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Exhibit: DLM Lab Tour: MESA


DLM Lab Tour: MESA

"The (MESA) researchers hope to become a huge asset to the Central Valley agricultural community. Their work can save farmers and ranchers money - from building small planes that can distribute pesticides without a human pilot to surveying landstock, and even providing real-time checks for erosion or other land changes." -K Chico on the CZO in Unmanned Wonders, Downtown Life Magazine (July 2013).

UC Merced Library and Downtown Life Magazine (DLM) have partnered to produce an ongoing exhibit series inspired by the DLM’s UCM Lab Tour stories. In this particular exhibit, you will learn about the Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation (MESA) Lab. The MESA lab was founded in 2012 by UCM Engineering faculty Dr. YangQuan Chen. This multi-disciplinary group researches a broad range of topics including unmanned aerial systems and UAV-personal remote sensing, mechatronics, and modeling and control of renewable energy system.

Check out the lab’s collection of 3D printed materials, quadrotors, and interactive games designed by MESA students to demonstrate system controls.

For more information on the MESA Lab, check out their website and for additional information on the exhibit, contact Robin Milford.