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Exhibit: Selected Works: Graduate Student Research @ UC Merced


Selected Works: Graduate Student Research @ UC Merced

Selected Works: Graduate Student Research @ UC Merced is a snapshot of some of the exciting research being conducted by graduate students to recognize their contributions and to raise awareness to the breadth of inquiry being conducted at UC Merced.

In this first installment, three selected graduate student research projects are highlighted.


  • Alisa Keyser
  • PhD Candidate, Environmental Systems
  • Alisa Keyser’s research focuses on understanding the factors that determine wild fire severity in the Western United States. One aim of her research is to understand the relative importance of land management and climate in determining risk of high severity fire.



  • Kim McMillon
  • PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary Humanities
  • Kim McMillon's research focuses on the marginalization and emancipation of the women of the Black Arts Movement. In the Spring of 2014, Ms. McMillon in collaboration with UC Merced’s Office of Student Life and Center for the Humanities produced the UC Merced Black Arts Movement Conference: 50 Years On.



  • Janelle Szary
  • PhD Candidate, Cognitive and Information Sciences
  • Janelle Szary’s research interests include emergence, self-organization, and coordination in complex, cognitive systems. More specifically, she investigates the flow of information through networks of various sizes: from neurons to groups of people.