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RefWorks is an online tool that helps you manage, store, format and cite resources used in the research process.
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RefWorks Tutorials

Need more help importing from specific databases? Try these sites.
Importing from Online Database Vendors
RefWorks – Import Instructions (University of Massachusetts, Amherst Libraries)

Exporting References from Google Scholar into RefWorks

At the Google Scholar page, click "Scholar Preferences". Scroll down to "Bibliography Manager". Select "Show links to import citations into". Select "RefWorks" from the drop down menu. Click "Save Preferences".

After you have set your preferences, you will see an "Import into RefWorks" link under each item listed from your Google Scholar search. Click on the "Import into RefWorks" link. You will be taken to the RefWorks Login page. Click "Login". The reference will be imported automatically. At the Edit view of the reference, click "Save Reference". To view the reference, go to View > Folder > Last Imported.

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