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New Books and DVDs

Living in the age of airplanes DVD cover
Living in the age of airplanes
Harrison Ford; Bryan H Carroll; Brian J Terwilliger; National Geographic Studios.
TL670 .L58 2016
"'Living in the Age of Airplanes' is a story about how the airplane has changed the world. Filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents, it renews our appreciation for one of the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring aspencts of the modern world." --from Melvyl catalog.
Black Moses book cover
Black Moses
Alain Mabanckou; Helen Stevenson, (Translator)
PQ3989.2.M217 P4813 2017
"[This book] is a funny, moving, larger-than-life tale that chronicles Moses's ultimately tragic journey through the Pointe-Noire underworld and the politically repressive world of Congo-Brazzaville in the 1970s and 80s. Mabanckou's vivid portrayal of Moses's mental collapse echoes the work of Hugo, Dickens, and Brian DePalma's Scarface, confirming Mabanckou's status as one of our great storytellers." --from Melvyl catalog.
Life through time and space book cover
Life through time and space
Wallace Arthur; Stephen Arthur, (Illustrator)
QH325 .A724 2017
"We all had three origins: the origin of our own individual life, the origin of life on Earth, and the origin of our planetary home from a universe that initially had neither stars nor planets. This book tells the stories of these three origins and the evolutionary processes connected with them." --from Melvyl catalog.
Watch me disappear book cover
Watch me disappear : a novel
Maureen Dezell
PS3602.R698 W38 2017
"A beautiful Berkeley mom with a radical past vanishes while hiking, leaving her family to piece together her secrets, in this keenly observed novel for readers of Emma Straub and Maria Semple." --from Melvyl catalog.
The witch book cover
The witch : a history of fear, from ancient times to present
Ronald Hutton
BF1566 .H88 2017
"The witch came to prominence--and often a painful death--in early modern Europe, yet her origins are much more geographically diverse and historically deep. In this landmark book, Ronald Hutton traces witchcraft from the ancient world to the early-modern stake." --from Melvyl catalog.
Reading Lena Dunham's Girls book cover
Reading Lena Dunham's Girls : feminism, postfeminism, authenticity and gendered performance in contemporary television
Merth Nash, Imelda Whelehan
SpringerLink eBook
"In this book, leading international and emerging scholars consider the mixed critical responses to Lena Dunham’s TV series Girls and reflect on its significance to contemporary debates about postfeminist popular cultures in a post-recession context…The authors of this volume discuss the contemporary scholarship on Girls, from its representation of post-millennial gender politics to revulsion and repugnance at depictions of the messiness and imperfections of sex, embodiment, and social interactions…This work will appeal to those interested in feminist theory, identity politics, popular culture, and media." -- from Melvyl catalog.
What is life? book cover
What is life? On Earth and beyond
Andreas Losch
Cambridge eBook
“Has the secret of life been unveiled and is it nothing more than physical chemistry? Modern philosophers will ask if we can even define life at all, as we still don't know much about its origins here on Earth. Others regard life as something that cannot simply be reduced to just physics and chemistry, while biologists emphasize the historical component intrinsic to life on Earth. How can theology constructively interpret scientific findings? Can it contribute constructively to scientific discussions? Written for a broad interdisciplinary audience, this probing volume discusses life, intelligence and more against the background of contemporary biology and the wider contexts of astrobiology and cosmology. It also considers the challenging implications for science and theology if extraterrestrial life is discovered in the future.” -- from Melvyl catalog.
Shakespeare's two playhouses book cover
Shakespeare's two playhouses: repertory and theatre space at the Globe and the Blackfriars, 1599--1613
Sarah Dustagheer
Cambridge eBook
"In what ways did playwrights like Shakespeare respond to the two urban locations of the Globe and the Blackfriars? What was the effect of their different acoustic and visual experiences on actors and audiences? What did the labels 'public' for the Globe and 'private' for the Blackfriars, actually mean in practice? Sarah Dustagheer offers the first in-depth, comparative analysis of the performance conditions of the two sites. This engaging study examines how the social, urban, sensory and historical characteristics of these playhouses affected dramatists, audiences and actors." -- from publisher's description.
Drug wars book cover
Drug wars : how big pharma raises prices and keeps generics off the market
Robin Feldman
MyiLibrary eBook
“While the shockingly high prices of prescription drugs continue to dominate the news, the strategies used by pharmaceutical companies to prevent generic competition are poorly understood, even by the lawmakers responsible for regulating them. In this groundbreaking work, Robin Feldman and Evan Frondorf illuminate the inner workings of the pharmaceutical market and show how drug companies twist health policy to achieve goals contrary to the public interest.” – from publisher description.
Marketing Renewable Energy book cover
Marketing renewable energy : concepts, business models and cases
Carsten Herbes, Christian Friege
SpringerLink eBook
"This book answers questions such as: How do you market green electricity or bio-methane? What is the right price for renewable energy? ... Is direct marketing or online marketing the key to success? ... Employing an easy-to-follow, clearly structured format, it combines the latest research results and concrete case studies to help readers understand the fundamentals of marketing for renewable energies and new business models from different countries" – from Melvyl catalog.
Slaughterhouse book cover
Slaughterhouse : the shocking story of greed, neglect, and inhumane treatment inside the U.S. meat industry
Gail A Eisnitz
TS1963 .E37 2007
"The author investigates the American meat industry, speaking to inspectors and other workers in slaughterhouses and describing health and humane slaughter violations as well as dangerous working conditions." -- from Melvyl catalog.
Gender : ideas, interactions, institutions book cover
Gender : ideas, interactions, institutions
Lisa Wade, (Professor); Myra Marx Ferree
HQ1075 .W33 2015
"Wade and Ferree's first edition textbook is a lively introduction to the sociology of gender. Probing questions, the same ones that students often bring to the course, frame readable chapters that are packed with the most up-to-date scholarship available--in language students will understand. The authors use memorable examples mined from pop culture, history, psychology, biology, and everyday life to truly engagestudents in the study of gender and spark interest in sociological perspectives."--Publisher's description.
Returned book cover
Returned : going and coming in an age of deportation
Deborah A Boehm
K3277 .B64 2016
"This book follows transnational Mexicans as they experience the alienation and unpredictability of deportation, tracing the particular ways that U.S. immigration policies and state removals affect families. Deportation--an emergent global order of social injustice--reaches far beyond the individual deportee, as family members with diverse." --from Melvyl catalog.
Reimagining equality book cover
Reimagining equality : stories of gender, race, and finding home
Anita Hill
E185.86 .H655 2011
"[Hill] turns her attention to another potent and enduring symbol of economic success and equality-the home. Hill details how the current housing crisis, resulting in the devastation of so many families, so many communities, and even whole cities, imperils every American's ability to achieve the American Dream." --from Melvyl catalog. 
Guns, germs, and steel book cover
Guns, germs, and steel : the fates of human societies
Jared M Diamond
HM206 .D48 2017
"The author dismantles racially based theories of human history by revealing the environmental factors he feels are responsible for history's broadest patterns." --from Melvyl catalog.
Aunt Julia and the scriptwriter book cover
Aunt Julia and the scriptwriter
Mario Vargas Llosa; Helen R Lane
PQ8498.32.A65 T513 2007
"Reality merges with fantasy in this hilarious comic novel about the world of radio soap operas and the pitfalls of forbidden passion by the bestselling author of The Storyteller. Sexy, sophisticated, older Aunt Julia, now divorced, seeks a new mate who can support her in high style. She finds instead her libidinous nephew, and their affair shocks both famiy and community." --from Melvyl catalog.
Fast book cover
Jorie Graham
PS3557.R214 A6 2017
"In her first new collection in five years--her most exhilarating, personal, and formally inventive to date--Graham explores the limits of the human and the uneasy seductions of the post-human." -- from Melvyl catalog.
Sex and the constitution book cover
Sex and the constitution : sex, religion, and law from America's origins to the twenty-first century
Geoffrey R Stone
KF9325 .S76 2017
"A constitutional scholar traces the evolution of legal and moral codes that have attempted to legislate sexual behavior from the ancient world to today, citing the agitators, moralists, lawmakers, and Supreme Court justices who have shaped some of the most divisive sexual debates. There has never been a book like Sex and the Constitution, a one-volume history that chapter after chapter overturns popular shibboleths, while dramatically narrating the epic story of how sex came to be legislated in America." --from Publisher's website.
Bitch doctrine book cover
Bitch doctrine : essays for dissenting adults
Laurie Penny
HM621 .P455 2017
"Smart and provocative, witty and uncompromising, this collection of Laurie Penny's celebrated essays establishes her as one of the most important and vibrant political voices of our time. Bitch Doctrine takes an unflinching look at the definitive issues of our age, from the shock of Donald Trump's election and the victories of the far right to online harassment and the transgender rights movement"-- from Amazon summary.
Thoreau's animals book cover
Thoreau's animals
Henry David Thoreau; Debby Cotter Kaspari; Geoff Wisner
PS3042 .W56 2017
"From Thoreau's renowned Journal, a treasury of memorable, funny, and sharply observed accounts of his encounters with the wild and domestic animals of Concord." --from Melvyl catalog.
The Sutton Hoo Story book cover
The Sutton Hoo Story
Martin Carver
DA155 .C38 2017
"A definitive account of Sutton Hoo, its discovery, history and famed treasure." --from Melvyl catalog.
Divided we stand book cover
Divided we stand : racism in America from Jamestown to Trump
David R Morse
E185.615 .M677 2017
" In this new book, David R. Morse, details how the "whiteness" of America came about and how it has become more prevalent from time to time, beginning with the founding of Jamestown to the current administration of Donald Trump." -- from Amazon summary.