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Tabling in KL 155

Space inside and immediately outside KL 155 can be used for tabling by UC Merced Departments; sanctioned UC Merced clubs need to coordinate tabling through the Office of Student Life.

  • Reserve Tabling through the room reservation system EMS.
  • Requests must include setup and cleanup time. Cleanup must be completed no later than one hour prior to the library's closing.
  • Tabling coordinators are responsible for cleanup and compliance with library policies.
  • Tabling coordinators are responsible for providing their own tables and chairs. 
  • No signs may be posted on any exterior or interior surface of the library.
  • Maximum simultaneous tables inside: six
  • Maximum simultaneous tables outside: six
  • Entrance and exit points must not be blocked or obstructed.
  • Tabling is only allowed in designated locations.


KL155 Indoor Tabling Diagram

KL155 Outdoor Tabling Diagram



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