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Exhibit: Frank Cameron: Metal as Art


Frank Cameron: Metal as Art

Frank Cameron has been creating and exhibiting metal art for over 30 years. A self-taught artist, Mr. Cameron began experimenting with used welding equipment in his garage, and has since created hundreds of custom and pre-designed sculptures.

"I try to take advantage of the natural colors of different metals. Applying heat to the metal brings out the various colors present in the artwork. Another method of creating color is to apply acid patinas. Texture is accomplished through sanding, grinding, and hammering. Grinding can produce a prism effect giving off a rainbow of colors."

With a particular focus on animal iconography and landscapes, the sculptures' elegant, often open structures incorporate the light and space of their environment. As the light changes, so does the metal, suggesting both movement and warmth, qualities not often associated with this material.

Mr. Cameron has exhibited throughout the Central Valley, and some of his pieces are on permanent display at Sutter Hospital and the City Hall in Tracy. His work can also be seen at Gallery M in Half Moon Bay. He teaches classes in basic welding, with an emphasis on metal art, at Tracy Adult School.