Congratulations to UC Merced undergraduates Stacey Van and Kristen Renberg, both winners of $100 prizes for the 2014 Undergraduate Library Research competition. Stacy and Kristen participated in the research poster competition sponsored by the UC Merced Office of Research and earned the library awards by submitting their research bibliographies and essays about the library research process.

Stacey's research poster titled Migration of Mouse Fibroblast Through Modified Myocardial Matrix Scaffolds described experimentation with an extracellular matrix hydrogel that promotes cardiac cell regeneration following a heart attack.

Kristen's poster, Gender Cues and Acceptance of Supreme Court Decisions: Experimental Study on Source Cues, was focused on research analyzing the role of gender cues in relation to decisions handed down by the Supreme Court on issues related to women's rights.

This was the third year that the library offered awards in conjunction with the campus-wide research poster competition. The purpose of the library awards is to honor students who demonstrate a high level of information literacy in their research. Information literacy skills include finding, selecting, evaluating, synthesizing, and citing scholarly information sources.