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AIP Scitation 
Description: Provides online access to a robust collection of close to 1 million articles from leading physical sciences publications including journals, conference proceedings, standards, and magazines published by AIP Publishing and AIPP's publishing partners.

Tags:  optics, nanotechnology, acoustics  (show tags)(hide tags)

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Description: e-Print archive Preprints for physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, and computer science. Formerly the Los Alamos National Laboratory Eprint Archive, and also known as "," the main site hardware operations were transferred from Los Alamos to the Cornell University Library site in December 2001.

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CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 
Description: Contains the most frequently used data in science, including the periodic table of the elements, basic constants and units, thermodynamic and spectroscopic data; electric, magnetic, thermal and structural properties of solids, key data from nuclear science, astronomy and geophysics; and up-to-date health and safety information. Part of the CHEMnetBASE collection.

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Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) 
Description: Provides access to peer-reviewed open access books from reputable academic publishers. Books may be downloaded free of charge or bound copies purchased from publishers.

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EPrint Network 
Description: Department of Energy's gateway to preprints in scientific and technical disciplines of concern to DOE including physics, materials, and chemistry, biology, environmental sciences and nuclear medicine.

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Description: 1898 - present. Over 9 million records from over 5,000 journals, conference proceedings, reports, dissertations, and books (from 1969-2008). Produced by The Institution of Engineering and Technology and provided on the ISI Web of Science platform. Covers a range of subjects from computers and ocean engineering to astronomy and acoustics.

Tags:  bioinformatics  (show tags)(hide tags)

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INSPEC Archive 
Description: 1898 - 1968. Science Abstracts Access over 70 years of international scientific & technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, computing & control engineering.

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INSPIRE: High-Energy Physics Literature Database 
Description: 1974 - present. Indexes high-energy physics articles, including journal papers, preprints, e-prints, technical reports, conference papers and theses. Links to citing papers for journal articles and preprints. SPIRES also provides citation counts for articles and preprints, as well as special reports on highly cited papers.

Tags:  Stanford Linear Accelerator, HEP  (show tags)(hide tags)

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Landolt-Bornstein Archives 
Description: Data from all areas of physical science and engineering. Available on Portico platform. Click on E-BOOK TITLES (center tab) to see list of titles.

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NASA Astrophysics Data System 
Description: Includes four sets of abstracts: astronomy and astrophysics, instrumentation, physics and geophysics, and Los Alamos National Laboratory preprints.

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Net Advance of Physics 
Description: Offers an A-Z topics index and a hierarchical index of Web links to free physics review articles and tutorials and physics internet sites.

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Review of Particle Physics Particle Data Group 
Description: The PDG reviews the field of Particle Physics, and compiles and analyzes data on particle properties. The Review of Particle Physics is the most cited publication in particle physics during the last decade.

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Science Citation Index Expanded 
Description: 1900 - present. See Web of Science. Citations to science related topics available through ISI Web of Knowledge.

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SciFinder Scholar 
Description: (From Chemical Abstract Services - CAS) A collection of chemical literature and information databases. Includes CAplus (the online version of Chemical Abstracts), the CAS Registry, and CASREACT. Requires the creation of an account.

Tags:  chemical abstracts, chemical_abstracts, CAS, CASREACT  (show tags)(hide tags)

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Description: Indexes 21,000 peer-reviewed journals, trade publications and book series. Includes 5.5 million conference papers and cross searches 25.2 million patents. Features a Journal Analyzer tool to assess journal performance. Trial access to Scopus ends on December 31, 2015 .

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SIAM e-books 
Description: Approximately 400 SIAM books published over the past five decades. Titles cover a wide range of applied mathematics and computational science subject areas.

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SPIE Digital Library 
Description: 1990 - present. Contains full-text technical papers on optics and photonics from SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering). Includes journals and proceedings.

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Web of Science 
Description: Provides access to multiple science and social science databases: Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975 - present), Social Sciences Citation Index (1956 - present), Science Citation Index (1900 - present), Conference Proceedings Citation Index-Science (1990 - present), and Conference Proceedings Citation Index-Social Science & Humanities (1990 - present).

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Wolfram Alpha 
Description: Wolfram Alpha is an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data. Searches hundreds of datasets and many external sources.

Tags:  math, numbers  (show tags)(hide tags)

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