Exhibit Policies & Proposals


About the Library Exhibits

The library considers exhibits to be a part of its mission to support the research, teaching, and learning activities of the university. In addition to sponsoring its own exhibits, the library will consider requests for temporary exhibits sponsored by University departments or University-recognized student groups. Priority will be given to exhibits that enhance or support specific academic courses and programs.

The Exhibits Process

A library committee reviews all exhibit requests. Factors for consideration include:

  • appropriateness of content for an academic library setting and presentation
  • timeliness
  • space and security requirements

Exhibitors Responsabilities

  • Submit a proposal to the library at least 4 weeks and up to 1 year in advance. Include an itemized list and photographs (or a URL to photographs) of the items to be displayed.
  • Coordinate times for move-in and move-out of exhibit items. Storage for items owned by the exhibitor will not be provided.
  • Schedule installation and removal of exhibits to take place when the library is open and conclude at least one hour before the library closes.
  • Include a title and brief statement of intent or purpose; acknowledgement of sponsor(s); and printed or typed identification labels for display.
  • Assume responsibility for contents, loss, or damage.

The library does not participate in commercial sales. No prices will be displayed with items. The library will make the exhibitor’s name and phone number available to the public.

When you are ready to submit your proposal, use the following form: UC Merced Library Exhibit Proposal

Exhibit Spaces

The following spaces are made available at the discretion of the library:

  • Wall with hanging system, approximately 160 feet in length, Floor 2, Kolligian East
  • Wall with hanging system, approximately 44 feet in length, Floor 3, Kolligian East
  • Wall with hanging system, approximately 40 feet in length, Floor 4, Kolligian East
  • 2 vertical cases (approximately 4.5'x2.5'x1'), 1 lateral case (approximately 5.5'x2'x1'), Floor 1, Kolligian East elevator lobby
  • 2 freestanding vertical cases (54 x 30 x 78, or 65 cubic feet), Floor 2
  • 1 lateral case, Floor 2
  • 2 lateral cases, KL 355
  • 2 vertical cases, Floor 3
  • 1 lateral case, 1 vertical case, McFadden-Willis Reading Room
  • 5 freestanding vertical glass cases (54 x 30 x 78, or 65 cubic feet), Floor 3

Digital Exhibits

Proposals may also be submitted for digital art exhibits sponsored by a class or academic program. Visit Digital Exhibits page for further information.

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