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New Books and DVDs

The four book cover
The four : the hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
Scott Galloway
HD9999.I492 G35 2017
"[In this book], business professor Scott Galloway asks fundamental questions about Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. Galloway deconstructs the strategies of the Four that lurk beneath their shiny veneers. He shows how they manipulate the fundamental emotional needs that have driven us since our ancestors lived in caves, at a speed and scope others cant match. And he reveals how you can apply the lessons of their ascent to your own business or career." --from Melvyl catalog.
Sisters book cover
Sisters : a novel
Lily Tuck
PS3570.U236 S57 2017
"A novel of marriage, infidelity, and obsession follows a new wife who struggles with her unrelenting fascination with her husband's first wife." --frome Melvyl catalog.
Women writing resistance book cover
Women writing resistance : essays on Latin America and the Caribbean
Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez
HN110.5.A8 W66 2017
"[This book] gathers the voices of sixteen acclaimed writer-activists for a one-of-a-kind collection. Through poetry and essays, writers from the Anglophone, Hispanic, and Francophone Caribbean, including Puertorriqueñas and Cubanas, grapple with their hybrid American political identities."--from
Soonish book cover
Soonish : ten emerging technologies that'll improve and/or ruin everything
Kelly Weinersmith; Zach Weiner
T174 .W543 2017
"From a top scientist and the creator of the hugely popular web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a hilariously illustrated investigation into future technologies--from how to fling a ship into deep space on the cheap to 3D organ printing. What will the world of tomorrow be like? How does progress happen?...In this smart and funny book, celebrated cartoonist Zach Weinersmith and noted researcher Dr. Kelly Weinersmith give us a snapshot of what's coming next--from robot swarms to nuclear-fusion-powered toasters." --from Melvyl catalog.
Safe spaces, brave spaces book cover
Safe spaces, brave spaces : diversity and free expression in education
John G Palfrey
LC72.2 .P35 2017
"Safe spaces, trigger warnings, microagressions, the disinvitation of speakers, demands to rename campus landmarks -- debate over these issues began in lecture halls and on college quads but ended up on op-ed pages in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, on cable news, and on social media. Some of these critiques had merit, but others took a series of cheap shots at 'crybullies' who needed to be coddled and protected from the real world. [The author] proposes an innovative way to support both diversity and free expression on campus: creating safe spaces and brave spaces. In safe spaces, students can explore ideas and express themselves with without feeling marginalized. In brave spaces -- classrooms, lecture halls, public forums -- the search for knowledge is paramount, even if some discussions may make certain students uncomfortable. The strength of our democracy...depends on a commitment to upholding both diversity and free expression, especially when it is hardest to do so." --from Melvyl catalog.
The fear factor book cover
The fear factor : how one emotion connects altruists, psychopaths, and everyone in-between
Abigail Marsh
BF575.F2 M374 2017
"At fourteen, Amber could boast of killing her guinea pig, threatening to burn down her home, and seducing men in exchange for gifts. She used the tools she had available to get what she wanted, like all children. But unlike other children, she didn't care about the damage she inflicted. A few miles away, Lenny Skutnik cared so much about others that he jumped into an ice-cold river to save a drowning woman. What is responsible for the extremes of generosity and cruelty humans are capable of? By putting psychopathic children and extreme altruists in an fMRI, acclaimed psychologist Abigail Marsh found that the answer lies in how our brain responds to others' fear. While the brain's amygdala makes most of us hardwired for good, its variations can explain heroic and psychopathic behavior. A path-breaking read, The Fear Factor is essential for anyone seeking to understand the heights and depths of human nature." --from Melvyl Catalog.
Changing the subject book cover
Changing the subject : philosophy from Socrates to Adorno
Raymond Geuss
BC177 .G48 2017
"Ask a question and it is reasonable to expect an answer or a confession of ignorance. But a philosopher may defy expectations. Confronted by a standard question arising from a normal way of viewing the world, a philosopher may reply that the question is misguided, that to continue asking it is, at the extreme, to get trapped in a delusive hall of mirrors. According to Raymond Geuss, this attempt to bypass or undercut conventional ways of thinking, to escape from the hall of mirrors, represents philosophy at its best and most characteristic. A work of exceptional range, power, and originality, Changing the Subject manifests the precise virtues of philosophy that it identifies and defends." --from Melvyl catalog.
Big chicken book cover
Big chicken : the incredible story of how antibiotics created modern agriculture and changed the way the world eats
Maryn McKenna
SF98.A5 M35 2017
"In this eye-opening exposé, acclaimed health journalist and National Geographic contributer Maryn McKenna documents how antibiotics transformed chicken from local delicacy to industrial commodity -- and human health threat -- uncovering the ways we can make America's favorite meat safer again." --from
American wolf book cover
American wolf : a true story of survival and obsession in the West
Nate Blakeslee
QL737.C22 B54284 2017
"The story of the rise of a Yellowstone wolf, and what her life and death and death tell us about the struggle for the American West." --from Melvyl catalog.
Pain, pleasure, and the greater good book cover
Pain, pleasure, and the greater good : from the Panopticon to the Skinner box and beyond
Cathy Gere
B843 .G46 2017
"Showing that utilitarianism is based in the idea that humans are motivated only by pain and pleasure, Gere cautions that that greater good thinking is on the upswing again today and that the lesson of history is in imminent danger of being lost. Rooted in the experiences of real people, and with major consequences for how we think about ourselves and our rights, [this book] is a dazzling, ambitious history." --from
The duchess book cover
The duchess
Danielle Steel
PS3569.T33828 D83 2017
"Angélique Latham has grown up at magnificent Belgrave Castle under the loving tutelage of her father, the Duke of Westerfield, after the death of her aristocratic French mother...With her upper-class breeding, her impeccable style, and her father's bequest, Angélique creates Le Boudoir, soon a sensational establishment where powerful men, secret desires, and beautiful, sophisticated women come together. But living on the edge of scandal, can she ever make a life of her own -- or regain her rightful place in the world?" --from Melvyl catalog. 
Oscar Wilde book cover
Oscar Wilde : the unrepentant years
Nicholas Frankel
PR5823 .F67 2017
"Nicholas Frankel presents a revisionary account of Oscar Wilde's final years, spent in poverty and exile in Europe following his release from an English prison for the crime of gross indecency between men. Despite repeated setbacks and open hostility, Wilde--unapologetic and even defiant--attempted to rebuild himself as a man, and a man of letters." --from Melvyl catalog.
Designing San Francisco book cover
Designing San Francisco : art, land, and urban renewal in the City by the Bay
Alison Isenberg
NA9127.S3 I84 2017
"A major new urban history of the design and development of postwar San Francisco Designing San Francisco is the untold story of the formative postwar decades when U.S. cities took their modern shape amid clashing visions of the future. In this pathbreaking and richly illustrated book, Alison Isenberg shifts the focus from architects and city planners--those most often hailed in histories of urban development and design--to the unsung artists, activists, and others who played pivotal roles in rebuilding San Francisco between the 1940s and the 1970s." --from Melvyl catalog.
A moonless, starless sky book cover
A moonless, starless sky : ordinary women and men fighting extremism in Africa
Alexis Okeowo
HV6433.A35 O34 2017
"In A Moonless, Starless Sky, Okeowo weaves together four narratives that form a powerful tapestry of modern Africa...This debut book by one of America's most acclaimed young journalists illuminates the inner lives of ordinary people doing the extraordinary--lives that are too often hidden, underreported, or ignored by the rest of the world." --from
Affect and belonging in contemporary Spanish fiction and film book cover
Affect and belonging in contemporary Spanish fiction and film : crossroads visions
Jesse Barker
PQ6144 .B37 2017
"This book brings together recent Spanish fictions and films that point to individualism as the root problem driving diverse circumstances of social, economic, and psychological suffering in thepresent and recent past." --from Melvyl catalog.
30 days : the complete series DVD cover
30 days : the complete series
Morgan Spurlock
HN59.2 .T45 2010
"Features a diverse group of participants, each given the opportunity to experience firsthand a world that is the complete opposite of their own comfortable existence. As the participants learn about the lives and beliefs of others, viewers learn more about themselves." --from Melvyl catalog.
Coming to my senses book cover
Coming to my senses : the making of a counterculture cook
Alice Waters; Cristina Mueller; Bob Carrau
TX910.5.W38 A3 2017
"It has been four and a half decades since Alice Waters opened the doors of Chez Panisse, the 'little French restaurant' in Berkeley, California, that has been at the leading edge of the American culinary revolution ever since. Fueled in equal parts by naïveté and a relentless pursuit of beauty and pure flavor, Alice transformed our relationship with food, fine dining, and what it means to eat well. In [this book], Alice reflects on the desultory road that brought her to 1517 Shattuck Ave., culminating in the opening of that iconic establishment in 1971." --from Melvyl catalog
The influential mind book cover
The influential mind : what the brain reveals about our power to change others
Tali Sharot
BF774 .S53 2017
"We all have a duty to affect others--from the classroom to the boardroom to social media. But how skilled are we at this role, and can we become better? Sharot shows us how to avoid these pitfalls, and how an attempt to change beliefs and actions is successful when it is well-matched with the core elements that govern the human brain." --from Melvyl catalog.
Return to the Dark Valley book cover
Return to the Dark Valley
Santiago Gamboa; Howard Curtis
PQ8180.17.A395 V6513 2017
"Manuela Beltrán, a poet haunted by a troubled childhood, is bent on revenge for the wrongs she suffered at the hands of her mother's lover." --from Melvyl catalog.