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Textbook Policy

The Library does not borrow or provide textbooks or other required course materials from other campuses through Interlibrary Loan. Our textbook policy is designed to protect students and their academic success. Our textbook policy supports the campus value that students are responsible for purchasing their textbooks and other required texts. The library does not have the funds to purchase sufficient copies for every student. When a limited number of copies of a textbook are made available, it is common for some students not to have access to required reading when they need it most.

What if students can't afford expensive textbooks?

The library recognizes that the high cost of textbooks can be a financial challenge for students. Students who truly cannot afford to buy textbooks should contact the UCM Financial Aid Office. There are emergency resources available to help out students who are in genuine financial trouble.

What can faculty do to combat the high cost of textbooks?

Some faculty have begun taking advantage of online information resources, both free resources and those licensed by their campus libraries, to create electronic course readers that are free to their students, can be accessed from any place at any time, and which cannot be monopolized. The Springer electronic books are a great, but not unique, example of library-licensed resources that can be used in this way. More information about Open Educational Resources is available from COOL 4 ED, the California Open Online Library for Education.


If you have questions please contact Sara Davidson Squibb, Associate University Librarian for Research & Engagement (209) 205-8237.