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Exhibit: M[y]erced Photography Exhibit


M[y]erced Photography Exhibit

A first-ever exhibition curated by UC Merced students, M[y]erced showcases photographs created by their fellow students in the course, GASP 141/ARTS 141/HIST 114 History & Practice of Photography. Student photographers set out to represent what this town, and this school, means to them through pictures. The result is an impressive selection of works that evidences UC Merced students’ artistic talent, distinct perspectives, and creative potentials. These pictures also illustrate amply the unique flair and unseen beauty of Merced that many students have grown to appreciate.

The exhibition is organized in four sections: The Town, A Day in the Life of a Merced Local, Landscape & Nature, and Life at UCM. Each section features a brief text that introduces,and interprets, the collection of photographs selected by student curators in GASP 151/History 138 Museum and Art Controversies.

The History & Practice of Photography is an innovative course that combines the creative and theoretical components of photography, traditionally taught in separate academic programs, and integrates hands-on image making into the study of history. The course challenges students to develop a critical eye and mind and to interrogate contemporary visual culture with their camera and writing. Students’ works can be viewed online: