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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Borrow books, articles, and more from across UC campuses and around the world. This free service helps UC Merced faculty, students, and staff obtain material not available at the UC Merced Library.

Note: We are currently transitioning our Interlibrary Loan service to work with the new UC Library Search system. Please email if you have any questions. 

My ILL Requests

Visit My Library Account or My ILL Requests to track, cancel and renew your Interlibrary Loan requests. Interlibrary loan requests from before August 2021 will continue to be tracked thrrough My ILL Requests, as will some future requests fulfilled from outside of the UC system.

Placing an ILL Request

  • Click this icon Get it at UC to place a request in the University of California Library Search system or library databases.

ILL Pick Up/Delivery

  • Books and articles from other UC campuses are usually delivered within five business days.
  • You will be notified by email when ILL materials can be accessed electronically or picked up from the library.
  • Print materials will be available for pickup for 14 days after they arrive on campus. After two weeks the materials will be returned.

Print Materials

Books are available for pick up at the second floor Services Desk. Faculty can email if they would like ILL materials delivered to their campus mailbox.

Electronic Materials

Electronic articles delievered from other UCs may be e-mailed directly to you from the lending library. All other electronic items will be accessed through My ILL Requests.

  1. Log in to My ILL Requests with your UCMNetID and select your Home Campus.
  2. Enter the ILL number listed in the email notification in the Jump to ILL box.
  3. The request information will appear; look for the link to the PDF on the last line next to Attached Documents.

NOTE: You must be on campus or logged in with the VPN from off campus in order to access your article.

ILL Due Dates/Renewals

Most items from other UCs will have a borrowing period of 90 days.

Viewing 'Library Use Only' items

Some ILL items are deemed Library Use Only due to format type or fragile condition. An ILL notification will be sent to patrons if they request Library Use Only material. Patrons may view these items by scheduling an appointment with InterLibrary Loan staff here


ILL materials do not belong to the UC Merced Library. A lending library may recall their material at any time for the use of their patrons' research or for their library reserves. The library will try to place another request from a different institution once the recalled item is returned. 

If your ILL book is recalled, please return it to the second floor Services Desk as soon as possible. Failure to return recalled items has resulted in an instutional suspension of borrowing privilages from other libraries.   

Returning ILL Materials

Return ILL materials to the return box near the second floor Services Desk or the outside book slot near the College Bookstore entrance. 

Faculty and staff who work at Promenade, Mondo, Castle, etc. can return ILL materials through campus mail services. 

Textbook Policy

Faculty Research & Grant Support

For Interlibrary Loan to better to assist you with your research projects, please email the following information to

  • What is your research topic?
  • Do you anticipate special resources such as newspapers, microfilm or media?
  • The names of collaborators or assistants that will be submitting requests.
  • Any pertinent deadlines.

Please let us know if your project takes a new direction so we can cancel requests before materials are shipped.

Digitization requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Requests to digitize ILL materials can be forwarded to

If you need more information than that outlined above, please to reach out to our Interlibrary Loan staff.


Visit FAQs, call 209-228-4683, or email