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Databases: Research Super Tools

Thu, January 15, 2009

The UC Merced Library provides access to some 250 databases. Some of these are free databases (like Google, for example) that anyone can access with or without the Library. Some are proprietary databases (like Web of Science) which the Library licenses at costs that can reach thousands of dollars per year. These databases allow you to find and access information resources, including journal articles, that you cannot otherwise discover.

General Databases: Super for Getting Started
One type of database is the general database. This type provides access to information on almost any topic. Google is one example of a free general database. An example of a proprietary general database is Academic Search Complete. A general database is a good starting point for research. It can also be useful if you need only an article or two for a paper or project.

Subject Databases: Super for In-Depth Research
If you need to do in-depth research, a subject database will provide more and, in some cases, better information than will a general database. UC Merced provides databases covering almost any subject, and you can find the databases that best fit your need by visiting the UC Merced Library Database & Article Searching page.

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