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Library Hosts Successful Software Carpentry Workshop

Mon, April 1, 2019 1:40 PM

The UC Merced Library organized a two-day Software Carpentry workshop during Spring Break that covered Unix, Git, and Python. The workshop was given by two excellent instructors, Kate Barron (Data Services Librarian at San Jose State University's Martin Luther King, Jr. Library) and Avishek Kumar (Research/Data Scientist at the University of Chicago's Center for Data Science and Public Policy).

The helpers, those who volunteer to attend Carpentry workshops to assist and answer students' questions, are equally valuable! We would like to thank Matthias Bussonier (Research Facilitator at UC Merced and co-developer of Project Jupyter), Sarvani Chadalapaka (High Performance Computing Administrator at UC Merced), Akshay Paropkari (graduate student in Quantitative and Systems Biology), and Jasper Toscani Field (another graduate student in Quantitative and Systems Biology). 

Thanks additionally to our dedicated library staff who handled catering, travel, and IT support, and finally, thanks to all of our attendees! We hope you enjoyed this Software Carpentry workshop.

For information about upcoming Carpentries workshops, check out our page. You can also sign up to be trained as an official Carpentries instructor or add your name to a list of potential helpers.