Searching Tweets

Tweets are short (up to 140 characters) messages composed in Twitter, a free social networking and micro-blogging service.Twitter has gained popularity as celebrities, experts, news services, political parties, law-enforcement agencies and many other organizations have adopted this technology to communicate with stakeholders and fans.Twitter can be especially useful for identifying experts and leaders in various disciplines and exploring their dialog and interests.

Educause - 7 things you should know about...Twitter

Tools for Tweet Searching



Twellow (Twitter Yellow Pages)


How to Cite Tweets

The proper way to cite Tweets is still evolving. Here are some blog posts to get you started.

Gunther Eysenbach’s Random Research Rants – How to cite twitter, how to cite tweets, how to archive tweets

moonflowerdragon : How to cite Twitter posts in APA style

moonflowerdragon – Sample APA Twitter citations

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