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Exhibit: DLM Lab Tour: Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory


DLM Lab Tour: Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory

“Bright minds discovering where we can get water for our fields and faucets without hurting the environment, and using it effectively —keeping the air clean and the biodiversity of the national parks intact. Everyone contributes.”-K Chico on the CZO in UC Merced’s Water Research, Downtown Life Magazine (May 2013).

Downtown Life Magazine published its first issue in October of 2009. It’s a monthly print and web publication with a focus on arts, music and culture that distributes 5,000 print editions every month to more than 70 locations in Merced. Through insightful stories about the people behind this newfound culture and reaching out to students on both the UC Merced and Merced College campuses, the DLM has become a driving force in the new Downtown Merced.

UC Merced Library and Downtown Life Magazine (DLM) have partnered to produce an ongoing exhibit series inspired by the DLM’s UCM Lab Tour stories. In this particular exhibit, you will learn about the labs of the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (CZO), a part of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI) which focuses on water research. Through a series of posters, photographs and videos, plus scientific equipment, tools, and specimens, you’ll get a chance to experience what it truly means to study critical zones – places where water, atmosphere, ecosystems and soils interact.

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Also, check out the original by K Chico which inspired this exhibit:

For additional information, contact Robin Milford