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Exhibit: Art & Language: A Collaboration of Poets & Artists


Art & Language: A Collaboration of Poets & Artists

Art & Language: A Collaboration of Poets & Artists

In the spring of 2012, students in Writing 125: Poetry in Creative Writing, taught by Vanesha Pravin, collaborated with students in Arts 23: Multimedia, taught by Tonya Lopez-Craig, to create mutually inspired art and poetry. In order to minimize contextual interference during the creative process, students responded only to language or artwork, and knew their partners only by number. At the end, they were given an opportunity to meet during the art critique and poetry reading.

The collaborative process was as follows: prints from the artists served as triggers for initial poetic lines. Then simultaneously, each artist developed a mixed media project by interacting with the poetic line inspired by his or her print, while the poets interacted with the original prints further to compose ekphrastic poems (poems inspired by art).

This exhibit invites the viewer to experience the juxtaposition of image and text.