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Exhibit: Our Custodians


Our Custodians

Our custodians. Their work is easy to take for granted - it often takes place behind closed door and after hours. We see them passing in the hall, but their work remains shrouded in mystery. They are, in many ways, unsung allies in UC Merced’s ongoing endeavor to present a radiant image to the rest of the world.

Since the inception of UC Merced, our custodians have been an integral and essential group. Their tireless efforts to create gleaming surfaces and sparkling facades have undoubtedly contributed to the ongoing success of the campus. In this exhibit, you will be fully immersed in the world of the UC Merced custodians. You will explore the advanced technology, tools, and equipment used by the custodians, designed to increase cleaning efficiency and reduce the strain of physical labor. You will also learn about their commitment to using environmentally friendly, green cleaning products, in keeping with the overall campus mission of sustainability and waste reduction.

Finally, you will view a series of intimate portraits, taken by Roger Wyan, a local and award-winning photographer. Through these photographers, Wyan has truly captured the proud spirit and inner strength of ten individual UC Merced custodians.

For additional information, contact Robin Milford