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LAUC-M Fall Meeting

December 1, 2010


LAUC attendees: Bruce Miller, Donald Barclay, Sara Davidson (Secretary), Jim Dooley, Emily Lin (Vice-Chair), Susan Mikkelsen, Teal Smith (Chair)


Other attendees: Eric Scott (Library Administration)





1. UC Online Instruction Pilot


Background: LAUC Chair Michael Yonezawa is seeking feedback on a draft letter to the ULs regarding the role of the Libraries and librarians in the pilot (e.g. opportunities for collaboration, potential issues with online resources, affect on ILL).


Summary of LAUC-M comments:

•   Libraries and librarians aren't typically consulted for course planning, which is the purview of Academic Senate, so our lack of involvement in the pilot is part of a larger issue of library influence in academic planning. For now, let's just keep an eye on it.

•   Normally a letter like this would have a request for some sort of action. Is any action expected?

•   Action: Teal send LAUC-M feedback to Michael Y. and LAUC Executive Board (as requested by Michael).



2. March Assembly


•   Dates noted as Wednesday March 9 to Saturday March 12.

Action: Teal double-check dates and email LAUC-M an update. Assembly should be 1 day.

•   Theme will be "LAUC: The Next Generation." Suggested topics?

Jim suggested NGTS. Bruce seconded and noted that he and perhaps Brian Schottlaender would be interested in contributing.

Action: Teal forward suggested topic to Michael Y.

•   Contract with Best Western has been signed for twenty rooms.

•   Registration info will go online soon.

•   Assembly will be in the McCune Room.

•   LAUC Assembly Blog will be continued

Action: If you intend to participate on the blog, let Teal know so appropriate permissions can be set up.



3. Librarian Review Procedures Document


Background: Please see Bruce's email from November 29, 2010 and review the attached documents.


•   Some edits proposed are procedural. Procedural changes to the document cannot be implemented at this point since the current review period has already begun. Any procedural changes to the document won't go into affect until December 2011. For this meeting, let's only discuss non-procedural edits.

•   However, while the document is fresh in our minds, let's schedule a separate meeting to discuss any procedural changes/questions to the document (to be implemented in next year's review process).

Action: Teal coordinate meeting

Action: All email LAUC your questions/suggested edits

•   One non-procedural edit that was proposed and accepted: on page 10, the section "A statement indicating agreement or disagreement..." should also include indicating why CAPA agrees or disagrees.

•   Action Summary:

ü   Bruce complete final edits to Librarian Review doc by Friday December 3 for immediate use.

ü   LAUC hold separate meeting before winter break to discuss procedural changes to document.

ü   Note other questions/inconsistencies in current review document as they come up during the spring reviews.

ü   Revisit review document in the spring after the review cycle has ended.


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