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Workshop: Integrating the Research Process into Writing

In fall 2014, five writing faculty taught Writing 10 sections with a focus on the research and writing processes. These sections were known as TRAIL sections – Teaching Research And Information Literacy. To introduce students to the research process, librarians collaborated with these writing faculty to develop curriculum and create resources that would help students think like researchers.

This workshop will highlight two activities from the TRAIL curriculum that can be used by writing faculty to support teaching the research process in Writing 10. Note that these activities are NOT a repeat of two activities that were shared at a TRAIL workshop in February.

Activity 1: Think Like a Researcher!

The “Think Like a Researcher!” lesson/activity helps students develop critical thinking skills related to research and information. Specifically, the lesson challenges students to:


  • Consider both sides of an issue
  • Distinguish opinion from fact/evidence
  • Approach research with a question and an open mind
  • Look for the problem that underlies a research question


Activity 2: Avoiding Research Bias

The “Avoiding Research Bias” lesson helps students become aware of the need for objectivity when conducting research. This lesson challenges students to recognize their own research biases as well as bias they may discover in articles used for research assignments.


Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to by Wednesday, April 22nd (8am).

If you have questions, please email the address above or contact Susan Mikkelsen directly.


Audience: Writing faculty