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Digital Scholarship Tools

The following is a list of tools used in the production of digital scholarship. This is only a partial list. For a more comprehensive resource, please visit the DiRT Directory.

Data Organization and Optimization

OpenRefine can be used to clean and transform data. It allows you to edit data, and to transform data to other formats. OpenRefine can also be used to add data from external sources (such as websites). It is not a tool to visualize or interpret data.
Tabula can be used to extract tabular data from PDF files into CSV and Excel files.
Name Changer for MacOS is a utility that allows you rename files and folders in bulk. It allows for a wide variety of renaming options and filters.
Bulk Rename for Windows is a utility that allows you rename files and folders in bulk. It allows for a wide variety of renaming options and filters.

Data Visualization

You can use Tableau to create and share visualized data. Visualizations created using Tableau can be embedded into websites and blogs, and can also be shared via social media and email. You can use data from a variety of sources including CSV and Excel data, MS Access data, text files, and Google Sheets.
RAW allows you to create editable, Scalable Vector Graphics (SGV) files, of visualized data. You can import your data (text files with delimited information), to create graphics that you can manipulate and edit.

Digital Exhibits is a hosted platform for designing and displaying virtual exhibits. In addition to the hosted version, has a stand-alone version that can be deployed on other websites.

GIS / Mapping

QGIS is an open source Geographic Information System. It supports viewing, editing, and analyzing geospatial data.

Social Network and Network Analysis

Gephi is a tool for visualizing and exploring network data, and for visualizing graphical and tabular information.
Netlytic is a tool for visualization social media content and data.

Text Annotation is a browser-based plugin that allows you to annotate webpages.

Text Mining and Analysis

AntConc can be used to perform concordance creation and text analysis.
Voyant Tools is a web-based application that can be used to analyze and visualize textual informational content. You can use it to visualize word frequencies and distribution throughout a text.
SameDiff is a tool that will display the similarities and differences between two similar texts. It can be used to display content that is only featured in one or the other text, as well as terms that appear in both.
Paper Machines (
Paper Machines is a pluin for Zotero that analyzes and visualizes bibliographic data.


TimelineJS allows you to create rich visual timelines that can be embedded in websites, blogs, and deployed via social media. Timelines are created by importing information contained in a CSV file.
Tiki Toki allows you to create visually rich timelines. The free version does have some limitations (one timeline per user, timelines cannot be embedded, and there is a limit of 200 events).

Web Publishing

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to create websites and blogs.
Scalar is an open-source publishing platform that enables authors to deploy born-digital scholarship online.