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Exhibit: Honoring Our Faculty: Robin DeLugan


Honoring Our Faculty: Robin DeLugan

“I’ve always loved learning and discovery and the world of ideas and the classroom.” -Robin DeLugan

Professor Robin DeLugan has been a member of the faculty at UC Merced’s School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts (SSHA) since 2006. Dr. DeLugan’s research centers on issues involving social justice, community building, social memory, and collective identity.

In addition to her teaching, publication, and research activities, Dr. DeLugan is significant force in the realm of social justice and political activism. She is co-chair of Community University Research and Action for Justice (CURAJ), a multidisciplinary regional research network that emphasizes engagement with grassroots organizations and local communities in the Central Valley, a member of the governing council of the Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (CCREC), and finally, helped to establish the UCM Resource Center for Community Engaged Scholarship (ReCCES).

Through a series of photographs, posters, infographics, artifacts, and interactive activities, this exhibit seeks to honor Robin DeLugan's contributions to the UC Merced UC Merced community and commitment to academic excellence, as well as her work as a tireless activist and advocate for human rights and equality.

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