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New Books and DVDs

Cracks in the schoolyard : confronting Latino educational inequality
Gilberto Q Conchas
EBL eBook
“In Cracks in the Schoolyard, Conchas challenges deficit models of schooling and turns school failure on its head. Going beyond presenting critical case studies of social inequality and education, this book features achievement cases that depict Latinos as active actors—not hopeless victims—in the quest for social and economic mobility.” -- from Publisher’s description.
Fundamentals of Practical Environmentalism
Mark B. Weldon
EBL eBook
“A fresh view of modern environmentalism, Fundamentals of Practical Environmentalism challenges readers to integrate concern for the environment with the necessities of daily living. This book introduces practical environmentalism as a new approach to sustainable environmental progress. It presents a four-part framework that includes environmental degradation, resource conservation, economic progress, and personal benefit as the four pillars to address when attempting to act on behalf of the environment.” -- from Publisher’s description.
Internet afterlife: virtual salvation in the 21st century
Kevin O'Neill
EBL eBook
 “The Internet has reinvented the paradigm of life and death: social media enables a discourse with loved ones long after their deaths, while gaming sites provide opportunities for multiple lives and life forms. In this thought-provoking work, author Kevin O'Neill examines America's concept of afterlife—as imagined in cyberspace—and considers how technologies designed to emulate immortality present serious challenges to our ideas about human identity and to our religious beliefs about heaven and hell.” – from Publisher’s description.
Islam and competing nationalisms in the Middle East book cover
Islam and competing nationalisms in the Middle East, 1876-1926
Kamal Soleimani
BP173.55 .S65 2016
"This book calls into question the foundational epistemologies of the nation-state by centering on the pivotal and intimate role Islam played in the emergence of the nation-state, showing the entanglements and reciprocities of nationalism and religious thought as they played out in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Middle East."--Back cover.
The girls in the garden book cover
The girls in the garden : a novel
Lisa Jewell
PR6060.E95 G57 2016
"Deep in the heart of London, in a lush communal square, as a festive garden party is taking place, a thirteen year-old girl lies unconscious and bloody in a hidden corner. What really happened to her? And who is responsible? For fans of Liane Moriarty and Jojo Moyes comes a family drama with a dark mystery at its core, from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jewell." --from Melvyl catalog.
The fall of heaven book cover
The fall of heaven : the Pahlavis and the final days of imperial Iran
Andrew Scott Cooper
DS318 .C655 2016
"An immersive, gripping account of the rise and fall of Iran's glamorous Pahlavi dynasty, written with the cooperation of the late Shah's widow, Empress Farah. In this remarkably human portrait of one of the twentieth century's most complicated personalities, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Andrew Scott Cooper traces the Shah's life from childhood through his ascension to the throne in 1941." --from Melvyl catalog.
Gender and the rhetoric of modernity in Spanish America book cover
Gender and the rhetoric of modernity in Spanish America : 1850-1910
Lee Joan Skinner
PQ7081 .S59 2016
"The author examines the work of both male and female writers to show how nineteenth-century discourses of modernity and gender overlapped and shaped each other in the Spanish-colonized Americas." --from Melvyl catalog.
Dangerous creole liaisons book cover
Dangerous creole liaisons : sexuality and nationalism in French Caribbean discourses from 1806 to 1897
Jacqueline Couti
F2181 .C68 2016
"Dangerous Creole Liaisons examines the neglected corpus of white Creole writers from the French Caribbean and how their discourse has been reappropriated to expose the significant role these men played in the construction of blackness, French nationalism and culture." --Melvyl catalog.
Visualizing mathematics with 3D printing book cover
Visualizing mathematics with 3D printing
Henry Segerman
EBL eBook
"Wouldn’t it be great to experience three-dimensional ideas in three dimensions? In this book—the first of its kind—mathematician and mathematical artist Henry Segerman takes readers on a fascinating tour of two-, three-, and four-dimensional mathematics, exploring Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, symmetry, knots, tilings, and soap films. Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing includes more than 100 color photographs of 3D printed models." -- from Publisher's description.