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Students Honored for Excellent Use of Library Resources

Wed, May 22, 2019 9:00 AM

Long hours spent using the library’s print and digital resources are often a hallmark of a college student’s academic career. For Marisela Padilla Alcala and Sarah Lee, time spent in the library resulted in being named recipients of the Carter Joseph Abrescy and Larry Kranich Library Award for Student Research Excellence.

The award — Padilla Alcala and Lee received $500 each — recognizes students who demonstrate effective use of library and information resources, as well as an understanding of the research process and growth in research practices. As part of the application process, students submitted recent research papers or projects, as well as reflective essays on their research process and how the experience has changed and advanced their practices for future use.

“The Abrescy and Kranich Library Scholarship means a couple things to me,” Lee said. “First, as a first-generation student who has concerns about my ability to be an academic, winning was definitely a confidence booster. Second, as someone who is supporting herself through college, the award means less anxiety about bills and more focus on school.”


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