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Need to Print But Don't Know Where to Start?

Wed, November 25, 2009

There are many ways to print out whatever you need at the library.

First off, check the format of the file you want to print. If you have a .pdf file, these are the only files which can be printed at the public access computers in the second floor of the library, though .pdf files may be print anywhere else as well. If you file is a .doc or any file other than a .pdf you will have to use either your own computer, a computer from the computer lab, or a loaner laptop which can be checked out at the library’s 2nd floor services desk. When using a computer in the computer lab, it is as easy as just printing.

Using the Public Access Computer

-On the desktop there is an icon called ‘’. Double click this. It will then ask for your user name and password. Use the first part of your UCM email and the password from that.*

-Next, if you want to print in color, click UCMColor, and if you want to print in black and white click UCMGlobal. **

-A pop-up appears. Click yes. After the computer processes, you will be connected.

-Open the file by using your email, a thumb drive, etc.

-Click the print icon, or go to file -> print. NOTE! Make sure it will print the whole document. Some of the computers will try to print only the first page. Also make sure it will print out to UCMGlobal or UCMColor.

-Now that the document has been sent to the print, you need to go to room 359 in the library to get it. Just select print on the touchpad, swipe your CATcard in the card reader and click on your document. Last but not least, Print!

Using a Loaner Laptop or your Own Laptop
-You can follow this link for the IT instructions.

And of course, if you have any problems or need any kind of help, don't hesitate to ask! Either at the service desk, the help desk on the first floor, or any one in a red shirt with an 'I' in the back.