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New Books and DVDs

Islamophobia in America: the anatomy of intolerance book cover
Islamophobia in America: the anatomy of intolerance
Carl W. Ernst
EBL eBook
“Five essays by six specialists on Islam in America provide important insights into Islamophobia as a conflict over American identity during a time of crisis. The authors clarify the way that differences of religion, race, and gender have been used to portray Muslims as threatening "out-groups," just as other minorities (Catholics, Jews, blacks) have been attacked in the past. The result is a valuable and thought-provoking analysis of the tactics for denying full citizenship to a minority religious group." -- from Melvyl catalog.
City of Endless Night book cover
City of Endless Night
Milo Hastings
EBL eBook
“Written toward the end of World War I and published in 1919, this gripping dystopian novel offers remarkably prescient views of Germany's resurgence and the rise of fascism…A landmark of science fiction, this pioneering novel was the precursor of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and other visionary tales.” -- from Melvyl catalog.
Propaganda and the public mind: conversations with Noam Chomsky book cover
Propaganda and the public mind: conversations with Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky, David Barsamian
Ebrary eBook
“Renowned interviewer David Barsamian showcases his unique access to Chomsky's thinking on a number of topics of contemporary and historical import. Chomsky offers insights into the institutions that shape the public mind in the service of power and profit.” -- from Publisher's description.
Hispanic serving institutions in American higher education book cover
Hispanic serving institutions in American higher education
Jesse Perez Mendez; Fred A. Bonner II; Josephine Méndez-Negrete
Ebrary eBook
“This book touches on the many facets of HSIs, painting an organic mosaic of institutions in position to advance Latino postsecondary progress, both chronicling the contemporary challenges that these institutions face while also looking to their future.” -- from Publisher's description.  
Monarchy DVD cover
David Starkey; David Hutt; David Wilson; Mary Cranitch; Lucy Swingler
JC375 .M66 2006
"Vivid descriptions and analysis of historical personalities with costumed actors, historical locations, and portraits to visually enliven the story of the English crown from the fall of Rome to the 1660s." --from Melvyl catalog.
The Chicago guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation book cover
The Chicago guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation
Bryan A. Garner
PE1106 .G35 2016
"Few people can write on the English language with the authority of Bryan A. Garner. The author of The Chicago Manual of Style's "Grammar and Usage" chapter, Garner explains the vagaries of English with absolute precision and utmost clarity. With The Chicago Guide to Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation, he has written the definitive guide for writers who want their prose to be both memorable and correct." --from Publisher.
Minority report DVD cover
Minority report
Ronald Shusett;
PN1997.M56 M56 2002
"John Anderon is a Washington D.C. detective in the year 2054. He is part of a 'Precrime,' a special police department that arrests criminals before they commit the actual crime. When Anderton discovers that he has been identified as a future killer, he must find out why and how he broke the law in order to prove his innocence of the crime he has yet to commit." --from Melvyl catalog.
History of wolves book cover
History of wolves : a novel
Emily Fridlund
PS3606.R536 H57 2017
"As she struggles to find a way out of the sequestered world into which she was born, Linda confronts the life-and-death consequences of the things people do-and fail to do-for the people they love. Winner of the McGinnis-Ritchie award for its first chapter, Emily Fridlund's propulsive and gorgeously written History of Wolves introduces a new writer of enormous range and talent." --from Melvyl catalog.
A consequential president book cover
A consequential president : the legacy of Barack Obama
Michael D'Antonio
E907 .D37 2017
"Recounts the accomplishments of President Obama during his eight years in office, considering his major successes and how he was able to govern while facing both racial hostility and unrealistic expectations." --from Melvyl catalog.
John of God book cover
John of God : the globalization of Brazilian faith healing
Cristina Rocha
BF1275.F3 R53 2017
"This is the first ethnographic account of the global spiritual movement headed by John of God, a Brazilian faith healer." -- from Publisher's description.
At mama's knee book cover
At mama's knee : mothers and race in black and white
April Ryan
E184.A1 R79 2017
"At Mama's Knee looks at race and race relations through the lessons that mothers transmit to their children. Through the stories of mothers from Hillary Clinton to Sybrina Fulton, we are reminded that attitudes change from one generation to the next and one child at a time." -- from Melvyl catalog.
Hidden figures book cover
Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race
Margot Lee Shetterly
QA27.5 .L44 2016
"Before John Glenn orbited the earth or Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, a group of dedicated female mathematicians known as "human computers" used pencils, slide rules and adding machines to calculate the numbers that would launch rockets, and astronauts, into space. Among these problem-solvers were a group of exceptionally talented African American women, some of the brightest minds of their generation... Even as Virginia's Jim Crow laws required them to be segregated from their white counterparts, the women of Langley's all-black "West Computing" group helped America achieve one of the things it desired most: a decisive victory over the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and complete domination of the heavens." - From publisher's description.