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GIS Center Recharge Policy and Rates

GIS Center Recharge Policy and Rates

Created: November 2014

Updated: February 2023


Consulting Services 

a. Data review, map production, analysis, technical support, and grant writing support will require recharge. the GIS Center can provide up to four hours of free consultation per fund source (FAU). This time includes meetings, preparation, follow up and technical support.

b. A recharge authorization form must be initiated before the GIS Center can provide services, even if services are provided free of recharge.

c. If any GIS consultation services have been received, please credit the GIS Center and the researcher who assisted you with map production, analysis etc. in publications and reports. We also request a graphic slide and/or project description so that the GIS Center can showcase projects on our website and other outreach documents.

d. Hourly subsided rates for UC faculty, students, and staff for a Senior GIS Analyst is $65/hour, GIS Analyst is $50/hour, GIS Technician $28/hour. Hourly rates for GIS Analyst for non‐UC partners is $108/hour, GIS Technician is $57/hour.



a. The GIS Center develops and offers GIS short courses and workshops for members of the UC Merced community and its partners. Workshops will vary from basic GIS skills to more complex and advanced topics in spatial analysis.


b. UC Rates for a two‐hour workshop per individual are $50, $250 for a group of 10. Rates for a four‐hour workshop per individual are $100, and $500 for a group of 10. Rates for an eight‐hour workshop per individual are $200, and $1000 for a group of 10.



Facility Use Rules

1. The GIS Center is available for registered UC Merced students, faculty, and staff during drop‐in hours, published on the website and by appointment.

2. Food and Beverages are permitted, away from computers, printers, and other hardware.

3. Workshops and events at the GIS Center will take priority over individual work at the GIS Center. A calendar of events and workshops will be posted at the GIS Center and on our website.

4. Users must log‐in using credentials provided at the GIS lab

5. Data Storage - Data on local computers will be erased after the end of each semester. Data stored on the SpARC network server will be erased at the end of each semester if it has not been stored or managed in a project folder. The GIS Center can provide data management and backup services for GIS datasets on a recharge basis.

6. Computer problems - Any hardware, software, printer or network issue shall be reported to the on‐site to the GIS Center or Library Staff

7. Lab Use -  Lab use is provided to students on a drop‐in basis to support instruction and projects. Students, faculty, and staff must scan their CatCard at the front desk,



GIS Center Project Initiation Form