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Library Assessment

UC Merced Library Focus Group Findings, Spring 2014

UC Merced library staff conducted two user focus groups, with seven undergraduates each, in April 2014. Questions to the groups were designed to explore student experiences with the library’s resources, communications, physical space, and services, as well as to understand their overall perception of library value to their academic success. Thirteen out of 14 students responded that the library improved their experience as a student at UC Merced. Users expressed these areas of need: improved wifi connectivity, in general, and consistent VPN access for tablet devices; focused use of digital signage to meet information needs; additional study space, including quiet study spaces; and consistency of help available across library service points. Student responses are outlined in full in the report.

UC Merced Library Annual Assessment Plan 2013-2014

The Annual Assessment Plan outlines specific outcomes and measures that will support the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.

Strategic Agenda: UC Merced Library Strategic Agenda to Support Data-­‐Intensive Research

The UC Merced Library participated in the 2012-13 ARL/DLF/Duraspace E-Science Institute, as part of a cohort of twenty-one institutions, to develop a strategic agenda for the library in support of data-intensive research on campus. The Library conducted interviews with key campus stakeholders to assess campus directions and needs. This document presents findings on the institutional context and proposed next steps and was presented to Provost Tom Peterson in February 2013. Team members: Donald Barclay, Interim University Librarian; Susan Borda, Digital Curation Librarian; Susan Carter, Director of Research Development Services, Office of Research; Emily Lin, Head of Digital Assets, Library; Samuel Traina, Vice Chancellor for Research.

White paper: The Responsible Stewardship of Research Data: A Roadmap for UC Merced

White paper authored by Emily Lin (Head, Digital Assets) and submitted to Interim Provost Samuel Traina in September 2012 outlining the case for a strategy to address the responsible management, curation, and stewardship of the research output of the University. The paper includes summarized results from a spring 2011 survey of academic personnel on the data management needs of researchers, conducted by the Library under the aegis of the Office of Research and with the Office of Institutional Planning & Analysis. The paper includes recommended actions by the university and questions that need to be addressed.

UC Merced Library Periodic Review Team Report, 2013

Final report of a review of the UC Merced Library undertaken in compliance with the policies of the Senate-Administration Committee on Assessment (SACA).

Assessing the Reach and Impact of the iPod Touch Library Tour on Incoming Undergraduates

This poster prepared for for Research Week 2013 highlights assessments findings of the library's iPod Touch Library Tour initiative. These results are based on information gathered from the tour's follow-up assignment and surveys administered to Writing students in cooperation with the Merritt Writing Program (MWP) and Students Assessing Teaching & Learning (SATAL).

UC Merced Library Annual Assessment Plan 2012-2013

The Annual Assessment Plan outlines specific outcomes and measures that will support the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service. A report on this annual assessment is included.

UC Merced Library Focus Group Findings Spring 2012

UC Merced library staff conducted focus groups in April 2012 with two groups of 10 undergraduates each to explore student experiences with the library's resources, communication strategies, physical space, and instruction services. In reviewing the focus group results, there were not strong threads requiring action. However, overall areas which can still be improved upon include clearer access to online resources, increased reliability in printing, and greater effectiveness in library instruction.

UC Merced Library Annual Assessment Plan 2011-2012

In keeping with the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service, the mission of the University of California, Merced Library is to achieve excellence by meeting the diverse research, teaching, and public service needs of UC Merced researchers (students, faculty, and staff) with targeted, quality collections and relevant services which effectively and efficiently support the research lifecycle of finding, using, creating, and managing information. The Annual Assessment Plan outlines specific outcomes and measures that will support to the realization of this mission. (PDF Version)

UC Merced Library Annual Assessment Plan 2011-2012 — Report

The report summarizes the library's assessment findings for 2011-2012. It communicates the library's outcomes, measures, and actions for each of its six goals.

Writing 1 and Writing 10 Findings (Fall 2010)

The following document summarizes the results of a library survey administered to Writing 1 and Writing 10 students in fall 2010 through UCMCROPs in cooperation with the Merritt Writing Program. A total of 186 respondents reported that their knowledge level of the UC Merced Library's physical space, services, resources, research tools, and search strategies increased greatly after taking the tour (questions 21-30). See pages 2-3 of the document for a complete list of the questions.

Writing 10 Findings (Spring 2010, Reported Spring 2011)

The following report summarizes results from "Evaluating Information Literacy Skills of Writing 10 Students" based on data gathered from a pre-questionnaire and post-questionnaire/survey distributed to nine sections of Writing 10 sections in spring 2010. The findings highlight differences between the scores on both questionnaires and differences in the post-questionnaire results between two groups: those respondents who self-identified as receiving in-person library instruction in Writing 10 and those who self-identified as receiving tutorial online library instruction in Writing 10. Post-Questionnaire Tool

Writing 1 and Writing 10 iPod Touch Library Tour Summary (fall 2010)

Increases in participation rates and assignment scores from fall 2009 to fall 2010 are noted. Data is based on registrar data (Writing sections and student enrollment in fall 2010) and from completed iPod Touch Library follow-up assignments submitted online and scored by library staff.

Writing 1 Library Instruction and the iPod Touch Library Tour Report (fall 2009 & spring 2010 data)

The iPod Touch Library Tour launched in fall 2009 and used mini-grant funds awarded from the Center on Research & Teaching Excellence (CRTE). This document fulfills the CRTE's request for a final report to summarize the project's overall findings. Results are based on on a mix of quantitative and qualitative data from student assignments, end-of-semester course evaluation questions, survey questions to writing faculty, and student comments.

Writing 10: Library Instruction and Research Skills (Fall 2009)

Findings based on results from Writing 10 students responding to questions about library instruction and their research skills. Data is gathered from library questions integrated into the end-of-course evaluation for WRI 10 students.

Assessing Library Services, Resources, and Space (Spring 2009)

The UC Merced Library staff conducted a survey and focus groups with graduating students in spring 2009 to assess student use of the library and their level of satisfaction.