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The UC Merced Library Welcomes Isabel Ramos

Wed, July 3, 2024 1:10 PM

Isabel Ramos is our newest Night/Weekend Services Coordinator and UC Merced Alum (class of 2023). We spoke more with her about her background and how her previous position in education may inform her role at the UC Merced Library.

What made you interested in UC Merced for a staff position?

“UC Merced feels homey. That’s what made me interested in staying after graduating. There's a friendliness that exists on campus, and it's welcoming for alumni coming back as staff. I love reading and spending time at Borders and Barnes & Noble, so the library is no stranger to me. A staff position never felt out of reach, even as a student.”

When applying to college, were you interested in staying in the area?

“Honestly, no. Similar to a lot of people who go to college, I wanted to spread my wings and leave the area I grew up in. I think that for some people that growth and distance is the right thing.

When I got accepted to UC Merced, I realized that maybe my nest is here, and I can still grow and develop while staying local. I think Merced and the UC is a place where people from the Central Valley can grow, and we're lucky we don’t need to leave home to do that. Even though I'm native to Livingston, I consider Tracy to Chowchilla as my home, and I've been in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley for my whole life.”

How did your experience as a student shape your outlook in this role?

“As a student, and working as a student assistant at the Library, I never realized how competitive it was to get a campus job. However after talking with my supervisors, I realized that I didn't need a master’s or doctorate to get a job here. I learned that I could graduate, leave to get experience and still successfully come back. I realized that a lot of the people working at the UC and at the Library are alumni not only from Merced but from other UCs.

During my time as a student assistant, I saw a prior supervisor successfully complete a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program and work full-time. I was encouraged by this. I know that if I pursue this type of opportunity that I will also be supported.”

What is something you learned as an educator at Livingston Unified that you expect will help you here?

“Students come from all different backgrounds. In Livingston, they might be from Livingston itself or Atwater or another local community, but there's a lot of similarities. Being able to watch students learn, grow, and develop their own personalities was very rewarding. Being culturally sensitive to learn about everyone is important.

Even when transitioning from work at an elementary school to a place of higher education, I still enjoy seeing students’ core personalities and their ability to participate in many roles well, such as being a student, an employee, an athlete etc. It's my job to adapt to how students handle adversity and to tailor my interactions based on their needs.”

Are there any good TV shows or movies you can recommend?

“I'm a big fan of indie films and studios that are just starting up, especially from directors that dropped out of school and are doing their own thing. I've donated to a few Kickstarters to help production. I really like to watch people who are starting new and redefining the genre. Think of A24 Films when they were just getting started. If you're looking for a specific title, I would recommend Everything Everywhere All At Once.”


Isabel Ramos facing camera and smiling. Text states, Welcome.