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Exhibit: San Joaquin River Kiosk


San Joaquin River Kiosk

The San Joaquin River Kiosk is an interactive exhibit that encourages users to explore the connections between water usage and climate change in the San Joaquin Valley. With 5 display monitors controlled by a centralized touch screen, the SJR Kiosk provides information on water sustainability as it relates to life in the San Joaquin River, focusing on agriculture, flood control, hydropower generation and providing a suitable habitat for salmon and other species.

The Kiosk was created by a team of undergraduate students participating in the The Foster Family Center for Engineering Service Learning program at UC Merced.

The Kiosk will be in the Kolligian Library until October 30, 2015, at which point it will be moved to its permanent location at the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust River Center, in Fresno, CA.

The San Joaquin River Kiosk was developed with support from the National Science Foundation, Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research , University of California, Merced, and The Foster Family Center for Engineering Service Learning.

For additional information about the San Joaquin River Kiosk, contact Thomas Harmon, .