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ArcGIS Software Request - 2020

ArcMap will only run on computers with Windows operating systems. The software will not run on native Mac OS.

ArcMap licenses are issued yearly, and current active licenses expire on March 1, 2021.

Licenses for staff, faculty and research purposes will be issued within three business days.

For ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro licenses - please follow the directions here or go to our UC Merced ArcGIS Online portal for more information

For any questions regarding licensing - please contact

If you are a new user of ArcMap, we encourage you to work with ArcGIS Pro unless this software is required by your Faculty Advisor, PI and/or professor
I understand and agree to follow all license restrictions for this software. Unauthorized use and distribution of software license to a different user is a violation of the campus-wide license agreement.
This is required for SpARC to issue a free license and to identify areas of support that the University may need for training, data and software training. Please be as detailed as possible, we will not generate a FREE license without adequate detail.
What type of GIS services or training might you need for your research or education?
Additional comments or request for multiple licenses.
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