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New Books and DVDs

The conservative party book cover
The conservative party : from Thatcher to Cameron
Tim Bale
JN1129.C7 B25 2016
"The Conservatives are back, and back with a bang two election wins in a row and, providing they can hold things together, in a pretty good position to win another. But many questions about their recent past, present, and future still remain."--from Melvyl catalog.
A plea for the animals book cover
A plea for the animals : the moral, philosophical, and evolutionary imperative to treat all beings with compassion
Matthieu Ricard
HV4708 .R5313 2016
"Every cow just wants to be happy. Every chicken just wants to be free. Every bear, dog, or mouse experiences sorrow and feels pain as intensely as any of us humans do. In a compelling appeal to reason and human kindness, Matthieu Ricard here takes the arguments from his best-sellers Altruismand Happiness to their logical conclusion: that compassion toward all beings, including our fellow animals, is a moral obligation and the direction toward which any enlightened society must aspire." --from Melvyl catalog.
The making of modern Korea book cover
The making of modern Korea
Adrian Buzo
DS916 .B89 2017
"This fully updated third edition of The Making of Modern Korea provides a thorough, balanced and engaging history of Korea from 1876 to the present day. The text is unique in analysing domestic developments in the two Koreas in the wider context of regional and international affairs." --from Melvyl catalog.
We eat our own : a novel book cover
We eat our own : a novel
Kea Wilson
PS3623.I58543 W4 2016
"An ambitious debut novel by an original young writer, We Eat Our Own blurs the lines between life and art with the story of a film director's unthinkable experiment in the Amazon. Inspired by a true story from the annals of 1970s Italian horror film, and told in dazzlingly precise prose, We Eat Our Own is a resounding literary debut, a thrilling journey behind the scenes of a shocking film and a thoughtful commentary on violence and its repercussions." --from Melvyl catalog.
Shirley Jackson : a rather haunted life book cover
Shirley Jackson : a rather haunted life
Ruth Franklin
PS3519.A392 Z64 2016
"Still known to millions only as the author of the "The Lottery," Shirley Jackson (1916-1965) remains curiously absent from the American literary canon. A genius of literary suspense, Jackson plumbed the cultural anxiety of postwar America better than anyone.  Based on a wealth of previously undiscovered correspondence and dozens of new interviews, Shirley Jackson, with its exploration of astonishing talent shaped by a damaged childhood and a troubled marriage to literary critic Stanley Hyman, becomes the definitive biography of a generational avatar and an American literary giant." --from Melvyl catalog.
Dada Africa book cover
Dada Africa : dialogue with the other
Esther Tisa Francini
N6494.D3 D32 2016
"Apart from the notorious brouhaha it caused on the European art scene of the time, the Dada movement aimed also at bringing to life non-European forms of artistic expression...published in conjunction with exhibitions at the two museums in spring and summer 2016, this new book for the first time closely examines the Dadaists' exploration of non-European art and culture." --from Melvyl catalog.
Haider DVD cover
Vishal Bharadwaj
PN1997.2 .H35 2014 discs 1-2
"Vishal Bhardwaj's adaptation of William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', Haider. Set in 1995, a young man returns home to Kashmir on receiving news of his father's disappearance. Not only does he learn that security forces have detained his father for harboring militants, but that his mother is in a relationship with his very own uncle. Intense drama follows between mother and son as both struggle to come to terms with news of his father's death. Soon Haider learns that his uncle is responsible for the gruesome murder, what follows is his journey to avenge his father's death." --Container.
Udta Punjab DVD cover
Udta Punjab
Abhishek Chaubey
PN1997.2 .S57 2001
"A fictional drama set in the north Indian State of Punjab that presents how a rock star, a migrant laborer, a doctor and a cop all encounter and deal with drug abuse." --from Melvyl.
Staging Harmony book cover
Staging harmony : music and religious change in late medieval and early modern English drama
Katherine Steele Brokaw
PR658.R43 B76 2016
"In Staging Harmony, Katherine Steele Brokaw reveals how the relationship between drama, music, and religious change across England's long sixteenth century moved religious discourse to more moderate positions. In analyzing musical practices and discourses, theological debates, devotional practices, and early staging conditions, Brokaw offers new readings of well-known plays (Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, Shakespeare’s The Tempest and The Winter’s Tale) as well as Tudor dramas by playwrights including John Bale, Nicholas Udall, and William Wager." --from Cornell University Press.
Eating Earth book cover
Eating Earth : Environmental Ethics and Dietary Choice
Lisa Kemmerer
EBL eBook
"In Eating Earth, Lisa Kemmerer reveals a potential place of common ground for the environmental and animal-rights movements: human dietary choice...The book argues that rather than choosing to pursue separate agendas, a joint promotion...could lead to targeted results for both groups...A brief but poignant examination of what human beings consume, Eating Earth shows that the issue of dietary choice deserves to be considered in a new environmental light." -- from Publisher's description.
The reluctant pilgrim book cover
The reluctant pilgrim : a skeptic's journey into native mysteries
Roger L Welsch
Ebrary eBook
"The Reluctant Pilgrim shares a skeptic’s spiritual journey from his Lutheran upbringing to the Native sensibilities of his adoptive families in both the Omaha and Pawnee tribes...encounters during his life prompted Welsch to confront a new way of learning and teaching as he was drawn inexorably into another world. Confronting mainstream contemporary culture’s tendency to dismiss the magical, mystical, and unexplained, Welsch shares his personal experiences and celebrates the fact that even in our scientific world, “Something Is Going On,” just beyond our ken." -- from Publisher's description.
Hang 'em high book cover
Hang 'em high : law and disorder in western films and literature
Bob Herzberg
Ebrary eBook
"...This book discusses the many Western films as well as the novels they are based on, that illustrate distortions of the law in the Old West and the many ways, most of them marked by vengeance, in which its characters pursued justice. The author has used correspondence from studio files, letters from the Production Code office, newspaper and magazine reviews, passages from the novels to analyze not only the filmmakers' intentions but also how the films, contrary to reality, became a showcase of America as it promoted the principles of due process, trial by jury, and innocence before proven guilty." -- from Publisher's description.
Sweetness and Blood book cover
Sweetness and Blood : How Surfing Spread from Hawaii and California to the Rest of the World, with Some Unexpected Results
Michael Moore
EBL eBook
"How did an obscure tribal sport from precolonial Hawaii--one that was nearly eliminated by Christian missionaries--jump oceans to California and Australia? And how did it become such a worldwide passion, even in places where the surf may be excellent but the society is highly conservative or superstitious about the sea? In this brilliantly written travel adventure, journalist (and surfer) Michael Scott Moore visits unlikely surfing destinations--Israel and the Gaza Strip, West Africa, Great Britain, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Cuba, and Morocco--to find out. Whether he is connecting eccentric surf legend Doc Paskowitz to the Arab-Israeli conflict, trying to deconstruct the terrorist bombing in a nightclub in Bali, or being chased by the German police while surfing a river break in Berlin, Moore masterfully weaves together politics, culture, history, and surfing to create a book like no other." -- from Publisher's description.
Drinks with Dead Poets book cover
Drinks with Dead Poets
Glyn Maxwell
EBL eBook
"Poet Glyn Maxwell wakes up in a mysterious village one autumn day. He has no idea how he got there – is he dead? in a coma? dreaming? – but he has a strange feeling there’s a class to teach. And isn’t that the poet Keats wandering down the lane? Why not ask him to give a reading, do a Q and A, hit the pub with the students afterwards? Soon the whole of the autumn term stretches ahead, with Byron, Yeats and Emily Dickinson, the Brontës, the Brownings and Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, Wilfred Owen and many more all on their way to give readings in the humble village hall. And everything they say – in class, on stage, at the Cross Keys pub – comes verbatim from their diaries, essays, or letters. Drinks With Dead Poets is a homage to the departed, a tale of the lives and loves of students, a critical guide to great English poetry, the dream of a heavenly autumn." -- from Publisher's description.