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Library Liaisons

Liaisons answer questions related to library services & resources and collaborate on projects in support of your research and teaching success.

School of Engineering Liaison Phone E-Mail
Bioengineering Joe Ameen 209-761-4512
Civil & Environmental Engineering Joe Ameen 209-761-4512
Computer Science & Engineering Joe Ameen 209-761-4512
Management of Complex Systems Emily S. Lin 209-658-7146
Materials Science and Engineering Joe Ameen 209-761-4512
Mechanical Engineering Joe Ameen 209-761-4512


School of Natural Science Liaison Phone E-Mail
Applied Mathematics Katie Coburn 209-205-6178
Chemistry & Chemical Biology Jim Dooley 209-658-7161
Life & Environmental Sciences Jim Dooley 209-658-7161
Molecular Cell Biology Jim Dooley 209-658-7161
Physics Jim Dooley 209-658-7161


School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts Liaison Phone E-Mail
Anthropology & Heritage Studies Jerrold Shiroma 209-756-0237
Cognitive & Information Science Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco 209-631-8359
Global Arts, Media & Writing Studies Jerrold Shiroma 209-756-0237
History, Cultures, Race & Ethnic Studies Lindsay Davis 209-285-7742
Literatures, Languages & Cultures Jerrold Shiroma 209-756-0237
Political Science Elizabeth Salmon 209-631-6954
Psychological Sciences Katie Coburn 209-205-6178
Public Health Lindsay Davis 209-285-7742
Sociology Elizabeth Salmon 209-631-6954
Social Sciences & Management Elizabeth Salmon 209-631-6954


  Liaison Phone E-Mail
Merritt Writing Program Sara Davidson Squibb 209-205-8237


Library Liaisons also provide direct support for the following:

Collections: Jim Dooley,
Learning: Sara Davidson Squibb,
User Experience: Joe Ameen,
Copyright & IP: Donald Barclay,
Data Services: Katie Coburn,
Digital Humanities: Jerrold Shiroma,
Scholarly Communication: Jerrold Shiroma,
G.I.S.: Erin Mutch,
Exhibits & Programs: Elizabeth Salmon,
Deans: Haipeng Li,