Digital Exhibits

About Digital Exhibits

Proposals may be submitted for digital art exhibits sponsored by a class or academic program. Digital exhibits will be displayed on select digital signage monitors throughout the Library.

The Digital Exhibit Process

Submit a proposal for a digital exhibit to the library at least 4 weeks and up to 1 year in advance. Include an itemized list and photographs (or a URL to photographs) of the items to be displayed.

Technical Guidelines and Specifications

Accepted Sign Dimensions for Images and Video
  • w1280 x h768 pixels

Accepted Formats
  • Image: JPEG or PNG
  • Video: MP4

Optimum Text Size
  • font size 18 or larger

When you are ready to submit your proposal, use the following form: UC Merced Library Exhibit Proposal

Digital Exhibits Monitor Locations

Digital Exhibits content will be displayed exclusively on monitors in the following locations:

  • Monitor outside of Library Offices suite (KL 260), Floor 2, Kolligian Library
  • Monitor adjacent to KL 397, Floor 3, Kolligian Library
  • Monitor adjacent to KL 371, Floor 3, Kolligian Library
  • Monitor across from Chancellor’s Conference Room, Floor 2, Kolligian Library

Digital Exhibits content may also be displayed in a limited capacity and along with other digital signage content on the following locations:

  • Monitor under Services Desk, Floor 2, Kolligian Library
  • Video wall, Floor 3, Kolligian Library
  • Monitor outside 4th floor elevator
  • Monitor in 1st floor elevator lobby
  • Monitor inside Library Offices suite (KL 260)

Copyright Issues

Using someone else's photos, fonts, songs, etc. without permission is a violation of copyright. Please email the library for more information on copyright compliance for digital exhibits.

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