression, perennially caught between license and licentiousness, erudition and sedition." --from Melvyl catalog.