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Borrowing Quick Facts

  • UC Merced students, faculty and staff use CatCard to check out books and DVDs
  • Visiting scholars may create an account to gain access to library resources
  • UC associates and other educators may apply for a Courtesy Borrower Account (details below)
  • Community members may set up a Fee Borrower Account
  • Loan periods vary for different groups (see chart below)
  • Borrower cards are non-transferable
  • All Borrowers must comply with library policies and agree to pay overdue fines and bills for lost/damaged books and materials

Visiting Scholars

  • Must bring their CatCard (UC Merced ID) to the second floor services desk to set up an account
  • Have four week loan periods for all materials (including DVDs)

Courtesy Borrower Accounts
  • Free to those who qualify
  • Students, faculty and staff of the University of California
  • Retirees and emeriti of the University of California
  • Faculty and librarians from accredited institutions of higher learning in California
  • Dues paying members of UC alumni associations
  • Immediate family, over the age of 18, of faculty and staff of the University of California
  • Certificated employees of California public schools
  • ID and proof of status required
  • Courtesy Borrower Accounts do not include off campus access to electronic books and journals
  • Sign up for a Courtesy Borrower Account

Fee Borrower Accounts
  • Any U.S. resident over the age of 18 with a valid CA drivers license or picture ID
    -$100.00 for one year
  • Registered degree program students of California State University or Community College Systems
    -$25.00 for six months
    -$50.00 for one year
  • Fee Borrower Accounts do not include off campus access to electronic books and journals
  • Sign up for a Fee Borrower Account

Loan Periods

UC Merced Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff UC Merced Undergraduate Students Visiting Scholars Other UC Campus Faculty, Students, and Staff Courtesy Privileges & Fee Privileges
Items Allowed 100 100 100 25 10
Loan Period 1 year 6 months 4 weeks 14 days 14 days
Interlibrary Loan YES YES NO NO NO
Renewals NO NO NO NO NO
Proxy Privileges Faculty only Disabled only NO NO NO
Replacement Fees Cost of Item and Processing Fee Cost of Item and Processing Fee Cost of Item and Processing Fee Cost of Item and Processing Fee Cost of Item and Processing Fee
*Journals do not circulate. DVDs circulate for 2 weeks.

Returning Materials

  • Items must be returned by closing time on the due date
  • Return books at drop slot outside the library near the bookstore entrance or the return box near the 2nd floor Services Desk
  • The Library is not responsible for items returned at any other location

Recalled Materials

  • Books and other materials are subject to recall one week after you check them out
  • Recalled items have been requested by someone else
  • Recalled items must be returned immediately
  • Failure to return recalled items promptly will result in a suspension of your borrowing privileges

Overdue Materials

  • Borrowing privileges are suspended until you return overdue materials
  • Items more than 30 days overdue are considered lost and you will be charged for replacement
  • Your borrowing privileges are reinstated when you return overdue items and pay any related fees


  • Lost items are billed at the replacement cost or $100 (whichever is larger) plus $25 for processing
  • If you return a lost item before the replacement is ordered, the replacement cost will be canceled ($25 processing fee will still apply)
  • Charges outstanding more than 30 days may be referred to a collection agency
  • Outstanding charges may result in blocked registration for classes and/or blocked access to transcripts

The Library loans a wide variety of materials in various formats Please see a complete list of circulating items to determine availability.

VPN (off-campus) access to electronic books and journals is available only for UC Merced students, faculty and staff. Other borrowers may use public library terminals or the campus guest network to access electronic resources while on campus.

For more information, contact the Library Services Desk 209.228.4444 or email library@ucmerced.edu.

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