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Database Subject: Chemistry


Research Starting Points

AIP Scitation 

Provides online access to a robust collection of close to 1 million articles from leading physical sciences publications including journals, conference proceedings, standards, and magazines published by AIP Publishing and AIPP's publishing partners.

Alloy Phase Diagram Center Online 

The ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center allows subscribers to explore, search and view more than 11,000 binary and ternary phase diagrams and associated phase data for more than 2400 systems from their Web browsers.

American Chemical Society Symposium Series 

Contains eBooks developed from the ACS technical divisions' symposia. The series covers a range of topics including agricultural and food chemistry, chemical education, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and many others.

ATSDR's Toxicological Profiles 

Provides 152 final toxicological profiles covering the effects of hazardous substances, chemicals and compounds from the U.S. Public Health Service's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Cambridge Books Online  

Access to eBooks by Cambridge University Press, covering subjects from all disciplines across science, technology and medicine, as well as the humanities and social sciences.

Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) 

A database of accurate 3-D small-molecule organic and meta-organic crystal structures. Includes coverage of published literature and directly deposited data, validated and cross-checked by expert chemists and crystallographers. (Can be downloaded from the linked site.)


Gateway to web versions of Chapman & Hall/CRC chemical information resources. Contains information on physical property data, structural representations, and chemical synonyms.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 

Contains the most frequently used data in science, including the periodic table of the elements, basic constants and units, thermodynamic and spectroscopic data; electric, magnetic, thermal and structural properties of solids, key data from nuclear science, astronomy and geophysics; and up-to-date health and safety information. Part of the CHEMnetBASE collection.

Current Chemical Reactions  

(1985 – present) Delivers the latest synthetic methods reported in over 100 of the world's leading organic chemistry journals. Each reaction provides complete reaction diagrams, critical conditions, bibliographic data, and author abstracts.

Current Protocols Collection (Wiley) 

Titles in 3 subject areas: Chemistry, Life Sciences, Medicine and Healthcare.

Dictionary of Organic Compounds 

Physical and chemical constants for organic compounds; includes structure diagrams and literature references on synthesis, structure and spectra, etc. Available via ChemNetBase. (Requires Java plugin.)

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) 

Provides access to peer-reviewed open access books from reputable academic publishers. Books may be downloaded free of charge or bound copies purchased from publishers.

EPrint Network 

Department of Energy's gateway to preprints in scientific and technical disciplines of concern to DOE including physics, materials, and chemistry, biology, environmental sciences and nuclear medicine.

Index Chemicus  

(1993 - present) Provides access to chemical compound information and research data, allowing scholars to analyze trends, and share their findings.Covers more than 100 of the world's leading organic chemistry journals, offering full graphical summaries, important reaction diagrams, and complete bibliographic information.


1898 - present. Over 9 million records from over 5,000 journals, conference proceedings, reports, dissertations, and books (from 1969-2008). Produced by The Institution of Engineering and Technology and provided on the ISI Web of Science platform. Covers a range of subjects from computers and ocean engineering to astronomy and acoustics.

INSPEC Archive 

1898 - 1968. Science Abstracts Access over 70 years of international scientific & technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, computing & control engineering.


iScienceSearch is an internet search engine for chemists and biologists. Searches more than 60 data sources including Google, PubChem, and ChemSpider. Results can be sorted, filtered or grouped. Does not replace SciFinder. Users must allow Pop-up windows.

JoVE Lab Index 

Searches scientists, institutions, and published research papers by specific discipline and ranks scientists by their contribution to the field.

JoVE, Journal of Visualized Experiments - Biology Module 

A peer reviewed scientific video journal, presenting scientific research in a visual format with video articles from research institutions around the world.

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology 

Contains the complete text, including citations, tables, and abstracts, of many volumes of the 4th ed. of the Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology.