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KL 355 on the third floor of the library is designated as a reading room. For exceptional occasions, it can be used for a non-library event. Non-library use of the space requires the approval of the University Librarian. The primary decision factor is balancing the need for student study space versus the broader interests of the University.

In recognition of the limited study space on campus and the importance of library spaces for studying, events are not scheduled in KL355 during weekday daytime hours*, final exam preparation, or final exams.


Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of rooms. Reservations requests must include set-up and clean-up time.

Furniture Layout

KL 355 must be used as configured. Furniture must not be moved within this room for an event. Additional furniture cannot be brought into this room. In most cases, this means that the room can be used only for a reception.


Maximum occupancy for KL 355 is 110. If alcohol is served, the maximum occupancy is 90. No exceptions.

Event Notification and Signage

On the day of the event, Library staff will post notices at the each of the three entrances (stair down to 255, two connecting bridges to KL380) that the room is reserved for non-library use.

Emergency Exits

The doors from KL 355 into the lobby of the third floor west wing are for emergency exiting only. It is a violation of California State Law and Library security policies to use these doors for any egress except for life-safety emergencies. No exceptions.

Information and directional signs

No signage may be posted on any exterior or interior surface of the Kolligian Library. Free-standing, temporary signs provided by the event host may be used if they do not interfere with Library operations and if they are removed promptly after the event.

Set-up and Clean-up

All events and associated activities (including set-up and clean-up) must be held within Library operating hours. Clean-up must be completed immediately following each activity and no later than one hour prior to the scheduled Library closing hour. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the University Librarian.

*Weekday event setup may not begin before 3:00pm.

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