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Congressional Hearings

Wed, April 14, 2010

Looking up Congressional Hearings is a bit tricky. Here are some tips.

You can look up Congressional Hearings using Lexis-Nexis Congressional:

In Lexis-Nexis t's is helpful to use the Advanced Search feature and to use limits.


You can limit a search to hearings only, which will greatly reduce the number of hits.

If you are looking for testimony by a particular witness, you can limit a search to just witnesses (i.e. Oliver North).

You can limit by years, including limiting to a span of years, (i.e. 1950-1955).

If you know which Congress held a particular hearing, you can limit a search to just that Congress (i.e. the 95th Congress which met from 1977 to 1978).

When you find a citation to a particular hearing, click "Go to Full Text" to see the actual transcript of the hearing.

Here is a handy guide to Congressional Hearings: