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Derwent Innovations Index  
Description: (1993 - present) Delivers enriched patent literature from more than 40 patent-issuing authorities. Combines value-added patent records from Derwent World Patents Index with patent citation information from Patents Citation Index.

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esp@cenet (European Patent Office) 
Description: Freely available worldwide patent search from the European Patent Office.

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Free Patents Online 
Description: A free patent search engine which includes quick links to the most popular patent topics.

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Google Patent Search 
Description: Searches patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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LexisNexis Academic 
Description: Thousands of full-text sources including newspapers, wires, transcripts, newsletters, magazines, trade journals; also company information, law reviews, court decisions. Coverage dates vary. Especially good for news transcripts. Includes international information, including some Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish news sources.

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SciFinder Scholar 
Description: (From Chemical Abstract Services - CAS) A collection of chemical literature and information databases. Includes CAplus (the online version of Chemical Abstracts), the CAS Registry, and CASREACT. Requires the creation of an account.

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Description: Indexes 21,000 peer-reviewed journals, trade publications and book series. Includes 5.5 million conference papers and cross searches 25.2 million patents. Features a Journal Analyzer tool to assess journal performance. Trial access to Scopus ends on December 31, 2015 .

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Description: Full-text cross-collection searching of US & EP patents and applications, PCT documents, and Japanese abstracts.

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USPTO Web Patent Databases 
Description: 1790 - present. United States Patent and Trademark Office produced database of U.S. patents. Full-text available for each patent. USPTO Manual of Classification How to Identify and Obtain Patents.

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