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Night/Weekend Services Coordinator Joins Library Staff

Tue, November 8, 2022 3:15 PM

Maria Martinez recently joined our staff as a Night/Weekend Services Coordinator. Most recently, she has worked as a supervisor and manager with Sky Hotels at locations in Merced, Chowchilla, Lodi, and Oakhurst. She's also had experience as a census worker and poll worker during elections. Maria has a BA in Art History and a longstanding interest in libraries. She is excited to be at an educational institution, working with students, researchers, and librarians. She noted that the library is a perfect place - where you can be surrounded by people who bring and preserve knowledge. 

Her main responsibilities at the UC Merced Library include supervising & managing student assistants, handling all building operations (opening/closing), directly supporting library users, and collaborating with staff. She is enjoying working with undergraduates and being a part of their educational journey. To date, she has been impressed with how the library contributes to the larger university and the sheer number of resources available to students and faculty. Maria joins Fabiola Chavez and Sunni Nelson who are also Night/Weekend Services Coordinators. With a full team of Night/Weekend Services Coordinators, we have been able to expand our total open hours to 104 per week including Saturday hours from 10am - 6pm.