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Faculty & Student Work

The UC Merced Library provides support for a number of faculty and student developed projects.


Faculty Projects


AlternaCtive PublicaCtions is a web-based press dedicated to posting unpublished creative works, primarily by Latino and Latina authors. This project is maintained by Professor Manuel M. Martin-Rodriguez.

The Scyphozoan

The Scyphozoan* Wiki is dedicated to integrating and disseminating information describing medusae currently, or previously, recognized as scyphozoans (* i.e. Scyphozoa, the sister taxon Cubozoa, and the enigmatic Staurozoa). It is a venue for scyphozoan biologists of all kinds to present historical and modern knowledge, in simplified form, to non-specialists including aquarists, coastal managers, educators, fisheries biologists, students, and the interested general public, who may all have first hand experience with jellyfishes.

Student Projects

The Undergraduate Historical Journal

Established in tandem with the Historical Society at UC Merced in 2013, the Undergraduate Historical Journal was established by undergraduate history majors. Undergraduate students form the editorial board and administer the journal's functions for the benefit of other undergraduate students at UC Merced.

The Vernal Pool

As the leading creative writing journal for UC Merced undergraduate students, The Vernal Pool provides an edited expressive space for the student body to publish original work and an open, accessible venue for audiences to read, appreciate, celebrate and respond.

UC Merced Undergraduate Research Journal

By featuring research from the various schools, the UC Merced Undergraduate Research Journal hopes to show what can be accomplished when the definition of research is expanded. The journal aims to accurately portray the diversity of research in which students at UC Merced are engaged. Additionally, it serves to connect faculty and students by highlighting the value of an interdisciplinary approach to research.

This interdisciplinary approach emphasizes methodology, empirical reasoning, and creativity — values we hope to bring to the academic community at large. We strive to present interesting, innovative and well-supported selections that demonstrate excellence in writing by capturing and holding the attention of all readers, regardless of academic background.

It is our intention that the publication of UC Merced’s finest work will perhaps spark new ideas and promote innovative ways of thinking. While most of our submissions are written in a classroom setting, we also accept independent scholarship. We hope to publish student writing from all disciplines and interests.