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Exhibit: Honoring Our Faculty Exhibit: Michael A. Hoyt and Jared Stanley


Honoring Our Faculty Exhibit: Michael A. Hoyt and Jared Stanley

The Honoring Our Faculty Exhibit highlights the research interests and public works of selected faculty members at UC Merced with an informal interview and visual display located on the second floor of the Kolligian Library.

"My training and background is in clinical psychology. Thus, my clinical experience with patients who are facing a chronic illness, injury, or health related adversity are a tremendous inspiration to my work. Individuals face a variety of emotional and physical challenges and disruptions to their lives when faced with health-realted challenges. Health psychologist have much to offer in way of understanding, preventing, or lessening these burdens. Also, as we learn more about the impact of stress and emotions on the physical body, we can further discover the ways in which psychological changes can improve physical health and work to prevent disease."
Michael A. Hoyt Assistant Professor of Psychology

"As a member of the Writing Program, my teaching interests include composition theory, and creative writing courses. I'm very interested in how art pedagogy can be used in the composition classroom, and intend to publish some of my research in this subject. -As a writer, I'm currently interested in desert spaces, and their meaning in the history of California, and the world. I'm currently proposing interdisciplinary art installations on the subject of desert land use, using appropriated informational language to produce poetic texts."
Jared Stanley UC Merced Writing Program