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Digitization Services

The library can work with faculty and researchers on digitization projects that both promote the academic and research interests of UC Merced, as well as produce digital materials that will allow for greater access to the wider academic and research community. These digitization projects include the scanning of text-based materials, including performing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the scanned text, and creating digital files from select analog media formats.

For text-based materials, the library is able to digitize bound book items and loose-leaf documents.

For analog-to-digital conversion, the following formats are supported:

  • VHS / audiocassette
  • LP (vinyl records)
  • Flatbed scanning (up to 12” x 17” in size)
  • Negatives
  • Slides

We can also duplicate CD's and DVD's.

We will consider requests provided:

  • there are no digital versions currently available (i.e. the item is not available for purchase in any digital format);
  • there are no physical protections or limits inhibiting reproduction or reformatting;
  • digitization may be performed in accordance with copyright law or permission to digitize is obtained;
  • the items being digitized are specifically being used for research and / or instructional purposes.

In addition to the above considerations, the library will also make determinations based on the size of a project as it relates to the library's current operational capacity. To submit a digitization project proposal, use this form.

Our Equipment


Kirtas APT 1200 Book Scanner

Our Kirtas automated book scanner allows us to quickly, and efficiently scan bound print materials.

Phase One IQ150 50MP Digital Back with Digital Transitions DT RCam Reprographic Camera

Our Phase One and DT RCam combination can be used to photograph a range of materials with outstanding image quality.

Kaiser RSD Copy Stand

Our Kaiser RSD Copy Stand is equipped with a Canon EOS Mark IV camera for digitizing a range of materials.

ATIZ BookDrive Pro

The ATIZ BookDrive is used to scan bound print materials that require more manual care.

Epson Expression 11000XL

Our Epson Expression can be used to scan looseleaf materials, as well as transparent film media.

Canon DR-G1100

These high-speed document scanners are capable of scanning over 1,000 looseleaf pages per hour.

Nikon Super Coolscan 5000

The Nikon Super Coolscan is used for batch scanning film negatives, slides, and other transparent media.

Capture One CH

Capture One CH is used in our workflows from capture through post-processing to simplify and automate post-production tasks.


LIMB provides us with a suite of tools to manage our digitization projects.

ABBYY FineReader Server

ABBYY FineReader Server is designed for high-volume document conversion into searchable and accessible digital files.

GoldenThread System

GoldenThread System software is used for image analysis and evaluation.