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Blaming immigrants book cover
Blaming immigrants: nationalism and the economics of global movement
Neeraj Kaushal
"Immigration is shaking up electoral politics around the world. In this book, economist Neeraj Kaushal investigates this rising anxiety and tests common complaints against immigration. She finds that immigration, on balance, is beneficial. It is neither the volume nor pace of immigration but the willingness to accept immigrants that is fueling disaffection. Featuring accessible and in-depth analysis of the economics of immigration in worldwide perspective, Blaming Immigrants is an informative and timely introduction to a critical global issue." -- from Melvyl catalog.
Setting the agenda book cover
Setting the agenda : mass media and public opinion
Maxwell McCombs
Ebook Central eBook
"Setting the Agenda describes the mass media's significant and sometimes controversial role in determining which topics are at the centre of public attention and action...In describing this media influence on what we think about and how we think about it, Setting the Agenda also discusses the sources of these media agendas, the psychological explanation for their impact on the public agenda, and the subsequent consequences for attitudes, opinions and behaviour." -- Provided by publisher.
Vanishing ice book cover
Vanishing ice: glaciers, ice sheets, and rising seas
Vivien Gornitz
"Drawing on a long-term perspective gained by examining changes in the cryosphere and corresponding variations in sea level over millions of years, [the author]... highlights the widespread repercussions of ice loss, which will affect countless people far removed from frozen regions, to demonstrate why the big meltdown matters to us all."-- Provided by publisher.
Thicker than oil book cover
Thicker than oil : America's uneasy partnership with Saudi Arabia
Rachel Bronson
Ebook Central eBook
"[The author] reveals why the partnership became so intimate and how the countries' shared interests sowed the seeds of today's most pressing problem--Islamic radicalism. Drawing on a wide range of archival material, declassified documents, and interviews with leading Saudi and American officials, and including many colorful stories of diplomatic adventures and misadventures, Bronson chronicles a history of close, and always controversial, contacts. She argues that contrary to popular belief the relationship was never simply about "oil for security." -- provided by publisher.
Language, gender, and sexuality book covers
Language, gender, and sexuality : an introduction
Scott F Kiesling
P96.S48 K54 2019
"Aimed at students with no background in linguistics or gender studies, this book is essential reading for anyone studying language, gender, and sexuality for the the first time." --from book cover.
Police abuse in contemporary democracies book cover
Police abuse in contemporary democracies
Michelle D Bonner (Editor), Guillermina Seri (Editor), Mary Rose Kubal (Editor), Michael Kempa (Editor)
HV7936.C56 P65 2018
"This volume offers a much-needed analysis of police abuse and its implications for our understanding of democracy. Sometimes referred to as police violence or police repression, police abuse occurs in all democracies. It is not an exception or a stage of democratization. It is, this volume argues, a structural and conceptional dimension of extant democracies. The book draws our attention to how including the study of policing into our analyses strengths our understanding of democracy, including the persistence of hybrid democracy and the decline of democracy. To this end, the book examines three key dimensions of democracy: citizenship, accountability, and socioeconomic (in)equality. Drawing from political theory, comparative politics, and political economy, the book explores cases from France, the US, India, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Brazil, and Canada. The book reveals how integrating police abuse can contribute to a more robust study of democracy and government in general." --from book cover.
Keywords for Latina/o studies book cover
Keywords for Latina/o studies
Deborah R Vargas (Editor), Nancy Raquel Mirabal (Editor), Lawrence M La Fountain-Stokes (Editor)
E184.S75 K48 2017
"Keywords for Latina/o Studies is a generative text that enhances the ongoing dialogue within a rapidly growing and changing field. The keywords included in this collection represent established and emergent terms, categories, and concepts that undergird Latina/o studies; they delineate the shifting contours of a field best thought of as an intellectual imaginary and experiential project of social and cultural identities within the U.S. academy." --from Melvyl catalog.
Keywords for disability studies book cover
Keywords for disability studies
Rachel Adams (Editor), Benjamin Reiss (Editor), David Serlin (Editor)
HV1568 .K49 2015
"Keywords for Disability Studies aims to broaden and define the conceptual framework of disability studies for readers and practitioners in the field and beyond. The volume engages some of the most pressing debates of our time, such as prenatal testing, euthanasia, accessibility in public transportation and the workplace, post-traumatic stress, and questions about the beginning and end of life." --from Melvyl catalog.
For white folks who teach in the hood-- and the rest of y'all too book cover
For white folks who teach in the hood-- and the rest of y'all too : reality pedagogy and urban education
Christopher Emdin
LC5131 .E5 2016
""Merging real stories with theory, research, and practice, a prominent scholar offers a new approach to teaching and learning for every stakeholder in urban education. Drawing on his own experience of feeling undervalued and invisible in science classrooms as a young man of color, Christopher Emdin offers a new lens on and approach to teaching in urban schools. With this fresh and engaging new pedagogical vision, Emdin demonstrates the importance of creating a family structure and building communities within the classroom, using culturally relevant strategies like hip-hop music and call-and-response, and connecting the experiences of urban youth to indigenous populations globally." --provided by publisher.
Being and becoming Ute book cover
Being and becoming Ute : the story of an American Indian people
Sondra Jones
E99.U8 J66 2019
"Sondra Jones traces the metamorphosis of the Ute people from a society of small, interrelated bands of mobile hunter-gatherers to sovereign, dependent nations, modern tribes who run extensive business enterprises and government services. Weaving together the history of all Ute groups in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. the narrative describes their traditional culture, including all the facets that have continued to define them as a people." --from Melvyl catalog.
One America book cover
One America? : presidential appeals to racial resentment from LBJ to Trump
Nathan Angelo
E839.5 .A74 2019
"Despite major advancements in civil rights in the United States since the 1960s, racial inequality continues to persist in American society. While it may appear that presidents do not address the topic of race, it lurks in the background of presidential political speech across a range of issues, including welfare, crime, and American identity. Using a thorough approach that places textual analysis in a historical context, One America? asks what presidents say about race, how often they say it, and to whom they say it." --from Melvyl catalog.
The city in the middle of the night book cover
The city in the middle of the night
Charlie Jane Anders
PS3601.N428 C58 2019
""If you control our sleep, then you can own our dreams . . . And from there, it's easy to control our entire lives." The bestselling author of All the Birds in the Sky returns with a strange, haunting, and deeply human tale. Sophie serves coffee at an underground cafe. She stays in the shadows and listens to the troubles of the parlor guests, but does not draw attention to herself for one simple reason: Sophie is supposed to be dead. When a nationalistic revolution forces Sophie from her safe haven, she must make a dangerous journey to a new city, one that revels in hedonism and chaos. After joining up with a band of smugglers, she finds herself on a long and treacherous path that will lead her far closer to the truth of her entire world--and to the dangers that lurk even in the light of day" -- Provided by publisher.
Being numerous : essays on non-fascist life
Being numerous : essays on non-fascist life
Natasha Lennard
E912 .L46 2019
"This book draws on essays that have appeared in The Evergreen Review, Real Life, Vice, Esquire, The Nation, Salon, Logic, Fusion, and The New Inquiry." --from Melvyl catalog.