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New Books and DVDs

Converging on cannibals book cover
Converging on cannibals : terrors of slaving in Atlantic Africa, 1509-1670
Jared Staller
GN409 .S73 2019
"In Converging on Cannibals, Jared Staller demonstrates that one of the most terrifying discourses used during the era of transatlantic slaving - cannibalism - was coproduced by Europeans and Africans."--from book cover.
Boys book cover
Boys : what it means to become a man
Rachel Giese
BF692.5 .G54 2018
"What does it mean to be growing up male right now, when ideas about masculinity are in flux and power differences between the sexes are shifting? Award-winning Canadian journalist Rachel Giese connects with readers on both sides of the gender divide as she investigates how we can support boys to become their fullest and most honest selves. With empathy and insight, she tells stories of how boys from different races, classes and backgrounds are navigating the transition into manhood." --from Melvyl catalog.
In pain book cover
In pain : a bioethicist's personal struggle with opioids
Travis N Rieder
RC568.O45 R54 2019
"In Pain is not only a gripping personal account of drug dependence, but also a groundbreaking exploration of the complex causes of our opiod epidemic and a path to resolving the crisis through provider education, policy, and alternative treatment advocacy." --from Dust jacket.
Giants of the monsoon forest book cover
Giants of the monsoon forest : living and working with elephants
Jacob Shell
QL795.E4 S525 2019
"High in the mountainous rainforests of Burma and India grow some of the world's last stands of mature, wild teak. For more than a thousand years people here have worked with elephants to log these otherwise impassable forests and move people and goods under cover of the forest canopy. Shell explains that the relationship between elephant and rider is an intimate one that lasts for many decades. When an elephant is young, he or she is paired with a rider, a mahout. The two might work together their entire lives. The result is a new perspective on animal intelligence, and an unexpected relationship between evolution in the natural world and political struggles in the human one." -- adapted from jacket.
When Islam is not a religion book cover
When Islam is not a religion : inside America's fight for religious freedom
Asma T Uddin
BP67.U6 U33 2019
"Religious liberty lawyer Asma Uddin has long considered her work defending people of all faiths to be a calling more than a job. Yet even as she seeks equal protection for Evangelicals, Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Native Americans, Jews, and Catholics alike, she has seen an ominous increase in attempts to criminalize Islam and exclude American Muslims from their inalienable rights. Somehow, the view that Muslims aren't human enough for human rights or constitutional protections is moving from the fringe to the mainstream--along with the claim "Islam is not a religion." This conceit affects all Americans because the loss of liberty for one means the loss of liberties for everyone. When Islam Is Not a Religion also looks at how faith in America is being secularized and politicized, and the repercussions this has on debates about religious freedom and diversity." --from Melvyl catalog.
A terrible thing to waste book cover
A terrible thing to waste : environmental racism and its assault on the American mind
Harriet A Washington
GE230 .W37 2019
""From injuries caused by lead poisoning to the devastating effects of atmospheric pollution, infectious disease, and industrial waste, Americans of color are harmed by environmental hazards in staggeringly disproportionate numbers. This systemic onslaught of toxic exposure and institutional negligence causes irreparable physical harm to millions of people across the country--cutting lives tragically short and needlessly burdening our health care system...[this book]  investigates heavy metals, neurotoxins, deficient prenatal care, bad nutrition, and even pathogens as chief agents influencing intelligence to explain why communities of color are disproportionately affected--and what can be done to remedy this devastating problem." --from Dust Jacket.
No ashes in the fire book cover
No ashes in the fire : coming of age black & free in America
Darnell L Moore
HQ76.27.A37 M66 2019
"As a teenager, Moore was tall and awkward and constantly bullied for being gay. And one afternoon three boys from his neighborhood doused him with gasoline and tried lighting a match. What happens to the black boys who come of age in neglected, poor, heavily policed, and economically desperate cities that the War on Drugs and mass incarceration have created? It wasn't until Darnell was pushed into the spotlight at a Newark rally after the murder of a young queer woman that he became a leading organizer with Black Lives Matter, a movement that recognized him and insisted that his life mattered. Here Moore gives voice to the rich, varied experiences of all those who survive on the edges of the margins." -- Provided by publisher.
Kids at work book cover
Kids at work : Latinx families selling food on the streets of Los Angeles
Emir Estrada
HD6250.U4 L6747 2019
"Street food markets have become wildly popular in Losa Angeles, and, behind the scenes, children have been instrumental in making these small business grow. In [this book], Emir Estrada shines a light on the surprising labor of such young workers, providing the first ethnography on the participation of Latinx children in street vending." - from book cover.
The injustice never leaves you book cover
The injustice never leaves you : anti-Mexican violence in Texas
Monica Muñoz Martinez
Ebook Central eBook
"The Injustice Never Leaves You documents a little known period of state violence in the early twentieth century that targeted ethnic Mexican residents in the Texas-Mexico borderlands...explaining why violence occurred, what it meant at the time, and what it means today. It examines a policing regime that killed with impunity between 1910 and 1920. Politicians, historians, the media, and historical commissions of the early twentieth century inscribed a celebratory version of events in newspapers, books, lesson plans, museums, and monuments as a practice of nation building...The architects of official history and memory, however, did not account for the witnesses and survivors of violence who would pass their own memories from one generation to another...this book gives insight into people who lived in a world shaped by violence but who refused to be consumed by it." -- provided by publisher.
Bible nation: the United States of Hobby Lobby book cover
Bible nation: the United States of Hobby Lobby
Candida R. Moss, Joel Baden
"Like many evangelical Christians, the Green family of Oklahoma City believes that America was founded as a Christian nation, based on a "biblical worldview."...The billionaire owners of Hobby Lobby, a huge nationwide chain of craft stores, the Greens came to national attention in 2014 after successfully suing the federal government over their religious objections to provisions of the Affordable Care Act. What is less widely known is that the Greens are now...spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an ambitious effort to increase the Bible's influence on American society. In Bible Nation, Candida Moss and Joel Baden provide the first in-depth investigative account of the Greens' sweeping Bible projects and the many questions they raise." -- provided by publisher.
Who saved the redwoods? book cover
Who saved the redwoods? the unsung heroines of the 1920s who fought for our redwood forests
Laura Wasserman
Ebook Central eBook
"Powerful lumber interests stood in the way of the first campaigns to save the redwood trees of Humboldt County, California, but they were boldly opposed and pushed back. This history of the early 1900s recalls the Progressive Era crusades of women and men who prevailed against great odds, protecting the best of California's northern redwood forests"-- Provided by publisher.
Living with hacktivism : from conflict to symbiosis book cover
Living with hacktivism : from conflict to symbiosis
Vasileios Karagiannopoulos
Springer eBook
"This book focuses on the phenomenon of hacktivism and how it has been dealt with up to now in the United States and the United Kingdom. After discussing the birth of the phenomenon and the various relevant groups, from Electronic Disturbance Theater to Anonymous, their philosophies and tactics, this timely and original work attempts to identify the positive and negative aspects hacktivism through an analysis of free speech and civil disobedience theory. Engaging in this process clarifies the dual nature of hacktivism, highlighting its potential for positive contributions to contemporary politics, whilst also demonstrating the risks and harms flowing from its controversial and legally ambiguous nature." -- from Melvyl catalog
Role of Twitter in the 2016 US election book cover
Role of Twitter in the 2016 US election
Christopher J. Galdieri, Jennifer C. Lucas, Tauna S. Sisco
Springer eBook
"This book assembles six chapters by respected and emerging scholars in political science and communication to produce a first sustained look at Twitter's role in the 2016 US Presidential Election. While much attention has already been paid to Trump's use of Twitter as a phenomenon--how it helps drive news cycles, distracts attention from other matters, or levies attacks against rivals, the news media, and other critics--there has been little scholarly analysis of the impact Twitter played in the actual election. These chapters apply an impressive diversity of theoretical explanations and methodological approaches to explore how this new technology shaped an American election, and what impact it could have in the future." -- from Melvyl catalog
Dressed in dreams book cover
Dressed in dreams : a black girl's love letter to the power of fashion
Tanisha C Ford
GT615 .F67 2019
"In this highly engaging book, fashionista and pop culture expert Tanisha C. Ford investigates Afros and dashikis, go-go boots and hotpants of the sixties, hip hop's baggy jeans and bamboo earrings, and the #BlackLivesMatter-inspired hoodies of today. The history of these garments is deeply intertwined with Ford's story as a black girl coming of age in a Midwestern rust belt city. The history of these garments is deeply intertwined with Ford's story as a black girl coming of age in a Midwestern rust belt city: experimenting with the Jheri curl; rocking oversized, brightly colored jeans and Timberlands at an elite boarding school where the white upper crust wore conservative wool shift dresses. She also talks about the pain of seeing black style appropriated by the mainstream fashion industry." --adopted from dust jacket.
America & Islam book cover
Menstruation now : what does blood perform?
Berkeley Kaite
BP173.7 .P55 2019
"Each of the 8 chapters in this volume addresses menstruation and/or menstrual blood in various media sites with a view to answering the question, what does blood perform? Menstrual blood may be enduringly feminine but it is never just one thing. Menstruation Now contains a chapter on advertising: the shifting "conversation" of menstruation in contemporary advertising leads to youtube videos and other online sources."--provided by publisher.
America & Islam book cover
America & Islam : soundbites, suicide bombs and the road to Donald Trump
Larry Pintak
BP173.7 .P55 2019
"Donald Trump's first term as the 45th President of the United States of America has shoked the world. His attitudes towardsIslam became a key point of contention on the campaign trail, and in power Trump has continued his war of divisive words and deeds...Featuring unique interviews with victims and perpetrators of Trump's policies, as well as analysis of the media's role in inflaming debate, America & Islam seeks to provide a complete guide to the twin challenges of terrorism and the polarizing rhetoric that fuels it, and sketches out of a future based on co-operation and the reassertion of democratic values." --from dust jacket cover.
The lives of bees book cover
The lives of bees : the untold story of the honey bee in the wild
Thomas D Seeley
QL568.A6 S443 2019
"Seeley, a world authority on honey bees, sheds light on why wild honey bees are still thriving while those living in managed colonies are in crisis. Drawing on the latest science as well as insights from his own pioneering fieldwork, he describes in extraordinary detail how honey bees live in nature and shows how this differs significantly from their lives under the management of beekeepers. Seeley presents an entirely new approach to beekeeping--Darwinian Beekeeping--which enables honey bees to use the toolkit of survival skills their species has acquired over the past thirty million years, and to evolve solutions to the new challenges they face today. He shows beekeepers how to use the principles of natural selection to guide their practices, and he offers a new vision of how beekeeping can better align with the natural habits of honey bees." --provided by publisher.
I'm right and you're an idiot book cover
I'm right and you're an idiot : the toxic state of public discourse and how to clean it up
James Hoggan
HM1166 .H64 2019
"The environment can be polluted, as can public discourse. I'm Right and You're an Idiot examines the state of today's public square, showing how polarized conversations discourage people from taking action on issues such as climate change, and demonstrating how we can clear the air and become more powerful and effective communicators."-- Provided by publisher.
Marx at the arcade : consoles, controllers, and class struggle book cover
Marx at the arcade : consoles, controllers, and class struggle
Jamie Woodcock
HD9993.E452 W66 2019
In this book, "acclaimed researcher Jamie Woodcock delves into the hidden realities of the gaming industry...[he] unravels the vast networks of artists, software developers, and factory and logisitcs workers whose seen and unseen labor flows into the products we consume on a gargantuan scale." --from dust jacket cover.
Blaming immigrants book cover
Blaming immigrants: nationalism and the economics of global movement
Neeraj Kaushal
"Immigration is shaking up electoral politics around the world. In this book, economist Neeraj Kaushal investigates this rising anxiety and tests common complaints against immigration. She finds that immigration, on balance, is beneficial. It is neither the volume nor pace of immigration but the willingness to accept immigrants that is fueling disaffection. Featuring accessible and in-depth analysis of the economics of immigration in worldwide perspective, Blaming Immigrants is an informative and timely introduction to a critical global issue." -- from Melvyl catalog.
Setting the agenda book cover
Setting the agenda : mass media and public opinion
Maxwell McCombs
Ebook Central eBook
"Setting the Agenda describes the mass media's significant and sometimes controversial role in determining which topics are at the centre of public attention and action...In describing this media influence on what we think about and how we think about it, Setting the Agenda also discusses the sources of these media agendas, the psychological explanation for their impact on the public agenda, and the subsequent consequences for attitudes, opinions and behaviour." -- Provided by publisher.
Vanishing ice book cover
Vanishing ice: glaciers, ice sheets, and rising seas
Vivien Gornitz
"Drawing on a long-term perspective gained by examining changes in the cryosphere and corresponding variations in sea level over millions of years, [the author]... highlights the widespread repercussions of ice loss, which will affect countless people far removed from frozen regions, to demonstrate why the big meltdown matters to us all."-- Provided by publisher.
Thicker than oil book cover
Thicker than oil : America's uneasy partnership with Saudi Arabia
Rachel Bronson
Ebook Central eBook
"[The author] reveals why the partnership became so intimate and how the countries' shared interests sowed the seeds of today's most pressing problem--Islamic radicalism. Drawing on a wide range of archival material, declassified documents, and interviews with leading Saudi and American officials, and including many colorful stories of diplomatic adventures and misadventures, Bronson chronicles a history of close, and always controversial, contacts. She argues that contrary to popular belief the relationship was never simply about "oil for security." -- provided by publisher.